Slash: ‘It’s Fun To Play Guns N’ Roses Songs Again’

Slash discussed playing several Guns N’ Roses songs again recently in an interview with AntyRadio. These quotes are a rough translation from the interview, which was published in Polish.

“We started to play a song Guns N ‘Roses when I Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators were together.”

“I do not I carried out these numbers from some 12 or 13 years in that period. It’s fun for me, I choose pieces that I want to play and it’s basically behind. We draw from this joy.”

Slash was also asked if he wanted to slow down and look back at the past year, especially after just turning 50.

He responded, “I look only continue in the future.”

Slash again refused to answer any questions about the rumored Guns N’ Roses reunion and his friendship with Axl Rose.

Slash2Baz from Slash France is reporting that he spoke to Slash a few days ago, and Slash revealed to him that he will not be doing a solo tour next summer. While Slash will record a new album with the Conspirators and Myles Kennedy in the spring, it appears that a full tour and release push will not be possible immediately after this since Myles Kennedy will be working with Alter Bridge, with Slash2Baz also hinting at Slash telling him about some other plans that he ‘can’t say more’ about right now.

“Bad Rain was played tonight in Prague. Talked to Slash a little bit there. Plans for 2016 changed a little bit…. Hellwithin filming early 2016, then new Conspirators record in the spring then NO CONSPIRATORS tour cause Myles has to go back to AB until the end of 2016. So 2016 will be an AB year. I can’t say more right now. ;)

He added, “I don’t believe rumors man. I talk to people who are reliable sources, in this case it’s Slash himself. I won’t tell what he told me. I’m just saying no conspirators tour next summer. That’s it. He can be busy with many things like his new movie. ;) ps: if guys from alternativenation could read this: please DO NOT say what i’m not saying in your articles.”

Quoted you directly buddy!

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