Soundgarden Discuss Initially Resisting Led Zeppelin Comparisons

Soundgarden guitarist Kim Thayil discussed

“Now the Soundgarden story gets strange. When we first got together, we were listening to a lot of post-punk and progressive hardcore, stuff like Bauhaus and Black Flag, after practice. Yet our friends are pointing out how our music has elements that remind them of Sabbath, Zeppelin and the Doors, and we started getting that a lot: ‘Zeppelin, Zeppelin, Zeppelin,’ and we were like, OK, let’s check some of this out. We were all very acquainted with it individually, but collectively we weren’t sitting around the table listening them. So initially we would deny that influence.

Eventually, after practice we’d be like, ‘Let’s check out Led Zeppelin IV. Let’s listen to Houses of the Holy.’ Like, ‘Yeah, I guess I can kind of see that a little bit.’ It became very important to us, because of the comparison, so we would listen to it and start referencing it. Ultimately, we started to re-embrace the Zeppelin, Beatles, Sabbath and Pink Floyd.”

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    Dave Brookes
    2 days ago
    This is exclusive news from ( Feb 23, 2015 )
    Soundgardens next album: Sonic Grudge
    will be released on March 8th, 2016
    on Universal Music Ltd@
    Producer: Adam Kasper
    Recorded at Bad Animals Studios, Seattle Washington USA
    Heres the official tracklistings:
    1 – B Side Alpha ( 2:30 )
    2 – My 2 Cents ( 4:57 )
    3 – Juxtapose ( 3:12 ) – 1st Single
    4 – Sonic Grudge ( 4:46 ) – 2nd Single
    5 – Little Bitch ( 2:38 )
    6 – Crazy Polygram ( 2:04 )
    7 – Gunship Crusade ( 5:02 )
    8 – Coal Mine Fucker ( 4:25 ) – 3rd Single
    9 – Open Ended ( 3:23 )
    10 – Hell Bent ( 2:51 ) – 4th Single
    11 – Rocks N Stones ( 3:14 )
    12 – Shoemaker Blues ( 4:27 )
    13 – Water’s Muddy ( 4:32 )
    14 – Machine On Fire ( 2:05 ) – 5th Single
    15 – Left Wing Defeated ( 3:28 )
    16 – The Seahawks ( 2:52 )
    17 – All Bark, No Bite ( 4:31 )
    18 – Utopia ( 3:07 )
    19 – I Don’t Care ( 4:15 )
    20 – Captain Crutch ( 5:06 ) – 6th Single
    Plus 2 unreleased demo tracks from the King Animal sessions
    21 – Turn Up The Radio Demons
    22 – Warhead Idiot

    Singer, songwriter Chris Cornell has described this new album as more raw, garage loud power rock with a slight grunge sound and more metal/psychedelic rock music than in previous albums like Louder Than Love, Bad Motorfinger, Superunknown, Down On The Upside and King Animal.
    So longtime fans and new listeners of Soundgarden will hopefully be surprised and happy to hear some original Soundgarden noise come back to the world of grunge music once inspired by the sounds of Seattle.

    Soundgarden Sonic Grudge will be released on CD: March 8th, 2016 and limited deluxe edition Vinyl album on April 5th, 2016. Stay tuned for more information and updates, go to and check them out on Twitter and Facebook.

    And once again, this is exclusive information on Soundgardens new album: Sonic Grudge
    go to, the update should be posted soon

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