It’s been fifteen years since Soundgarden last performed in Australia and the first time since 1997 that Soundgarden will perform outside of the USA. Chris Cornell, Kim Thayil, Matt Cameron and Ben Shepherd have chosen the BIG DAY OUT to mark their triumphant return to the international stage. These new headline dates in Sydney – January 25th and Melbourne – February 1st  are the only Australian Soundgarden shows outside of the Big Day Out 2012 dates.

Pre-sale tickets to both headline shows are available for purchase on 12/2 at 9am, password is “SG2012“. To purchase pre-sale tickets visit

January 25, 2011
Sydney Entertainment Centre
Sydney, NSW w/ special guests The Bronx
Tickets go on sale at 9am AEDT on Tuesday 6 December, 2011

February 1, 2011
Sidney Myer Music Bowl
Melbourne, VIC w/ special guests The Bronx
Tickets go on sale at 9am AEDT on Tuesday 6 December, 2011

For additional details, please visit

  • Kyle

    Why do Soundgarden announce multiple shows in Australia but they can’t even announce 1 damn show in Atlanta?

    I mean Atlanta is pretty much their own fuckin back yard. But Australia gets to see them before we do?

  • car

    hell yeah Soundgarden!

  • The Incredible Mr. Mark Arm

    why they can’t book a fucking show in méxico? if you check a map, it is next to usa, its that simple

  • Michelle

    Ease up…they haven’t been here since 1997! Get on a plane to another state if you want to see them so bad!

  • monster101


    Get on a plane? Do you live in the real world? Economic crisis, girl.

    I want to know why Soundgarden have still fucked over Europe a continent that took to them before their own fucking country. Ok minus Seattle.

  • Kyle


    1. Well I don’t know where you live or what the economy is like where you live, but for me you can’t just “get on a plane and go see them.” That costs thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars. I am a college student. So I obviously don’t have thousands and thousands of dollars.

    2. It’s one thing to hop a plane from Georgia to say…. Illinois.

    It’s a whole other fucking deal entirely to fly from Georgia to GOD DAMN AUSTRALIA.

    They haven’t been to where you live since 1997. They haven’t been to where I live since 1994. And I live WAY closer to Seattle than 75% of the cities they’ve hit on this tour already.

    I know they have millions of fans who want to see them so a lot of people have to wait in line, but for fucks sake they can at least start in their own back yard. They have plenty of shows they could play in their own hemisphere first.

  • constantine

    I’m from East Europe, Soundgarden have never played in my country (Poland isn’t small, I guess :p) and I don’t think they ever will, so what should I say?
    They don’t have time to play in every country in the world, calm down, we have still a lot of time to see them. We even haven’t their new album.

  • Zod

    Since when is Canada part of the US?

    The article says its there first shows played outside the US since 1997 and that they’re back on the international stage. They played Vancouver back in July? lol.

  • Junior

    They just had a tour in the states, we drove from KY to Chicago to see them. Wasn’t a thousand dollars. Take your same logic and realize that they probably have more fans in Australia that haven’t had the “CHANCE” to see them vs. Georgia. Like yous aid, a trip to Illinois isn’t that hard for you, but it was for people in Australia.

  • Junior

    @Zod, I was thinking that too lol.

  • Kyle


    Well the United States isn’t “playing every country in the world,” it’s playing IN THEIR OWN HOME COUNTRY. It’s playing where they live every single day of their lives when they’re not on tour. They know that they have MILLIONS upon MILLIONS more fans in the USA than in ANY OTHER COUNTRY in the world. For any country that has Soundgarden fans, the USA has at least 20 million more of them. They’re from our country, and we’ve waited for 14 years. 17 years if you’re from Atlanta.

    There’s a BIG fucking difference between asking them to play “every country in the world” and asking them to play the one country they live in and have by far the most fans in. HUGE difference.

    By the way, we don’t NEED their new album yet. I want them to tour extensively first. The album should be the very LAST thing on their minds. They haven’t recorded together in 15 years and rushing into a new album out of nowhere would be a bad idea.

    By the way sorry if it sounds like I’m mad at you, I’m not. Soundgarden is just my favorite band in the world and they have been for almost 20 years now. I never got the chance to see them when they first were together (I was way too fucking poor to see a concert) and now that they’re together I would just like to see them play a few shows in the USA before immediately hopping a plane to satisfy the fans from some country who doesn’t deserve to see them half as much as we do. They deserve to see them too but I think the fans of their native home country who supported them for 7 fuckin years before they were even famous deserve to see them first.

  • Kyle


    The United States is the country that supported Soundgarden when they were touring back in 1988 for the Ultramega OK tour when the band had ZERO money and ZERO fan base. The USA practiacally FED Soundgarden when they were on the road for ALL those years before they got big. None of the people in Australia even fucking knew who they were before Rusty Cage got on the radio. AMERICAN fans had been there with them since 1984.

    YES, American fans fucking deserve to see them first cause if it wasn’t for OUR support in the early days, the rest of you people in other countries would never even know who they are.

  • Junior

    Then why didn’t you go see them?

