Smashing Pumpkins Fans Rush Stage: ‘The Next Person Is Getting A Guitar Upside The Head’

Edited by Brett Buchanan

Security seemed to be less than tight last night at the PNC Bank Arts Center last night at the “End Times” tour date with the Smashing Pumpkins and Marilyn Manson in Holmdel, New Jersey, with a number of fans rushing the stage, Alternative Nation can exclusively report.

A benign fan somehow accessed the main stage and danced along besides Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan during “Disarm”, much to his amusement, who was then promptly pulled away stage right by security.

Another fan rushed the stage during “1979”, running towards Corgan before getting demolished and dragged away by security. The Pumpkins frontman later exclaimed, “I don’t know how those people are getting on stage but the next person that does is getting a guitar upside the head!” Ironically, the song he played immediately after this statement was “Run2Me”.


Check out fans running on stage during “1979” and a brief snippet of “Disarm” below. Thanks to @JayPorks for one of the “1979” videos.

Disaaaaaaaaarm! Ahhhhhhhhhh! #smashingpumpkins

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  • Thelonious Funk

    “Ironically, the song he immediately played after this statement was “Run2Me”.”

    Hahaha what an IDIOT

    • Philippe Gaudet

      Fuck you man.

      • Thelonious Funk

        Don’t take it personally, BillCo

  • Corndog

    I really wouldn’t blame Billy for being pissed off about this. Serious breach of security for a musician. There are a lot of really weird folks out there (just look at an average day on the AN comments section!) and who is to say one of them couldn’t have got up there with a knife or whatever?
    Band members are particularly vulnerable while on stage, especially as their attention is so taken up by what they are doing, so it is even more important that the weirdo’s are kept as far away from them as possible, just in case.

    • Eddie Yarler

      Exactly. I mean Randy Blythe anyone? Musicians can be put at a lot of risk and be blamed for some serious shit because of some idiot not thinking. With that being a
      said that gif is hilarious. Hahahaha

      • Poltergeist

        Huge difference between commenting online and physically assaulting someone though. I don’t think smart people read things online and jump to erroneous conclusions. Lucky for Bills they were harmless drunks.

        • Amwutiyam Samiyam

          The reality is there are a disproportionate number of misfits and criminal stalker types online — it’s a haven for them. Wouldn’t want to run into them whether on a stage or otherwise in real time.

          • Poltergeist

            I wouldn’t want to judge, label, or stero type anyone online without walking a mile in their shoes, personally.

          • Ubee Fako

            Well, better safe than sorry. There’s only one, exactly one, ONE very specific person I would even consider getting to know online and that person publicly claims to NOT be online, so that leaves exactly zero onliners I want to know other than as an anonymous entity posting meaningless comments. Actually, anyone (with the lone exception of the person who claims not to be online anyway) who tries to get to know me as anyone beyond a completely anonymous entity online is automatically someone I consider to be a criminal stalker.

          • Poltergeist

            I agree with you that being anonymous online is for safety precautionary measures and if someone doesn’t respect your right to anonymity and becomes obsessed with knowing your identity, they are definitely trying to stalk you! I could care less who says what and have mucho respect for the right to express thoughts anonymously and safeguard against prying weirdos.

    • TSlvRBlkBrwn

      I would take a look at 70% of old performances from the 90s where heads would rush the stage and stage-dive. There was no threat to anyone, just people enjoying the music and getting wild. Nirvana’s 1992 MTV awards performance sticks out in my mind as an example.

      I must say, for an era of non-conformist free-thinking alternative music heads, there sure seems to be a lot of conservative thinking in the comment section of this site

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  • GiV ty

    Billy your making Scott Scott Weiland feel bad. There is no on jumping on his stage. And for a person to just say how you grew up listening to Crosby “A guitar upside the head” seems a little violent. Chill

  • Wam Meesly

    I anticipate BC re-evaluating security after this. Seems like they were not doing their job.

  • Hwang Sunghyeop

    SP rules!