President Barack Obama will be in San Francisco to raise campaign funds on Thursday, Feb. 16.

There’ll be a reception at a location yet to be named (when he did something like this last April, it was at the Masonic Auditorium on Nob Hill), featuring a performance by Grammy-winning performer Chris Cornell of Soundgarden and Audioslave fame. Tickets will cost $100 for general seating; $1,000 for preferred seating; and $7,500, which includes preferred seating and an individual photo with President Obama (but you can have additional people in your photo at a cost of $2,500 per head).

  • Limo Wreck

    Cant wait to read these comments.

  • Chris

    Good for Chris

  • BillyL

    I don’t think there will be a discussion about this. I mean, we don’t care about other people’s political views and their right to have them to the point where we would feel compelled to say something about it, right? That would just be silly. That would be like saying someone gave the wrong answer to a question that has no right answer. This is America where we respect each other’s opinions and beliefs and even fight for each other to have the right to disagree and exercise our democratic freedom.

    I am kidding, of course. This will be another ignorant comment section filled with thinly veiled racism and disgust for anyone who disagrees with you. Commence free speech…

  • Calvin McCain

    Chris hardly knows anything about politics. So, I don’t blame him for participating in one of the two evils money raising schemes. If this were Vedder I would have a lot more to say. EV knows better, CC doesn’t. And I wouldn’t mind seeing this performance in S.F. for $100 but only for a full set. But unfortunately he will just be doing a few tunes, which is most likely including The Keeper, which is a new CC favorite of mine. But I would feel like a real douche to give money to a Democrat or a Republican.

  • Jim2

    I wonder what Tom Morello would think of this.

  • Ian

    That makes sense! Chris Cornell isn’t known for his intelligence. Why can’t he raise money for homeless children or animals? He is no better than the rest of the idiots in Hollywood. Notice the rest of the band never participates.

  • Lennart

    @Ian, i think a Soundgarden concert would be a bit toooo loud for Obama, haha.

  • Ultramega notOK

    I’d NEVER go to a concert to give money to a politician, regardless of who it is. My respect for Cornell seems to go down every day.

  • greatjupiter

    I guess Chris supports Obama and has every right doing so, but I do think this has more to do with his career and getting himself out there than any political cause.He’s just become that person in recent years. EV and Tom Morello probably contribute privately to the people they want to support. Just my opinion.

    Cornell did one of those Rock The Vote campaigns for Mtv a long time ago.

  • slatesphanboi

    ‘Cant wait to read these comments.’

    Most of Cornells songs are pretty much a-political. As long as he doesn’t turn into some ’60s protest singer wanna-be then the occasional foray into political territory is alright in my mind.

  • Max

    Meh. There’s way better causes for a fundraiser than the man who’s probably the most powerful in the world. And man those prices are crazy… 1000$ for decent seats, 7500$ for that and a picture of Obama, which would take 2 seconds of his time? Anyway, Chris can obviously support who he wants, but I think this is really unnecessary.

  • rusty cage

    BillyL is spot on. But really, who cares … another non-newsworthy news report. For the record, Tom Morello has been pretty critical of Obama, just not as much as Morello has critized the republicans. Morello has a solid record of supporting the middle and lower-class, which is why he showed up to support union workers in Wisconsin.

  • Dreux

    I have no problem with Cornell supporting Obama. I really couldn’t care less. But I’ll be damned if I voluntarily donate any money to a politician. I can’t stand it when people act like Obama has really changed anything, besides the colors in which our presidents come in, and continue to live behind this curtain of “red is evil” and “blue is freedom”. It doesn’t take more than a spark of common sense to make you realize that neither side gives a fuck about you. Now, I don’t see ignorance or racism in that statement, do you? Just a bit of reality more people need to accept, despite how scary it seems. Again though, Chris will support who he wants to and that’s fine by me, it doesn’t warrant thinking any less of him. To do so would be silly.

  • Ace

    Dammit, first Jerry Cantrell played for RNC members a while back. And now Chris Cornell is fundraising for Obama? I’ll stick with Mark Lanegan, at least he’s apolitical.

  • Mom in the Box

    For 7500.00 I would rather have a picture with Chris than Obama.

  • Guy

    Regardless of opinions on Cornell helping fund-raise for Obama, we need campaign finance reform, a promise Obama never kept. It’s fucked up to charge $7,500 to sit and get a picture so that the president can be re-elected.

