You know Corey’s point might be better if anybody actually bought Weiland’s Christmas album.  It’s a small independent release that to my knowledge hasn’t charted on the Billboard 200.

On Monday in Indianapolis, Slipknot singer Corey Taylor trashed Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland:

More and more people are only interested in money than fucking doing anything that’s good. I’m not saying everyone, but there’s a lot of fucking people out there who would rather just take your money and leave you with nothing,” he warned the audience. “I’ll give you another example. Does anyone know who Scott Weiland is? Do you know that Scott Weiland has a Christmas album now? Oh, it’s bad. It’s bad.”

Continued Taylor, “Let me fucking explain to you how bad it is. There is a video online of him singing, and he’s very serious. ‘Cause Christmas is serious. His hair is all slicked back and he’s in his shitty tuxedo.” Taylor then launched into a brief imitation of Weiland’s singing before getting to the heart of the matter. “So, I’m watching this — painfully watching this, because hey, know your enemy — and I’m just like, ‘Why?’ It’s not that he’s a bad singer, ’cause he’s not. I love STP, I love some of the shitt that he did with Velvet Revolver. It’s not that he’s a bad fucking singer. He’s a lazy piece of shit, is what he is at this point.”

  • Michael

    I know we have all talked shit about Scott, but when a singer from a band comes from a group that’s only memorable qualities are shitty masks and an overrated double bass pedal, I don’t think that he has room to talk, I’m sorry.

  • Corgan is a douche

    Finally, a peer of Scott’s says it like it is. Thumbs up, Corey!!

  • Is he one?

    Well Taylor is also the singer from “Stone Sour” whose first album is excellent. He’s a bit harsh here though. Weird that Weiland made a Christmas album but I doubt he really thought he’d make a lot of money with it. The dude’s probably really a Christmas freak and I respect that.

  • Junior

    Fuck Weiland, but Taylor is a overrated piece of shit who shouldn’t talk down on what anybody else is doing until he does something in music that’s worth a shit. Stone Sours first album was decent at best, far from excellent. Slipknot is bunch of grown men in masks yelling and beating shit on stage. Fuck outta here with putting somebody else down to cover up that fact that the music you make is full of more shit then Weilands shitty Christmas album.

  • DownUpSide

    Well said Junior. Only thing I’d say is that Stone Sour’s album is still a piece of shit. It just doesn’t look as bad when compared to his other work. Ironically, there was a good chance he could have been Weiland’s VR replacement had things not fallen through (and thank God they did fall through).

  • dennis

    I don’t think Corey can say a damn thing considering he crossed from heavy metal to Stone Sour to singing Tiny Dancer and Every Rose has Its Thorn at his solo shows! If anything, he’s probably pissed because he wanted the Velvet Revolver gig and Scott got it.

  • Junior

    The thing that pisses me off and frustrates me to no end is that this type of bullshit works. All these phony ass fans of music will eat this shit up and go out and buy his next album because this type of stuff is “cool” to them. His voice is basic and his lyrics are a cluster fuck of everyday cliches and people fall for it. It’s ridiculous.

  • kimberly

    I second Michael and Junior – fuck him.

  • pretty penny


  • Ihateyou

    You know Corey Taylor I liked but this guy is turning into a douche. Stone Sour is just another mediocre Alice in Chains imitator.This dude thinks hes the shit right now because hes in one of the biggest bands right now. Which isnt that big of a deal because there isnt nothing good out there. Its like being the least stupid in a class full of retards. Anyway he might be big right now but his music has no lasting power its very mediocre.

  • Grungeluv


  • Andrei

    What the fuck has this asshole done in his shitty lifetime?

    Except some embarrassingly sucky music.

    Slipknot sucks and everybody with some good taste in music knows that. Just another shitty nu-metal act like Limp Bizkit.

    Unlike Stone Temple Pilots, these assholes with their shitty bands made some of us be ashamed to call ourselves rock fans and to be associated with what people started to understand by rock music.

    Fuck him, his band and his shitty remarks.

  • Miff

    I think it’s a bit rich calling Scott Weiland lazy considering he’s been on the road constantly for what seems like years now.

