Shocking New Kurt Cobain Death Scene Note Refers To Courtney Love As A ‘Money Siphoning Bitch’


A cropped version of a note found in Kurt Cobain’s wallet at the scene of his death has finally been released by the Seattle Police Department 20 years after Cobain’s 1994 suicide.  The note seems to mock wedding vows stating: ‘Do you, Kurt Cobain, take Courtney Michelle Love to be your Lawful Shredded wife, even when she’s a bitch with zits and siphoning all yr money for doping and whoring…”

It is unknown if Cobain or Love wrote the note, or if it was intended as a serious note.  It is written on The Phoenix hotel stationary, which is located in San Francisco.

  • Slurge2

    Why has this note never been mentioned before? Where is the rest of it ?
    Why only release a cropped bit of it? What the hell is wrong with the Seattle police force?

  • Boom

    Boom awaits the Courtney scum lovers and followers to come say the note is fake, to say that it was the Kurdt’s sense if the humor, to say that the note planted in the wallet.

    Boom wait for the scum followers to say that the scum no whore, to say that the Kurdt happy with the scum and blah blah.
    Boom say this. The scum live a no good junkie whore. Boom say for years she involved somehow and still believe so.

    Boom out!!

    • Courtney Rocks!

      Youre a moron.
      This note was almost certainly written by Courtney not Kurt as it looks more like her handwriting and It is clearly a self-depreciating note and one that was probably written around time they got married. There’s no way of knowing for certain but I bet you this note was written a long time before and had just been in Kurt’s wallet for ages. Nothing to do with his suicide. He was calling Courtney as “goddess in his suicide note” . This note even if Kurt had written it was clearly not written at the same time.
      PS – You suck. Courtney Rocks.

      • Groovy Chunks

        Big presumptions there. Some might even say what a load of shit.

        • Courtney Rocks!

          It looks more like Courtney’s handwriting you moron. At least IMO. So it may well be a joke letter Courtney written from ages ago putting herself down that Kurt had just kept in his wallet. You comprehend?
          PS – You suck and you Courtney haters are so lame.
          and don’t forget Courtney Rocks.

          • Rich

            Yes. She’s a rocking murderer.


        I agree that this looks like Courtney’s handwriting. I read that book she put out a few years back (‘Dirty Blonde’) and it was mostly handwritten samples from her diaries. This note they found in his wallet totally matches her handwriting. Even the writing on the cover of her book that says ‘Courtney Love’ matches the ‘Courtney Love’ on this note almost perfectly

        • Courtney Rocks!

          Yes this note was almost definitely written by Courtney and as said was probably written around the time they were thinking of getting married and is Courtney joking marriage vows and making fun of herself and for some reason Kurt had still kept it in his wallet. I don’t know why its being reported in all media so far as a Kurt note or why the Seattle police gave no info with it disclosing it. Its clearly written by Courtney – the handwriting is hers as you say.
          I’m sure Courtney herself will probably have address this sooner rather than later.

    • Christine

      Boom, you ALWAYS say this. Got anything either new or containing insight? (rhetorical)

  • Benzo

    What do they mean they don’t know if Kurt or Courtney wrote it ?
    Are the police that crap that they have not found out or have never even asked Courtney?

    • Christine

      Yep. They are. Or, minimally, they wouldn’t release shit to let the circus continue.

  • GsusH

    Self fulfilling prophecy right there!

  • Courtney Rocks!

    @ Rich
    Yawn …oh so Courtney is a murderer again now is she?
    Strange behaviour she showed then when revived Kurt from several OD’s, strange behaviour when she called for the ambulance in Rome when found Kurt unconscious if she wanted Kurt dead don’t you think? You are a moron. Only the completely braindead think Courtney had anything to do with Kurt’s death.

    • Rich

      I don’t remember insulting you so, calling me a ‘moron’ is a little jumpy. I base my opinion off the book “Who Kileld Kurt Cobain?” by Halperin and Wallace. I don’t think Courtney killed him with her own hands. But after reading the book I do believe there are way too many suspicious circumstances surrounding the death, including the behavior of police at the time, and their extreme unwillingness to reopen the case over the past 20 years. I think your she-ro had first hand knowledge of his impending murder, though I don’t think she committed it first hand. Also, her calling an ambulance when he OD’d the last time is completely irrelevant. Or maybe it is relevant. Maybe it was done to establish exactly what you just implied; that there was no way she wanted him dead if she called an ambulance for him the month before. Not a bad strategy. Or maybe she was just a stupid junkie who didn’t know what the hell she was doing. Either way, until the case is reopened, there are many many people like myself who will always doubt it was a suicide. Also, she penned an ending to his “suicide” note, which in reality, wasn’t even a suicide note, it was just a journal entry. Ugh, read the book honey. Atleast have an open mind. I am atleast open minded enough to admit that it certainly looks like a suicide to any normal person, and certainly could have been a suicide. But I do think it warrants reopening and reinvestigating.

