Former Guns N’ Roses/Velvet Revolver members Slash and Duff McKagan will perform on stage with Stone Temple Pilots and new frontman Chester Bennington tomorrow night in Los Angeles at Club Nokia for the MusiCares Benefit/Scott Weiland’s Nightmare Show. Slash tweeted the following regarding rehearsals, “Had a really cool rehearsal w/ @stpband & @duffmckagan today. Sounded really awesome. Great hanging out. Thurs going to be killer. iiii]; )”

Duff McKagan tweeted the following, “The guitar duo of @Slash and D. DeLeo of @stpband is a sweet sound. Me, R. DeLeo, and Kretz just try2 look cool. @ChesterBe SLAYS.#MusiCares.”

  • Ack

    Ok I am actually starting to feel bad for Scott now…..

  • Me

    I feel bad, too but Scott is reaping what he sows…

  • Is he one?

    This isn’t very cool. They didn’t have to do this collaboration. I really don’t think it was necessary. Rude and inappropriate IMO.

  • Brett Buchanan

    Scott showing up late, or not showing up at all, and performing poorly with STP and Velvet Revolver was rude and inappropriate as well.

  • grungehero99

    Yeah this is too much..

  • Is he one?

    Of course, I know. But I don’t onlu meant rude towards Scott but for the fans of VR and STP. I mean… anyway.

  • Ack

    Scott is a disaster and he deserved to be put in his place, I just think this is piling on now. Feel like Duff, Slash and the DeLeos are enjoying this a little too much. I can see them all giggling like teenage girls when they had the idea for Chester to sing with them too.

  • james m.

    This is the tits! Just fucking great. I wish them the greatest of success with CB. Weiland brought this band down with his bullshit and belief that none was greater than he,”No more patience man…you dig… what i’m sayin?”…

  • lilrockable

    ^^^^^ I love that song. While Scott may be have made a lot of mistakes this just comes off as bullying to me. They are all taking their turns kicking Scott the addict yet these guys are probably the first ones to praise other addicts who have died in the past. Hypocrites, I know Slash is an asshole but I wouldn’t expect this from Duff

  • Raj

    The irony is that neither party can survive without Scott as their frontman. VR could never find a replacement for Scott, STP is using a numetal singer to take over a 90’s legend. For those who say Scott is a Vedder clone or a poor man’s version is way off.

    It ain’t STP or VR without Scott. That new STP album will be terrible, Chester and LP had only one good song ‘One Step Closer’ then went downhill after that.

  • CagedTiger

    ‘I got no more patience… You dig what the fuck I’m saying? Homefuck! Owwwww!’ haha. Axl was in his prime in the early 90’s!

    I do feel bad for Scott though, this does all seem a bit juvenile and as if they’re purposely all trying to rub his nose in it and Slash’s holier than thou attitude and constant tweeting regarding this performance make me cringe, that guy needs to start accepting that he has a massive fucking ego too and stop trying to play the innocent party in every interview regarding former band mates.

  • Jeff

    Chester: “Hey Scott, I’m fucking all your exes tomorrow night. IN PUBLIC!!”

    Real classy shit.

  • Shadow on the Sun

    I love how they’re rubbing Scott’s nose in his own shit. Ppl on here saying it’s gone too far need to realize Scott pissed off all of these guys on his own doing.
    Maybe Scott shouldn’t have gotten himself kicked out of Stp and Vr,maybe Scott should give a shit about his fans and show up on time and sober for concerts , maybe Scott shouldn’t have lied numerous times that VR was getting back together. It’s hard to feel bad for a guy who has ruined his own career. Is it a shame? Absolutely, but at this point Scott deserves everything that’s coming to him

  • loather

    Jesus theyvare just playing a gig, it isn’t like they signed on for spite or anything

  • lilrockable

    For those of you who won’t let go of the nu metal brand on Chester keep in mind he was in a post grunge band before Linkin Park. It’s not really anything groundbreaking and it sort of blends in with the other post grunge bands but this should make it easier to accept him as a regular vocalist. Check it out

  • drunken- duncan

    love scott, but he had it comming… u think they are all just fucking with him , trying to make him get hes shit together. cause this is all happening really fast

  • Southern Discomfort

    Hey I just got word that Mary is pregnant with CB’s baby !!!! Congrats you two crazy kids!!!

  • CagedTiger

    ^^^ HAHAHA! I heard Slash, Duff & The Deleo brothers were present when Chester boned her too and filmed it. Slash tweets regarding this crazy news are incoming…

  • Stew

    Fuck Slash. Without Axl or Scott he is just a mascot of the 90s. Piece of shit.

  • CagedTiger

    Agreed Stew, his guitar work with Guns was phenominal and there’s no denying that (check out ‘Estranged’) but he’s only half the player he used to be and I think he’s pretty overrated these days and more of a nostalgia act than anything.

  • the keeper

    “Fuck Slash. Without Axl or Scott he is just a mascot of the 90s. Piece of shit.”

    Considering the current state of Axl’s voice and Scott’s voice I would say Slash is waayy above the both of those fucking guys

  • CagedTiger

    ^^ what about the current state of Slash’s guitar playing?