  • Stosh

    Corey could just go put one of those dumb scarecrow sacks over his head and scream. Nobody cares. People don’t realize what Scott was going for on his Christmas album. Grunge fans don’t like it because its NOT GRUNGE. It’s obviously influenced by the early 60’s. I don’t understand what is so wrong with trying something different.


    This coming from the guy that couldn’t even get the replacement job for VR…Weiland did a christmas album…big effen deal…he made some money GOOD!!!…maybe he should slam real lazy crappy musicians like Nickelback…what an attention getting douchbag

  • rafaeldenis

    well just listen who wants the christmas album…and corey is in band who only made some hit , because of the masks ..

  • Kyle

    Gee look, it’s Corey Taylor, being a useless turd as usual. Nothing new here.

  • cosmicatomic

    I think Weiland is a clown. I love STP and VR but he’s a clown, period. I think these comments are funny. I don’t really have an opinion on Corey Taylor at all. Certainly Weiland >>>>> Taylor but that doesn’t mean his words are unfounded.

  • mr. spiderman

    Both suck

  • Lauren

    this dude sung some alice songs with Aaron Lewis and constantly screwed up the lyrics. weiland no matter what he does now will still be better than this prick. moving on…

  • KEN

    Completely ignorant comment. Weiland has been working constantly for years since Velvet Revolver formed in 2003. Since then, he’s created TWO albums with Velvet Revolver, a solo 2-disc album, an STP album, and now this Christmas one. He’s also toured for all of these albums, and actually produced a few bands on his own record label as well; all of these things within the past 8 f’n years!

  • Robert

    Wow that is pretty harsh I must but I got no say in this.

  • MJM

    I took a steamy, hot shit on Taylor Momsen’s chest.

  • the keeper

    Agree or disagree with his assment of Weiland, but Corey is acting totally unproffesional by badmouthing people like that

  • CourtneyLover

    Music sure isn’t screaming your head off to a bunch of emos who hate emos and like to talk about killing themselves in new creative ways.

  • droosed

    taylor is douchebag as stupid as weilands xmas album is i doubt he put out for money he just seems to really enjoy christmas

  • james wegner

    scott probably banged his girl or his girl wants to bang scott. i hate people who appear on that metal show and think they can talk crap. lazy, this guys has been making records nonstop for years. nobody talks about scott’s amazing vocal ability. everyone bashes him but god forbid he od’d this loser would be tweeting oh we lost a great yada yada yada. scott;’s the man and this goes for sebastian bach too, but at least he could sing. sing for velvet revover though not a chance. scotty cover suffrocate city next please.

  • Greg

    At least he doesn’t have to wear a fucking mask on stage you pussy. Slipknot is fake metal anyway.

  • Maverick785

    U MAD!?

  • Grungy

    MushRoomHead did the monster masks before Slipsnot (LoL) and “copycat” Corey said they copied them. Why, because the record company was going to sign MRH but instead signed slipsnot. So any words out of Coreys mouth = Bloody Diarrhea..+++++

  • gregetaga

    What an insecure jealous man u are and it is a very sad fact that u attained ur popularity post-grunge, inflicting violence and hatred. I believe a part of this Xmas album is a nature of Weiland’ s fond of the holiday and his much avante garde experimentation of his music. Whether it sells or not is none of our business as it was independently produced by him lacing his legacy. They are soaring in the 90’s still very tight nowadays and that was an incredible achievement, a part of a generation that forever changed RnR…

  • RödeOrm

    Corey shut up you fucking asshole! You are from the worst sellout partyband and none of you have ever done anything important fuck oooooof!

  • Olivavu

    It would be more interesting were it not coming from someone who is in not one, but two shit bands.

    Slipknot are beyond a joke.

  • Timf

    I love scott but i somewhat agree with taylor. Stp rarely changes there sets and u can make as many albums as u want but they really should work on making another masterpiece like i know they can know they can

  • nevernamed

    i cannot understand how any of you can openly admit to liking Weiland, or backing him up at this point. Say what you want about Slipknot/Corey, he’s not the one who’s career is tanking.

  • Dennis

    A lot of you ripping on Corey Taylor’s music are using the “he wears a mask and it is a gimmick so his music sucks” cop-out. Truth be told, Slipknot i snot my cup of tea (though I enjoy some of their songs) since there is only so much screaming I can take. But comparing SK to Limp Bizkit? That comment is not only uninformed but offensive to all that is metal.