  • nope

    Courtney rocks is a quack.

    • Courtney Rocks!

      You suck.

  • Big M

    Obviously Kurt killed himself. If you want to believe it was a joke he was carrying around in his wallet then that’s your opinion. Fact is, the cops were called to the Cobain house not long before Kurt’s suicide over a domestic violence dispute between Kurt and Courtney. They were quite unhappy together at the end so I don’t see anything shocking here other than the fact that non one knew about this note until recently.

  • paulonious

    kurt killed himself. but he still hated courtney in the end. he was going to divorce her and end Nirvana. all facts.

    • Courtney Rocks!

      Oh so that’s why Kurt is still calling Courtney his “goddess of a wife” in his suicide note and saying “please go on without me .,I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU”
      oh yeh he was really hating Courtney there I’m sure. I can’t believe you guys when not calling her a murderer are seriously trying to blame her alone instead for his depression and his suicide.

      • Rich

        The part of the note you are referring to differs from the rest of the note entirely, and many believe that portion was written in after his death, by Courtney herself. Also, I don’t blame her for his depression and drug abuse, that’s his own fault. But I don’t think he killed himself. That I think she was involved in.

        • Courtney Rocks!

          She was in LA. How the hell did she add the last lines to the suicide note?

          • Rich

            Where did you read that she was in LA? I don’t remember that.

          • Christine

            She was at the rehab location in LA also detoxing. Man, people really need to go read Michael Azerrad’s books.

    • Christine

      Everything after the word “But” is in accurate, and I’ll agree to disagree.
      Listen to his interviews with michael azerrad (most easily access in “About A Son”, which is available in full on youtube).

  • Medea

    That it was written by Courtney, obviously it was a joke letter between two lovers

  • bob

    It\’s almost funny how so many people have fallen for Tom Grant\’s mish mash of personal opinions and conjecture, a pill people find so easy to swallow because it fits in with their own opinions of Courtney Love. Never mind FACTUAL information or anything like that. Even the much quoted heroin level is just that – a quote from a newspaper. The truth is that Kurt ran out of options. An addict\’s options are pretty simple, either you go to rehab and get better, or you continue to use and eventually you succumb. The latter option however, was not really an option to Kurt, because he had the added responsibilities of leading a world famous band, and the expectations people placed on him because of that fame. The people around him, his record company, management, band mates and Courtney, were not prepared to allow him to continue on that path (a path that would have inevitably lead to his death). Which leads us to the former option, of going to rehab. Well we all know how that went…..he left of his own volition. He gave it one last shot, but it just wasn\’t what he wanted. So he looked to the only other option he had. Given the amount he had talked about suicide over the years, and the number of suicides in his family, it\’s not difficult to see why he saw that as an option.Tom Grant lists money and greed as Courtney\’s supposed motives, two motives that could quite easily be levelled at him. By his own admission Kurt died on \’his watch\’ – he failed to find Kurt, and therefore his professional link to this case should have really been over. Perhaps he saw this case as the cash cow he had always been looking for, a high profile case that could have made him rich. But since that never happened, he\’s clung on to this tenuous, factually bereft, alternative series of events in a bid to squeeze whatever he can out of it. The fact he\’s managed to string it out this long can only really be put down to the polarizing personality of Courtney Love.You have to ask yourself the most glaring question: why on earth would a person hire a private detective if they had just managed to murder one of the most famous musicians on the planet?

    • Rich

      Whether or not she had anything to do with it, I;m not sure how you can deny the fact that the investigation should at least be reopened. There are too many lingering questions, even when you take her out of the equation. And too much reluctance on the part of that police department to look into anything further.

    • Splurge2

      The 1.52 mg figure is actually correct. The detective who just recently looked at this case confirmed it in his recent report. I’ll try and find the link and pdf. Its been made available to public.

  • bob

    What lingering questions are you talking about specifically?

  • Anth

    Whoever wrote it, the handwriting is pretty much identical to the controversial conclusion of Kurt’s suicide note.

  • drew


    all over the map above here!

    THERE is one person who 100% knows for certain how kurt cobain died, but unfortunately he’s dead.

