• Dennis

    Sweet! Figured this would be coming and this is why I subscribe to this mag. I suggest all of you check into it if you don’t. I think I got 2 years for $20 last time. It’s bi-monthly btw.

  • Tom Fury

    Does it come with the album inside??

  • Nick a.k.a. grungehero99

    haha does it come with b-sides too?? jk

  • kenmore

    hunnh. Enough with the interviews. New songs..Please. Chris Cornell circa 97′ is probably rolling his eyes doing all these crappy interviews.

  • YUMM

    I wonder if soundgarden is in the top 10 great6est comebacks list. cuz so far its been pretty disappointing

  • Jack
  • Legend

    Dissapointing my ass. How about Chris Cornell circa 2007 decides to continue to fuck up his voice and not reunite Soundgarden at all? Ungrateful.

  • Diego

    Getting all the buzz they deserve for such a desired comeback 😀

  • Legend

    And when I say 07′ Cornell I was referring to the voice recovery, not Soundgardens reunion.

  • Philip

    Hot damn Jack! Great find man, I had no idea Best Buy was doing a Deluxe-Deluxe version with 2 more bonus songs on top of the 3 included in the regular Deluxe version. If that’s a Best Buy-exclusive I know where I’ll be buying my copy from. Already I’ve been reading posts of people bitching the bonus songs are demos not b-sides. To which I say, “Shut your whiny ass up.” If it chaps your ass so much don’t get it then. I for one would love all those demo cuts.

    And what’s wrong with you YUMM? How can you call this comeback ‘disappointing’? The new record is two weeks away followed by touring.

  • YUMM

    I said so far. With Live to rise and been away too long. Not very great songs in my opinion. Hopefully the album is better