• Russ


  • Mike

    Why waste the money and the time?

  • Megamania

    He’s been working on reissuing everything, so why would he skip Zeitgeist? It’s a weak album compared to Oceania, Adore, etc., but maybe it will sound better if it’s given a better mix. I doubt it, but you never know.

  • CagedTiger

    LOL @ Mike’s comment! I tend to agree though, maybe he really should skip over this one during the reissues and pretend it never happened, I think a lot of fans have.
    Oceania really is a great album though, glad I didn’t write them off after Zeitgeist and that awful Teargarden stuff.

  • Pete

    Zeitgeist is really good IMO. Love the drum-heavy songs.

  • Wam Meesly

    It will be nice if the mix is better, I felt SP really let that quality slip during the Zeitgeist recording.

  • Eu

    The worst album on 00’s.
    What a waste of energy.

  • Matt

    I also think Zeitgeist is a really good album.