    Stone Sour on the other hand is fantastic. So what if he is influenced by AIC? Only a dumb ass wouldn’t be. In his book he actually talks about running into two of his heroes, Jerry and Lars Ulrich in L.A. at a bar.

    Corey is an amazing writer, and an equally amazing singer. When all is said and done, I could see him surpassing Scott’s career. I have no problem with him calling out Scott because Scott has done the same type of things in the past (Axl anyone?).

    Anyway, everyone seems to be anti-Taylor in the comments so I needed to throw him some support. I encourage all of you to look past the mask, and listen to the music. We would all be better off if there was more Stone Sour on the radio and less Kanye.

  • Shane C

    Corey is a little nobody. Go back to your little clown band Corey, your just not interesting or important.

    Corey is the Scott Stapp/Fred Durst of clown bands. He’s a joke!

  • Andrei

    Corey, is that you?

    I hope you fucking choke.

  • GrungeJunkie

    WTF Dennis? Scott Weiland and STP have been around for 20 years and can still sell records and sell out mid level venues. Slip knot will be joked about and Corey has no talent. Weiland does. Who else dances himself off stage and then keeps singing all the way through being helped back onto the stage and he didn’t sound like he missed a beat. I was impressed. Weiland is infinitely better at being a front man. He has an amazing stage presence and an awesome voice. Corey nor any of his music has any lasting power. It will sound dated. STP’s stuff doesnt nor do many of the grunge bands. They have talent. That’s the difference. It’s good no one gives two shits about what this guy has to say.

  • dakotablue

    Scott is definitely the man.

    And guess what Corey, there will always be way more women who lust after SW than you will ever ever have if you live to be 100!

  • See? Chris Cornell’s Scream album is not so bad.

  • eric

    stp were a great band-emphasis on were. i don’t care for either 1 or all of these bands discussed here. just thought it was funny that this slipknot dude echoed my thoughts about weiland nowadays. him & courtney love should go buy a bunch of dope, hole up in a motel room & o.d. they’re just a bunch of fame whores trying to hang onto their glory days that they either smoked or shot up! peace

  • Pete

    Who the fuck is Cory Taylor?

  • Aliceinchainhead

    as much as i hate to admnit it coreys right…scotts been lazy lately…lip syncing…now this…ugh…I love scott and I just hope he’s got abetter future ahead of him cuz when I see scott I see Potentials!

  • Limo Wreck

    In the video on youtube of this rant right after he trashes Scott he admits his love of Harry Potter books and films. All while wearing a Star Wars hoodie. Hmmmm.

    And speaking of lazy, hes doing acoustic shows playing juicy fruit commercial jingles. Hello pot… meet Kettle.

  • Limo Wreck

    Oh yeah

    Scott Weiland’s ‘The Most Wonderful Time of the Year’ is now available at stores and digital outlets, as is Corey Taylor’s Christmas song titled ‘X-M@$.

  • Patrick

    Dennis, I don’t think you even read any of the comments…

    Nobody is saying that since Slipknot wears masks, they suck. The main problem is Corey’s condescending attitude. You can’t be talking shit when you were part of quite possibly the biggest pop-metal act in years.

    Corey is a good singer, but the man looks pretty hypocritical here.

  • heather

    Ohhh look at me I’m in a band that was hardcore turned into a piece of shit…think I’m the best ever bounce around on stage with stupid mask’s and to many people that can only pound on instruments and call it music…I find this guy an enigma really…and it’s so rich the comments that this asshat has to say about bands and other real musicians…in reality it is a reflection of himself.

    Coldplay was according to him – “self-serving” and “Music to wipe your ass to” how funny cause Slipknot was nothing more than “music that sounded like it came from a guy that couldn’t shit” and his “stone sour venture was the most self-serving piece of shit i have ever heard in my life”…now Scott Weiland is “lazy and puts out shit just for money?” pot calling the kettle black much tell me you retard…explain your last set of Slipknot albums…talk about anything to make money you retard!… Listen go cry to people that actually care about your bruised ego because your 10 minutes of fame dried up in what 1999…. Stop trying to bash people because we all know it’s your only way to try to stay relevant…ya know something you are clearly not!

  • Breadbitten

    Fuck this gossipy shit and keep listening to Faith No More’s new single…