  • Grungy

    Politics, religion are two of the things most celebrities keep private. Chris tho doesn’t care and will do anything with regards to the the two if he chooses. Most fans want there favorites to follow them so they can feel good.

    Scream shows that he will do what he wants even if it fucks up his legacy as a hard rock artist. LOL

  • Hahaha

    Sweet, pretty awesome how one of the early posters built up a little straw-man and argued with himself in a smug, jerk-off, sort of way.

    Newsflash Mr Holier than thou…DEBATE is what makes this country great. Having 300 million people entitled to their own political view is fantastic, but if they duck their heads like sheep to satisfy idiots like you who don’t want to hear it, eventually you wouldn’t even be able to make your dumb straw-mans.

    Carry on, dude.

  • Todd

    Just like separation of Church and State, should be separation of music and politics.

  • Dreux

    I agree with Grungy’s point of fans desperately wanting their favorite artists to stand for what they believe and not stray away from what they perceive them to be. It’s really quite annoying, almost as much as the people who aggressively defend said artists on the grounds of them standing for what THEY (the defenders) believe. People need to remember that musicians are people with changing moods, opinions, and ambitions. The worst is when people get so aggressive over an artist trying to evolve or expand their sound. Scream blew chunks, but I’ll always defend it as an attempt, a failed attempt, but an attempt made by him to evolve as an artist.

  • Pete

    Scream was good

  • Aaron

    He’s not stupid, he obviously Supports Obama and wants to participate. I’m sure he donates to plenty of other charities.

  • Stosh

    Yea, of course they have the right to support whoever they want. But I don’t care who they support, they are musicians, not thinkers. Stick to singing your songs, Chris.

  • Ultramega notOK

    I agree with the “separation of music and politics” comment. Pearl Jam became irrelevant when they tried being political, and I’d hate for that to happen to other artists.

  • warriorwoman25

    Hey Ian! I think Chris is supporting several charities to include John Varvatos Stuart Charity House and The Angels of East Africa. I believe he made a statement that royalties for “The Keeper” were being donated to that charity.

    And as for his intelligence … who is “everyone”? Sources please! I’ve met him and listened to his interviews. The man ain’t no dummy!

  • slatesphanboi

    ‘If this were Vedder I would have a lot more to say. EV knows better, CC doesn’t.’

    Does EV REALLY know better?

    ‘Vedder was outspoken in support of Green Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader in 2000,[60]’

    ‘The “spoiler” controversy

    In the 2000 presidential election in Florida, George W. Bush defeated Al Gore by 537 votes. Nader received 97,421 votes, which led to claims that he was responsible for Gore’s defeat.’,_2000#The_.22spoiler.22_controversy

  • jill

    Music is an awesome way to express any belief-political, ethical, moral, spiritual. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that he supports Obama, he has in the past. When you have children, it’s normal to take an interest in the world around you and want to make the future less uncertain for them.

  • Conor

    I think music would be pretty irrelevant if people didn’t make political statements with it. Not necessarily all the time, but if someone feels strongly about something and they write about it, that can result in some of the best art ever. It’s great that he’s not afraid to make an allegiance, whatever about the content of his songs.

  • Kris

    I won’t hold this against Cornell. I mean, he’s a talented musician with a remarkable voice and I’m glad to see Soundgarden back together. It’s no mystery that artists (be it actors or musicians) are liberals/progressives.

    It’s unfortunate he’s supporting one of the worst (if not THE worst) president in U.S. history who has truly divided this country.

    Oh and by the way … isn’t Cornell one of those 1%-ers!?! Just sayin!

  • Dreux

    Obama is far from the worst president in U.S. history. If anything he’s just served as a mere presence or even a distraction from this country’s utter lack of progression. Be prepared to get shit for that call though, Kris.

  • Kris

    Yeah, I’m prepared and frankly I don’t care. I’m entitled to my opinion just like everyone else is on this forum.

  • Ace

    @Kris I agree with you buddy! Obummer is indeed a lousy president.

  • Laurieann

    All I want to know is…

    How do I get tixs for this event?!?

  • tooskarysherry

    wish i could be there wonder why Obama picked Chris I knew there was more to like about these 2 men. I’d like to see Obma singing some Soundgarden or Audioslave like he did Al Green.

  • tooskarysherry

    Obama is trying to clean up after our worst president that would be George W. Bush. The mess not to mention the defecit he left us will take more than 4 yrs. more like 4 terms.