• Corndog

    Um, what’s EDM?

    • Shane99

      Electronic Dance Music?


      I have no clue.

    • fsh

      Yeah Brett, why is this news?

      • GiV ty

        You could say the same thing about Billy Corgan’s psycho D-induced ramblings. If Chris has got a time warp button. That’s big news dude. Do you have one?

  • Shane99

    If EDM is Electronic Dance Music, I am completely in support of this mocking.

  • John

    I love Chris, but….uh….Scream, anyone? Have we selectively forgotten that travesty?

    • Bill Austeh

      That was a classic pile of shit and put “half way to old farts home” up there too.

  • Jim Kirk

    Hell of a news page….

  • Bill Austeh

    EDM = Eddie & Dave’s Music. That’s what the old fart was talking about.