Soundgarden Frontman Chris Cornell Meets President Obama

Toni Karayiannis (@ToniKaras) has tweeted a photo of Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell and his wife Vicky meeting President Obama.


Cornell told the Washington Post in 2013 that Soundgarden playing at an Obama fundraiser was a triumphant moment.

“I had done three different Obama fundraiser events alone, just with an acoustic guitar. When inauguration came up, they invited me to play, and I said, “I’m out touring with my band. What if my band played?” And they loved the idea of Soundgarden doing it. To me it just seemed like a triumphant thing to be able to do.”

“When we went there, unfortunately, it becomes less about the moments you’re onstage and more about just getting from the hotel to the event, and getting inside and everything happening the way it’s supposed to. It was all that – it was totally crazy, and we were totally fish out of water in terms of the kind of music we play. I like that. . . . The moments that Soundgarden has done things where we were fish out of water have always been the most memorable and the most rewarding.”