1. Searching With My Good Eye Closed
2. Spoonman
3. Jesus Christ Pose
4. By Crooked Steps
5. Taree
6. Attrition
7. Been Away Too Long
8. The Day I Tried to Live
9. Blow Up the Outside World
10. Fell on Black Days
11. Halfway There
12. Live to Rise
13. Eyelid’s Mouth
14. Ugly Truth
15. Non-State Actor
16. Flower
17. Outshined
18. Blood on the Valley Floor
19. Burden in My Hand
20. Head Down
21. Rowing

22. Mailman
23. Dusty
24. Rusty Cage
25. Slaves & Bulldozers

  • Spoonman

    no black hole sun thankfully but halfway there and live to rise kinda kill that. my dream set would have none of those three haha

  • Magic Mike Mazzarone

    What is with all the Black Hole Sun hate?

  • Spoonman

    ah its just there are so many songs i would rather see live. Black Hole Sun was cool when i saw them perform it but its just played out to me

  • http://dlm_hhgttu Blownupworld

    I never liked ‘Live to Rise’ when hearing the recorded version, but it was fucking awesome tonight!!!

  • Pete

    Dont get me wrong BHS is a great song, but I’ve seen Chris Cornell live 6 times so far and I’ll let you guess how many times I’ve seen him sing BHS.

  • Brett Buchanan

    Black Hole Sun comes off better acoustic. When Soundgarden do it electric live it comes off as kind of flat.

  • Josh

    I’d like to see Chris sing BHS with SG more like the MTV Live and Loud performance. That’s really the only full band live version I like.

  • Cobainsweater

    Rowing! Mailman! FLOWER! Ugly Truth!

    I await the day they throw in “Full On Kevin’s Mom”

  • Ben

    Just yesterday I saw someone comment that they’ll never drop Black Hole Sun from the set… didn’t think they’d be eating their words so soon!

  • MindRiot132

    Live to Rise was the only dud in the DC setlist. It totally killed the mood. Not just saying that cause I don’t like the song, it really was plain boring. Thankfully they didn’t play Halfway There in DC.

  • Spoonman110

    Not a bad setlist but definitely the weakest of the tour. I’m not a fan of the back to back thing they do with Halfway There and Live to Rise.

    Every setlist so far has included a song that made me go “oh wow”, but not really on this one.

    I guess it was the second show in Chicago, so maybe they went to their b-material to mix it up a bit. Bring on Minneapolis…

  • versus

    I went to both of the Chicago shows, and there was very little I liked about this 2nd show. While there’s more to a good show than the set list, it’s clear that Tuesday’s set was much stronger. Ugly Truth was a nice surprise. The only KA song I enjoyed hearing live was A Thousand Days Before, and it was beyond awesome to hear Incessant Mace (both played on Tuesday). The crowds were typical for SG shows: almost all 35-45 year old guys.

    I’ve seen SG 7 times now, and the band still sounds tight; the dynamic of the band is the same. Cornell’s voice clearly isn’t hitting the higher notes it used to, which is why they compensate by adding lots of delay/chorus/echo effects.

  • Is he one?

    So am I the only one who likes “Halfway there”?

    What are the fans favorite tracks from King Animal generally? My fav are tracks 2 to 4 I think.

    “Bones of birds”, “Taree” and “Eyelid’s mouth” are strong too.

  • Disappointed Fan

    Riviera is a horrible venue! Worst rock concert of my life. It’s a shame, I was really looking forward to another great Soundgarden show, but because they WAY over sold tickets for this show it was a bad experience for many!

  • Inmytree

    No, I like Halfway There too. Favorite tracks from KA are By Crooked Steps, Thousand Days Before, and Non-State Actor.

  • Jorge Delou


  • Is he one?

    Precisely the same top 3 for me! πŸ™‚

  • versus

    I’ve never once thought of the Riv as a “horrible venue,” and I’ve been there at least a couple dozen times. The only drawbacks are the nasty bathrooms are all the way downstairs & it could obviously use a remodel. The sound’s always excellent from the balcony. I’m glad SG played 2 shows here instead of 1 at the Aragon down the street. The acoustics there are 100x worse.

  • http://Dlm_hhgttu Blownupworld

    I agree that the Riviera could stand a little updating but I’ll take a grungy smaller venue over any large venue any day. We were on the floor center stage and the band sounded GREAT! There were a couple of songs that I might have substituted but this band just totally kicks ass over everyone else. Can’t wait for Friday night in Milwaukee!

  • Todd

    “Disappointed Fan” showed up on the Soundgarden forum as well bitching about the the venue being oversold. Be glad you got to go dude, maybe try and get there sooner, I don’t know what to tell ya!? They have been to Chicago several times when there are several areas they haven’t come close to in the US, like the Southeast.

  • warriorwoman

    I was at the second Chicago show and enjoyed it immensely! We all have our “wish list” of SG songs that we’d like to hear. For me, I wish they’d played Tighter and Tighter. I was told that it had been played the night before in the first Chicago show. SG’s music, whether you like their playlist or not, is so full, rich and tight!! I love how Ben prowls the stage – he’s such a beast!! πŸ™‚ Chris destroyed one of his guitars at the end of the concert. I had my son with me. While I couldn’t see his face at the time – I’m sure it reflected horror! He does love his guitars! πŸ™‚

  • warriorwoman

    With reference to the “over sold” show. I don’t know about that. What I DO know, we stood in line from 3:30P to get balcony seating – which we got. I DID see people coming in a good 15 minutes AFTER Soundgarden had started to play. IF they were expecting to get seating in the balcony or relatively close to the stage – they must have had a good toke of something before they came!

  • Cobainsweater

    Why all the hate on this site for “Halfway There”? Is that the black sheep of KA or something?

  • versus

    I was at both shows, and neither seemed over-sold. The floor is standing room only, and of course it’s going to be crowded. This is not unlike any other venue. If you want a seat in the balcony, get there early. Feel fortunate you saw SG in a venue that holds only about 2500 people.

  • Inmytree

    Halfway There is “too poppy” and “too much like Chris’ solo stuff”, or so people say. I dig it. Kim’s backwards delay gives it a spacey vibe kinda like Jimi Hendrix’s Castles Made of Sand, and the melody reminds me a bit of this latter song as well.

  • jill

    I loved that they played so many songs off the new cd. Great band dynamic. Searching is one of the best openers imo.