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Yesterday former Guns N’ Roses/Velvet Revolver members Slash and Duff McKagan tweeted about their excitement regarding performing with Stone Temple Pilots and new frontman Chester Bennington.  They also tweeted about how well rehearsals with STP were going for the MusiCares gig. Slash and McKagan tweeted more praise last night, with Slash defending his buddies in STP’s decision to hire Bennington as Scott Weiland’s replacement.

Slash tweeted:

I gotta say, it’s a real pleasure playing w/Dean Deleo. The guitars compliment each other nicely. The whole @stpband is great. iiii]; )’

& the haters are going to hate, but @chesterbe sings the shit out of the STP songs. iiii]; )’

Of course, playing with @duffmckagan is always awesome. iiii]; )’

Duff McKagan tweeted:

Been big supporter of MusiCares 4years. Helped tons of people. Could give 2 f*cks what anyone thinks bout who I am playing with 2 support MC

  • Pacho

    Doesn’t matter, cause I don’t really give a fuck about them or their actual music projects.

  • loather

    Slash is still kicking ass, suck it Axl

  • Mills

    See all these guys respect & honor their fans and want to put on a great show by being sober and clear headed. Instead of living in some drug induced haze that Scott prefers. I’d go see Slash and Duff and the new STP anytime rather than Scott and that group of hacks he calls his band.

  • Scott McLean

    Sounds as though this is getting way too personal.

  • Jackyjackjack

    Slash really could get rid of that shitty emoticon thing at the end of his tweets

  • ShaneC

    I want to fill Slash’s top hat with boiling piss, and drown him in it.

    Also, I wonder if he thought up that moronic emoticon all by himself. Tool.

  • Is he one?

    I couldn’t care less about Slash and Duff.

    And yeah this is too personnal, it really annoys me.

  • JG566

    Never thought I’d say this but Slash needs to stop. It’s the same exact thing as saying “haters gonna hate but DJ Ashba plays the shit outta GnR songs.” And Duff there are a million ways to help people besides kicking Scott while he’s down so stop kidding yourself. Little kids who never got over Axl (who still rocks tours btw). Notice how Slash has still not come out with the (real) truth of what ever happened from ’96? Chester will be back in LP and their quick cash grab will end.

  • Big M

    Man they really freaking hate Weiland. Will this s*** show ever end?

  • lilrockable

    Does anyone see the irony that the cause they support is a cause used for helping addicts? Yet they’ve all except Chester have practically taken turns spitting on Scott. Not saying scott doesn’t deserve to be fired he most certainly does, but you can’t go around talking about how you “love helping people” when you talk shit about an addict who is right in front of our eyes. Ah well in the end were forgetting that these guys are all musicians and technically that’s the only thing we should really judge them by.

  • Brett Buchanan

    You can’t help an addict who doesn’t want help. I know this from personal experience.

  • Amber

    When VR hired Scott they gave him the time and support to get sober. I think they did what they could with an addict who can’t seem to stay off the shit. They (VR) and STP should not be faulted for not wanting to take the abuse an addict can dish out on a daily basis for the sake of a rock band. The fans should have compassion on both sides. Weiland is dishing it out, too.

  • CagedTiger

    I genuinely just think Slash is being a dick about it now, that guy seems like such a bitter individual… He spends most of his time in interviews ripping on Axl and Scott and acting like he’s completely innocent and it’s the singers he’s been in bands with who have issues. Well Slash, that’s 2 singers now who’ve left your ass, one of which -Axl Rose, you trashed in interviews and then made an ass out of yourself going to his house and trying to make friends but when he told you to get fucked you went back to trashing him! I swear this guy is full of shit and the mr nice guy thing is an act, he clearly has a huge ego and is as bitter as lemons.

  • lumisol

    CagedTiger they didn’t “leave his ass” he quite GNR because Axl was an asshole who didn’t respect fans enough to show up on stage until 3 hours after their scheduled start time..

    And Scott is 0 for 2 now, not Slash’s fault Scott was a fuckup and got kicked out of VR and STP twice

    Slash is not full of shit, you should read up on some stuff Marc Center has said.

    The again most people bashing him have zero clue about the actual situation

  • CagedTiger

    I just think a lot of people think the sun shines out if Slash’s ass and that he’s a really nice cool guy, which to be fair is how he portrays himself in public. However if he’s this super nice guy then why did he refuse to let someone song in VR who wanted to play guitar too? Because he has a huge ego. Why did he slag Scott off for being a fuck up drug addict when he was taking heroin himself whilst in VR? Because he’s a hypocrite. Why us he constantly tweeting about this performance with STP?? To be a dick to Scott and finally why did he trash Axl for years then go to his house to try and beg for a reunion? Because he’s a money whore and knows guns was his finest hour. I’ve followed all Slash’s interviews over the years, read his autobiography, read axls comments etc I’m 31 I’m not some kid who’s basing my opinion on nothing.