  • bob

    It also matches the main body of the suicide note too.

  • Boom

    Book quite enjoy reading the people comments. The scum Love involved in some way. Hand writing in note found with the dead Kurdt different. With the Kurdt dead she gain financially for life. With a divorced scum Love she no get shit.

    She involved and by her doing things that make look like she care it make less look like she involved. She a scum human, and been involved from then till today.

    These song she release lately all written about the Kirdt and the relationship, it her way of telling story. And most lyrics written by the Kurdt that were no meant for the Nirvana, she get hold of them and rest of his stuff and now she record it. Hashtag facts.

    Boom out!!
    Now go rock the fuck out Booms people, rock the fuck out to Stooges. Turn volume up to level 10, blow your mind it will. You going punks get on your gadget and do the download.

  • Boom

    The Rich. You no waste time or brain power trying to speak to the Courtney Rocks. That person is a wack job fucking pyscho. Do what Boom do and just ignore, person only insults and call childish names, then resorts to posting under other names. That person biggest troller Boom ever see.

    The Rich, Boom agree with your opinions and seem logical you do. You keep making the sense and there will be a spot on team Boom for you.

    Again, The Rich. You no bother with the Courtney Rocks. That person scum just like the scum Love. Both no good motherfuckers

    Boom out!!

    • Christine

      Yeah, dish them out, but ignore them when they come at you. Good philosophy.

      And there are no lingering questions – he shot himself, he had burns from the use of the weapon on his hands. You don’t get those if someone killed you.

      Ever notice they aren’t sharing photos of that? Do you know why? Because that’s all it takes to lay this stuff to rest,… and the proverbial THEY don’t want to do that.

      The end.

  • Rich

    One good thing has come out of this whole thing; I officially like this ‘Boom’ person.

    • Boom

      The Rich. Wise you are. Boom only speak truth, sure Boom different and most people are the bothered by it. They more worry about way Boom speak rather then read what Boom say and think about it. Boom old rocker and not fooled by childish fucks.

      Boom out!!

      • Christine

        Yeah you’re not a childish fuck. My ass you’re not.

        How about instead of pretending to ignore name calling while you name call, check the information NOT from speculation nor opinions but from THE SOURCE (that being Kurt, if it wasn’t obvious):
        ^ He doesn’t say he isn’t happy with Courtney, just the opposite actually, repeatedly.

        By the way, didn’t you say (post) that you were leaving this site? Should we start calling you Hypocrite Boom or just Boom? (rhetorical).

        You have no respect for anyone on this subject and pretend that your age and the names of the bands you drop gives you some sort of credibility.

        Internet Anonymity and typing as if you’re Tarzan or Frankenstein give you none.

        So we again disagree. Courtney Rocks and I are no less “wacked” than you – just look at your text sometime and count the number of times you’ve named called.

        From your posts and from the constant bate you drop for other users, you are the biggest infant on this site; and you know it, but you think you’re cute.

        It’s not cute.

        Grow a pair and grow up.

        He’s dead because he was in chronic pain and didn’t like himself (could not absorb the love being sent his way). That’s it. That’s why people kill themselves.

        It’s tragic, it’s sad, it’s horrible that the people left behind who were actually a part of his life have to deal with the press bullshit, and the endless speculation and opinions which will never end the more the media and fanatics fuel the fire.

        LET HIM REST IN PEACE. And let us to the same Boom.

        • Boom

          The Christine. You can just call me Boom.

          Also Boom say this. Forgot you are such expert on these matters. Boom should know Better then to voice any opinion on any matters. Next time I check with you first and get all facts straight since you obviously know the Scum and knew the Kurdt personally. So Boom will keep opinion to self.

          Boom also say this. If Boom bother you so much do 1 of 3 things. Here.

          1. No read Boom comments
          2. No reply to Boom comments
          3. Fuck your hat.

          Boom out!!

          ALSO. Boom has very large balls. No need to grow a pair. If the Kurdt had a large pair like Boom do, he still be alive, yet he choose to be a quitter Nd blew his face off with the shotgun. Boom and the Kurdt have same problems but Boom fights like man every day of life and kicks own demons ass daily. The Kurdt should have done same as Boom, but he was a weak ass pussy. No sympathy here from Boom, he leave his baby with no father and only a scum of mother.

          • Christine

            1. his name is Kurt
            2. you clearly have never felt suicide
            3. you can’t possibly have ever had the ‘same’ problems as he
            4. you’re name calling again.

            Why address a post to me if you want me to not read it. (rhetorical)

            You only prove you’re full of it by always needing the last word.

