• Corndog

    And in other news, not one fuck was given that day! Reports coming in seem to indicate the care cup is indeed empty!

  • pave

    They’re starting the tour today in Florida.

  • Is he one?

    I care. Many actually care.

    Corndog you are a moron.

    That is tremendous news!!! 😀 Can’t wait!

  • Martin

    Hope they leak

  • Sisyphus

    I have concur with “Is he one?”… Corndog is a moron. I care as well, Oceania was brilliant. Only a close-minded SP fan would think otherwise (and believe me, there are A LOT out there). Can’t wait to hear what comes next for these guys!

  • Is he one?

    Thank you Sisyphus. I’ve had it with people who can’t respect that some people have different tastes than them. It’s like it will make their life less boring or frustrating if they bring us down the hole with them!

    Go SP!

  • Corndog

    Who said our tastes were that different? I love the Pumpkins, have done since Gish. Own every CD. I just have 0 interest in a new album after hearing Oceania.

    You’re resorting to name calling with a complete stranger on the internet, yet i am the moron…….yeah, ok. I didn’t question your parentage ‘is he one’, so unless you’re related to Corgan is some fashion there really is no reason for you to be so damned rude!! Completely uncalled for.

    See how i managed to get through that entire post without feeling the need to return the favour and call you names?

  • Corndog

    I believe that is the ‘respect’ you mentioned. Shame you appear to be incapable of showing it yourself. Kind of ironic actually…

  • Is he one?

    Nah don’t fucking play the victim on me. You were full of bad intentions to begin with. Ok maybe you are a total moron but what you said was moronic, no doubt about it.

    Freaking tired of people trying to ruin it for others. I will end it here. No apologies.

  • Is he one?

    maybe you are “not” a total moron.

  • Magic Mike Mazzarone

    I actually liked Oceania. I’ve been playing “The Celestials” more so then songs like “1979” on my Spotify. Some good tracks off Oceania. IMO.

  • Is he one?

    Some amazing tracks on Oceania. Violet Rays is one of SP’s best song ever. So are Pinwheels, One diamond one heart, The Celestials and Panopticon.

    Most people didn’t give this awesome album a proper listen.

  • Magic Mike Mazzarone

    Exactly. In a few years I think the album will go down as one of the more underrated Pumpkins albums.

  • Is he one?

    Oh yeah! Just like Adore did. Seriously.

    This next album to come, I couldn’t be more excited about. BECAUSE of Oceania.

  • DJH62179

    I hope this one doesn’t suck like Oceania

  • Is he one?


    Good timing.

  • Brett Buchanan

    Oceania’s got solid songs, it just lacks the hits, but it’s overall Corgan’s best album since Zwan’s Mary Star of the Sea. It’s a significant improvement over the awful Teargarden songs and most of Zeitgeist (outside of Tarantula and That’s the Way My Love Is which are amazing).

  • Tastes Grungey

    Oceania isn’t an album that was striving for hits, though. It’s definitely a front-to-back type journey, hence the tour with it being played in full. It’s a great comeback from Corgan during a stretch of mediocrity since Zeitgeist.

    Celestials, Violet Rays, and My Love is Winter are three gems that stand with the best of the SP canon IMO.

  • Alternadude

    There is hits material on it. My love is winter and one diamond one heart could have bhitsimo.Tremendous album anyway obviously. .

  • Alternadude

    @Brett Buchanan “Bring the light” is killer also no?

  • bakershaker

    Oceania is good with hits for super smashing pumpkins fans. All else stay clear as it’s a acquired taste.
    If you like raw sushi then eat it up if not puke until it pours out your ears.

  • me

    i’ll just sit back and listen. i’ll draw my own conclusions when the new material lands. but i will say billy is going up my list of “true artists”. he’s becoming the picasso of music. i am fascinated with his mind even though he and we cannot make sense of it.

  • JonnyEddd

    How many times do people want to argue about new Pumpkins material? I love Pumpkins A LOT. Oceania is an amazing album from start to finish in my opinion. The only thing it was lacking for me was anger. Billy needs to get pissed about a load of stuff and then write. And according to Billy, the next Pumpkins album is going to be “angry”. “Vengence will be mine” Billy said about writing the next album. I for one cannot wait. And to be completely honest, this is the closest to being a “band” pumpkins has ever been really. They all write their own parts for the music and they kick so much ass live. I love the current incarnation of the Pumpkins and i hope the line up doesnt change at all!

  • Is he one?

    Very well said JonnyEddd! 🙂

    Also, the Pumpkins played their first show of their 2013 tour yesterday. They took some gems out of the dust.

    At the VIP set, they played (I can’t believe it) Jennifer Ever, Ugly and DROSS(!!!!).

    Rhinoceros, Rocket, Starz and a couple of awesome old songs have been played in the very long main set. 🙂

    Fans of the other bands covered here are just jealous that SP is the most prolific band of all. 😉

  • bakershaker

    JonnyEddd said ” They all write their own parts for the music and they kick so much ass live”
    Not true Billy writes and composes everything on Oceania. He would never trust these neophytes to ruin his band. So if you believe that then a fat man will be in your chimney Ho Ho says BillCo.