Slash Slammed By Estranged Wife Perla Hudson

Slash’s estranged wife Perla Hudson appeared to take a subtle dig at her soon to be ex-husband yesterday on Thanksgiving, reposting a photo on her Instagram that said ‘Thank god you’re out of my life.’ Perla said, “Thank you @themrsqueenbee for taking the words out my mouth!”

Slash and Perla are currently in the process of finalizing their divorce.


Guns N’ Roses have sent out a new e-mail to fans announcing the release of new merchandise which features the band’s original lineup and classic logo. The new merchandise includes a skull blanket, a cross logo blanket, a skull head blanket, a bullet pillow, a cross logo ornament, a stocking, a scarf, pajamas, a hockey jersey, and more.

This is a major development, as there were legal battles in the past regarding Guns N’ Roses merchandise and logo rights. On April 21, 2006, Dik Hayd International, LLC (Slash’s company) tried to trademark all of the old GNR logos (Exhibit A, Exhibit B). Slash’s ex-wife Perla was the VP of Dik Hayd according to divorce filings. The trademarks were abandoned on March 27, 2007. All of the Guns N’ Roses trademarks are jointly owned by Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan. The Appetite logo is Axl’s tattoo done by Bill White Jr., and the skull art was drawn by R.K. Sloane.


  • Corndog

    Is it me, or does she have one boob looking at you, and one boob looking for you?

  • Felonious Punk

    These rock stars have horrible fucking taste in spouses. One look at her tells me just how big of a golddiggerous bimbo she almost assuredly is. The ink isn’t even on the divorce papers yet and she’s already badmouthing him publicly.

    Slash is an idiot for marrying this trollop and deserves to pay heavy settlement for his complete error in judgement. You’d think these rock stars with millions of dollars would be able to afford a woman with an ounce of class, and not just settle for these obvious golddigging bimbos.

    • http://www.cuntcertfy.nut/ Whip

      Yeah, but I’m sure these rockstars are also some self-centered-ass people, probably used to doing things their own way and treating the girl not much more than a fuck doll and someone to complete the look when they go to events. No woman of any class is going to put up with that bullshit. Plus they realize the only way they got the job is because of their ability to catch dude’s eye with a ginormous bosom and shapely leg. That’s got to be a cause for some major insecurities. Anyway, fuck this bitch– I just hate when they act like they deserve any money when they divorce. Fuck did you do? Suck some D? Answer the door? Fuck outta here skank!

      • Felonious Punk

        Doesn’t matter what she did. You better believe this bimbo with the bad boob job is getting half of Slash’s everything.


      well..they are not very “classy” themselves if you ask me…

      • Felonious Punk

        Still…you have all that money and clout. How hard is it find a woman who will agree to a prenup and agree to behave herself and not take you for your loot after five years of marriage. These women are OBVIOUS golddiggers. Perla, that bimbo Duff is flouncing around with, that dingbat Frusciante was married to for a couple years…so obviously in it for the money and little else. It’s like a bad joke that these dudes are doing this to themselves.

        At least Axl gave up on bimbos forever and retreated into his music when Stephanie Seymour bailed on him all those years ago. Every one of these rock stars who get a divoce after a couple years of marriage end up paying out the wazoo in the end.

  • Felonious Punk

    Also…Perla looks like a female version of Tony Romo with a terrible boob job.