Here is a quote from ‘Bill’s Corner’ on, where you can read a new short Q&A with Corgan every Monday:

“The story of the song is pretty basic. I wrote it sitting on my bed, in my 2nd floor apartment which was on the corner of Janssen + Irving Park in Chicago. What was once that window (on the Southest corner) in now sadly bricked up. But that’s where I wrote Disarm and Today, in the apartment where I lived with Hippie Bob. Kerry Brown lived across the street, and we had all sorts of crazy parties there.  Anyway, my bed sat in this kind of nook. The song came out in one fast rush, so fast I don’t remember writing it (Today I do remember writing). I think maybe the lyrics were adapted from some poetry I’d written. It was one of those songs when you finish putting it together you kind of sit back and wonder where it came from. It is obvious to me now what I was trying to say.”

  • QUO

    so no mention of courtney giving him the line “the killer in me is the killer in you”

  • gunther

    sprc launched today. where you can download a free raw version of drown when signing up at just saying

    and btw courtney love is delusional

  • fsh

    Drown is one of my fave’s

  • jack1000

    billy corgan suckssss