Smashing Pumpkins Will Not Perform ‘Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness’ 20th Anniversary Shows

Billy Corgan has told NME Magazine in a new interview that the Smashing Pumpkins will not perform shows celebrating the 20th anniversary of Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness.

“I’ve always wanted to drag Smashing Pumpkins forward,” argues Corgan. “I’ve got absolutely no interest in looking back. That kind of nostalgia puts an albatross around artists’ necks. I dont want that. It’s a trend that I think is really regressive.”

Corgan also said he does not plan on disbanding The Smashing Pumpkins, “”All I’m saying is audiences are not interested in buying rock albums in large quantities any more any more and the music industry refuses to adapt to that. It doesn’t frustrate me because I’ll just move on to something else.”

Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness:

Dawn to Dusk (CD1):
01 Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness
02 Tonight, Tonight
03 Jellybelly
04 Zero
05 Here Is No Why
06 Bullet With Butterfly Wings
07 To Forgive
08 An Ode to No One
09 Love
10 Cupid De Locke
11 Galapogos
12 Muzzle
13 Porcelina of the Vast Oceans
14 Take Me Down

Twilight to Starlight (CD2):
01 Where Boys Fear to Tread
02 Bodies
03 Thirty-Three
04 In the Arms of Sleep
05 1979
06 Tales of a Scorched Earth
07 Thru the Eyes of Ruby
08 Stumbleine
09 X.Y.U.
10 We Only Come Out at Night
11 Beautiful
12 Lily (My One and Only)
13 By Starlight
14 Farewell and Goodnight

Billy Corgan told last month that his relationship is solid with Jimmy Chamberlin, “My relationship with Jimmy is great, we talk here and there. As far as playing together, I don’t know, I think we’re kind of happy to not have that be part of the equation of our relationship at this point. In essence, we can have a relationship without the stress of the band, or a musical relationship on top of it sort of altering the dynamic. I know he’s in a great place, he’s been out lately with this company he’s working with, I know he’s very excited about that. He’s such a smart guy, most people don’t realize how brilliant Jimmy is as not only a musician, but as a person. So I don’t know, I’m so much in the moment. I get the gist of those questions, and the general interest in those types of questions, but right now I’m just so focused on getting the new album out, and how to tour it and all of that.”

Smashing Pumpkins will release Monuments to an Elegy on December 9th. The band’s lineup on the album is Billy Corgan, Jeff Schroeder, and Tommy Lee.

1. “Tiberius”
2. “Being Beige (World’s On Fire)”
3. “Anaise”
4. “One And All”
5. “Run2Me”
6. “Drum And Fife”
7. “Monuments”
8. “Dorian”
9. “Anti-Hero”

  • Disraeli Gears

    Fair enough, I’d rather just listen to the album opposed to Corgan, Jeff Schroeder, Tommy Lee, and yet another attractive woman bass player do it live.

  • billy

    hey Corgan, wouldn’t reissuing old albums and releasing old bsides count as being “regressive”?
    But hey, re-selling old albums to fans is ok, but performing them is trite? i think what the fans actually want is for you to stop being such a hipocrite.

    I’m also pretty sure the fans in attendance were pretty psyched to hear No Code and Yield recently. I wasn’t even there and i was excited.

    I was totally on his side about the Anderson Cooper thing, but time and time again, if you let Corgan talk enough he will hang himself with his own narcissistic tunnel vision

  • Eddie Yarler

    I understand not wanting to be a legacy or greatest hits act but why is he so damn conservative about doing this? It sure as Hell isn’t because he doesn’t want to disrespect the old bandmates because he’s established that he is Smashing Pumpkins. There is nothing wrong with celebrating your biggest album. I didn’t hear anyone complaining when Soundgarden did it which was awesome, and playing Siamese Dream, Mellon Collie, or even Adore in their entirety will bring back that relevance he keeps complaining he doesn’t have.

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