            Let him rest, give us a break, we ALL know your opinion at this point.

            Go ‘rock out’ to something and be ‘out’ now, yeah? That’s your gig.

            try and relax – this flame war is officially O V E R .

  • Raj

    Regardless of who wrote the note, it makes me wonder what else the Seattle department is hiding?
    It does make you wonder why Kurt would keep this note with him, maybe he found it funny or maybe he wanted it to be found.

  • Haryy

    It was probably an odd joke or true marriage proposal from Courtney

  • Vitalogy

    You guy’s don’t seem to understand Courtney and Kurt humor xD

    • Courtney Rocks!

      I did try to explain it to these morons earlier.

      • Christine


        Its the last day(s) of April, the Associated Press just has to pinch one more off before they go back to reporting on Lohan.

        Besides, ALL of Kurt’s interviews from 1993 contradict this note, which, if authentic at all, is a slag a what the media reports, not how he would have ever felt (referring back to interviews).

        Fans of both know. Fans of neither don’t. And Fanatics Eat This Stuff Up Like Crackheads.

        .Worst.April.Ever. since ‘the original’.

  • Christine

    I’m awaiting the group cool-aid suicide of the Gov. of the state at the time, the Mayor of the City at the time, the Chief of Police at the time, and the entire Board of Directors of Washington State Tourism,… and the suicide note stating that they jointly put a timetable together to feed this crap to the world as a means by which to get morons to travel to locations in Washington on a “Magical Grief Tour” every fricking year for two decades (because depressing teens is like shooting fish in a barrel), but they are only admitting it now because the Department of Justice has decided to investigate them and find out where all this crap is coming from 20 years later and threatening to send them all to non-posh ass-rape prison for contempt, evidence tampering. Socrates needs to come back from HIS grave to bitch slap everyone involved starting with the Police, and Jefferson should come back and bitch slap everyone who is a part of The Associated Press.

    *yeah I just made all that up,…. that’s how STUPID this sh*t has become from March until now and it won’t stop until after the end of May when the HBO broadcast happens.


    He Killed Himself. He is Gone. Courtney is no saint. ARE YOU ALL NOT SICK OF THIS ENDLESS RUNAROUND DISCOURSE?

    I am.

  • NevertheMachine

    I think Grohl wrote it! Jk

  • Boom

    Boom say this. Boom respect every poster opinion in this matter. They entitled to do so and speak mind.

    Boom respect every person here opinion but the 2 wack jobs here, the. Courtney Rocks and the Thief Christine. Boom believe they both same person, the alias. Both speak similar and have same thought process. Also never post at same time. Still, both are fucked aNd both in denial. Both say they sick of it with the Kirdt and the Scum, yet both feel need to talk about same shit, quoting shit from the you tube and from the books like they experts. They have same information as anybody else that can read and do the comprehension. Yet these 2 psychos act like they know the Kurdt and the Scum, act like they live in the Seattle in. ’90’s, both act like they in band.

    The Christine Thief and the Courtney Rocks, Boom will say this. You 2 are both sick fucks and Boom suggest you get mental help for your psychotic problems.

    Boom out you fucking crybabies!!

    • Courtney Rocks!

      Boom sucks.
      PS – Courtney rocks

    • Christine

      Boom calls kettles black. No, were actually two different users. And ‘thief’ is still not an insult.

      Love and Empathy to you Boom. Keep fanning the flames man, fan away.

      *grabs bad of marshmallows*

      • Courtney Rocks!

        Boom is well beyond the pale in suckiness. He sucks.

  • Courtney Rocks!

    the FULL note is this:-

    “Do you Kurt Cobain take Courtney Michelle Love to be your
    lawful shredded wife even when she’s a bitch with zits and siphoning all
    your money for doping and whoring , will you promise to fuck her at least once
    a week. OK”

    see it here :-

    It is clearly Courtney’s handwriting and a note by Courtney. Courtney wrote it NOT Kurt. It’s also a note that was clearly written in jest as a joke and was probably written as far back as early 92 before they actually married as the content is a joke and parody of exchange of marriage vows and Kurt had just kept this note in his wallet ever since.

    • Christine

      And in that context, given their age, the time, and the magnetism between them, and what we know about their personalities given their work and direct interviews in writing and captured on audio…’s a brilliant frickin note and makes total sense.

      UNFORTUNATELY the AP has just created yet ANOTHER ‘article’ about it for people to click upon.

      Personally this one should be shut off.

      Thanks C-Rocks.