  • Junior

    Are you people this selfish and caught up in yourselves? WE Americans didn’t feed Soundgarden. They made incredible music, and WE Americans were affected by it, and bought it. Same as in Australia, Germany, Canada and everywhere else that loves Soundgarden. They had tours for ultramega ok and screaming life and Louder Than Love etc.. in other countries as well, not just here in AMERICA, when plenty of AMERICANS still didn’t know who the hell they were either. I’m sure when Screaming life was released there was plenty of folks in GEORGIA(including you probably) and plenty of other states that didn’t hear shit about it or Soundgarden in general. It was in AMERICA that they had shows where shit was thrown at them and crowds booed and ranted.So if they based their tours around your logic, they should hit these same AMERICAN cities and states that didn’t know any better in the beginning? Fuck out of here with your selfish, ignorant gripes dude. Think before whining.

  • Junior

    Here’s what you’re missing Kyle, you’re rants keep unlcuidng the word “we” but when broken down it’s obvious you should subtitute the word “I”.

    1. “WE don’t need a new Soundgarden album” hmmm, I do. I NEED to have a new album of incredibly creative music from these guys ASAP. Maybe it’s just YOU who feels they don’t need to put out a new album yet. hmmm.

    2. “WE’ve waited 17 years” hmmm. Many fans from everywhere, inlcuding your in state of GEORGIA took advantage of their july tours and traveled to the cities they DID visit here in America. Maybe it’s just YOU who didn’t.

    3. “But Australia gets to see them before WE do?” hmmm. ^^read above.

  • Lennart

    I live in Belgium, they haven’t been here since 1990 i think, so i have a right to complain lol.

  • Junior

    @Lennart, lol. yes you do.

  • Kyle


    You truly are an idiot if you think America isn’t the sole reason that anyone else in the world knows who Soundgarden is. Believe me man, if I could afford to travel a few states over to see them when they came over this year, I would have, but no, they didn’t come even within 450 fucking miles of Atlanta. I don’t have the means to get to any of the places they played anyway.

    “I’m sure when Screaming life was released there was plenty of folks in GEORGIA(including you probably) and plenty of other states that didn’t hear shit about it or Soundgarden in general.”

    That’s where you’re wrong you dumb fuck. I’ve been supporting them since the fucking Deep Six compilation was released. Don’t even dare say shit about my support for them. I’ve supported them relentlessly for decades now, probably longer than you have.

    And it was OUR country where they got all their first fans and sold all the first records that got them remotely popular.

    It’s not selfish to say I think I deserve to see them after having supported them for decades through album and merch sales as well as traveling 300 miles to see them and paying $45 for a concert ticket only for the car to break down back in the 90s, but that’s another story.

    There are millions of Soundgarden fans who deserve to see them but it is not unfair at all to say I think I deserve to see them before they go off to places who don’t have anywhere near as many Soundgarden fans anyway.

  • Junior

    Again, your selfish, ignorant mind is unable to comprehend anything outside of your own gripes. Yes, they started off in America, because this is where they are from. At the same moment that you first popped in deep six or screaming life, I’m sure there was a kid in Germany or another country doing exactly that as well. The MASSES discovered and loved Soundgarden just as much as you or any other American. Would they be “AS BIG” without Americas support? Who knows? Not you or me you prick. Who gives a fuck about that besides you? Nobody. Obviously they don’t, and for good reason. They don’t owe you or me anything, they make music that changes lives, and are still continuing to do so rather then garner up a bunch of shit to make a quick buck like most “artists. That’s way more than I could ever fucking ask for my $15 purchase of the music they make. If they just happen to skip over my city on a tour, fine, I’ll somehow have my chance as I did. So yes, it is selfish of you to BITCH about them not coming to Georgia to accommodate YOU when they literally played a couple of states over from you and they have fans EVERYWHERE. I had to drive to Chicago because that was MY closest option, so YES, I DO DARE TO “SAY SHIT” ABOUT YOUR SUPPORT FOR THIS BAND YOU FUCKING SELF CONCERNED IDIOT. They are playing 2 shows in another country and you’re sour about it as if you couldn’t have driven to fucking Louisiana if your support and love for this band is so fucking great? Get the fuck outta here. Wikipedia = Soundgarden has sold 9 million records in the US, and 21 million worldwide, looks like they would be just fine without the almighty Kyles self proclaimed support. Again, please, for the love of God just TRY using your fucking brain before your next ignorant post.

  • Junior

    edit – “would they be AS BIG without America being their FIRST source of support?”

  • Lennart

    Sorry, 1996.

  • Cody Hemby

    I am a fan of soundgarden, I hope in 2012 I still exist so I can go seeing their performance in aussie

  • the_keeper

    Atlanta is no where near their “backyard” lol.

    Anyway, I am catching Chris in Los Angeles next month I can’t wait. I already saw him here a few months ago both solo and with Soundgarden, both mindblowingly awesome

    Its good to live in LA

  • the_keeper

    Kyle Atlanta is not the first to be SG fans. That would be Seattle mate. And I just checked the tour dates they did and your are way off base man

  • Michelle

    @Kyle…where did I mention getting on a plane to Australia? I said another state! If you can’t afford don’t blame the band or other people that do get to see them!