Slash’s Brother Calls Axl Rose A ‘Fat Bastard’ & Trashes Guns N’ Roses Reunion

Former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash’s brother, Ash Hudson, has trashed Axl Rose and the idea of a Guns N’ Roses reunion on his Facebook (according to Slash World), as transcribed by Alternative Nation.

You obsessed fans of guns n roses. Fuck a reunion. If you love guns enjoy what they made and move on. To dream of the opportunity that you could see them all together to me is like saying “I love the guys who invented my door in my apartment”. I walk thru it all the time. I wish they would get back together and invent a new door. What’s wrong with the door you have? It still works. You still use it. And you fucking fanclub page host need to get your own life to spend all your time figuring out what slash is doing first.

And to act like you have an education degree of guns n roses and yet you have your own families but still you spend most of your day and life as an undercover fanboy serving up the gossip with an attitude like you have some power over other fanboys & girls is like if you never stopped wearing superman underoos and think as an adult your fucking superman. It’s all so dumb to me. Not sure if I’m making myself clear. But grow up. Get a life. If I get one more fucker asking me will guns do a reunion tour I’m blocking them. Axl is a fat bastard and the reunion would only be a disappointment and an action that would result in criticism. Just sayin.

Ash wasn’t done, as he later posted another comment comparing Axl Rose to Fat Elvis:

That’s just it! They were the best of all time no where to go from there. They captured lightning in a bottle. Nothing left to prove. It’s done. Are the stones the Stones you grew to love in the 70’s ? Fuck No!. Now a circus act. You loved Axl when he was beautiful now he’s Fat Elvis. So move on people. Buy slash’s WOF album.

Slash recently revealed that he is friends with Axl Rose again. We’re guessing Ash isn’t friends with Axl Rose.


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  • yessireebob


    I read that and thought Ash was Slash’s son. He sounds like my kids.

  • yessireebob

    FAKE PHOTO ALERT- Post a REAL pic of Axl please!!!!!!! I thought that post was from Slash’s son. His brother? Sorry Slash, I know kids more grown up.

  • Felonious Thunk

    Wow. I guess Slash’s little bro — AKA King of the Run-on Sentence — is really upset by all these Guns reunion rumors.

    And seeing as Slash’s wife is about to take him for everything he’s worth, it won’t be long before the Slash Bros. are reunited and living in some dive apartment off Sunset.

    • yessireebob

      I am friends with his brother on Facebook. I dislike him now. He posts all these pervy pics of girls half his age that are mostly Japanese.

  • yessireebob

    Ash- Get your facts straight. There would be a GnR without Slash or Adler. “Guns N’ Roses was formed in Los Angeles, California in March 1985 by Axl Rose, guitarists Izzy Stradlin and Tracii Guns, bassist Ole Beich and drummer Rob Gardner.” Slash was a good fit but I’ll take Sorum over Adler.

    • Go Hiomlán Mandelbrotmenge Imi

      AND: The main songwriters were Axl and Izzy. In fact, a reunion without Izzy would be useless.

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    “well, I’m pissed off because I’m a nobody and when somebody meet me they just ask me something about my brother´s former band. I can handle that but with the reunion rumors at the top, you are making me cry….stop motherfuckers!”

    hahaha…well, today i don’t give a fuck about GNR, Grohl, Cornell, Staley, Cobain or morrisey. I have a kick off party

    go seahawks!

  • yort

    slash is a nobody, his brother is even more so .

    • chris

      Slash is a legend, man. But yeah, his brother sounds like a bitter POS to trash Guns fans. Wow.

      • yort

        you are right. slash is a legend.

  • kris08

    Who cares what this dipshit has to say?!

  • Eric McLaughlin

    Little men in space suits are coming soon and bringing gnr and other bands and people back to 18-20 years old

  • Rizz

    Stay home and watch Live at the Ritz on youtube, peeps. Tell’m Rizz sent ya