1. Been Away Too Long
2. My Wave
3. Worse Dreams
4. Room a Thousand Years Wide
5. Jesus Christ Pose
6. Rhinosaur
7. Non-State Actor
8. Drawing Flies
9. Hunted Down
10. Loud Love
11. Big Dumb Sex
12. Blow Up the Outside World
13. Fell on Black Days
14. Tighter & Tighter
15. Burden in My Hand
16. A Thousand Days Before
17. Superunknown
18. Fresh Tendrils
19. Nothing to Say
20. Spoonman
21. Black Hole Sun
22. 4th of July

23. Outshined
24. Rusty Cage
25. By Crooked Steps
26. Incessant Mace

  • Spoonman

    if they would only drop black hole sun

  • Nxg

    Tighter and Tighter!!

  • Brett Buchanan


  • Spoonman


  • Superunknown

    That is a hell of a set-list. That might be one of the best set-list yet.

  • Cobainsweater

    They’ll never drop BHS. They’d never hear the end of it if they did.

    Would love to see them break out Circle of Power, FOPP or Flower one of these nights.

  • BillyL

    Check out the Toronto setlist. They dropped BHS and played Flower.

  • Cobainsweater

    Now that’s what I’m talking about.

  • j

    Big dumb sex!? Is this the first time they played it in 15 yrs?

  • Dragus

    no, they played it at the nudedragons show in 2010 and a few times in 2011 if I recall correctly, though not frequently

  • Jason

    It was a killer show…now I wish I got tix for tonight. Oh we’ll, going to Milwaukee on Friday.

  • Rob Pollard

    While I really enjoyed the Detroit show — this is a better set list. Not so much in terms of songs played, though that’s a bit better too, but in terms of pacing and order of songs – this one does a great job of mixing old & new, deep cuts and hits. I’m sure the crowd was energized throughout.

    Good for them for shaking it up night to night.

  • Pete

    Ending with Incessant Mace, crazy! I bet you most of the BHS crowd had no idea what song Soundgarden ended with.

  • qerty

    Another great setlist 2 in a row, Soundgarden is on a roll. Wait, did I really just type that?

  • JBR

    Was the poster cool?
    What did it look like?

  • tycobb667

    Big Dumb Sex was played quite often throughout their 2010 and 2011 shows…The new additions so far this round have been – Rhinosaur, Tighter & Tighter, Fresh Tendrils, Dusty, Incessant Mace, Zero Chance, and of course all the KA Songs…

    It’s great to see them giving Down on The Upside more love so far for this tour…Hopefully they’ll continue to mix it up and incorporate other gems such as Never The Machine Forever, Overfloater, Limo Wreck, and I Awake…

  • John

    Tighter & Tighter!!!!! Awesome! Hope we get recordings of this one soon!

  • drew

    looks cool but personally thought toronto looked stronger ad more my flavor-

    bds and bhs are some of my least liked songs; i’d trade them both for blind dogs ANYTIME!

  • Q

    show was sick!! only other song i would’ve liked to hear was ‘pretty noose’ but im kinda glad they didn’t play it cause it wouldn’t have fit with the rest of that awesome set

  • Gyven2fly

    The show was sick. Ton of energy in the crowd and the band really fed off it. Chris was jumping around and at one point he held his guitar out and had an audience member strum the strings. Ben was joking around and holding rock fingers behind Kim’s head.

    Looked like a true 90s show. Mosh pit, lots of crowd surfing. Big highlights were Drawing Flies…Chris was really having fun during that one. Crowd was really into Big Dumb Sex. Nothing to Say was heaviest performance ever and the mosh pit was crazy during Outshined and Rusty Cage. I’m hoping night 2 is just as good as night 1!

  • Leo

    I’d love some Switch Opens.

  • SuperSG


  • Inmytree

    Switch Opens is deadly. Listening to a live version from Belgium ’96 as I type this.