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just got back to the show seconds ago. I’m in a hotel about a 5 minute walk from the venue… that’s how I roll. Anyway, setlist first:

Wicked garden
Between the lines
Hickory dichotomy
still Remains
Big empty
Dancin days
Country lick into plush
Huckleberry crumble
All in the Suit intro into Down
[/size]What made this one special was the intimate venue for sure. It was crowded as F and literally it was hard to move from anywhere in the room. Rose Hill Drive, the opener, was insanely good. Those guys are killer musicians, blew me away. The best STP opener I’d seen before them was Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, and this band was even better. Anyway, pretty standard STP show by now. Robert did look a little slimmer than usual and he was the most energetic. He was really moving ALL OVER THE PLACE. Eric’s hair dye job is really bad. Scott still has the pooch belly but it looks like his weight is staying steady now. The guys smiled and seemed to get along. Musically the band is tight, and Scott sounded excellent.
[/size]Random notes:
[/size]Someone threw a cup of beer at the stage. Scott handled it really well, but Dean seemed a little rattled and pissed off. He shook his head and seemed bothered for most of the show after that. Scott just picked the cup up, dropped it in front of the crowd and waved his finger suggesting that was a no-no. It was a pretty funny move right in the middle of Dancin’ Days. After the song, Scott said “this isn’t the county fair, and you don’t get a stuffed animal for hitting the band with a cup of beer. In fact, you just lose $60-$70 and in this economy that’s not good” or something like that.
[/size]The peak of the night started with Interstate. I don’t normally say that but the version they played tonight was on fire. They carried that momentum right into Down and Huckleberry. Huckleberry was played a little sloppily, but the raw energy they had behind it more than made up for it. Scott also sounded as good as I’ve heard him since the #4 tour at the end of the night on trippin’. He belted it out and really gave it his all. I was surprised to see how well he sang that one. Down too. In the last 3 years I’ve seen STP maybe 5 times and that was the best Trippin version, by far, that they’ve done.
[/size]There were TONS of random licks and jams that I didn’t list above. My personal favorite, the ride the cliche lick in the bridge of still remains, happened.
[/size]Scott alternated drinking between a bottle of Fiji Water, Orange Gatorade, and a random thermos bottle with an unknown liquid inside. He seemed sober but who knows what was in the bottle… not that I care.
[/size]After STT they took an encore break. When they came back Dean kept trying to get Eric to play guitar, and it looked like he was saying he’d take drums. It was funny. Dean pleaded to switch roles about 2-3 times before Eric started ignoring him and then he gave up. Very funny moment.
[/size]That’s about all I got. I see them next Wednesday in Richmond so I’ll give a report on that too.

  • Stosh

    This is sweet. Thanks for always posting these concert reviews, I really enjoy them.

  • Kimberly

    Scott’s looking healthy. Big turn around from PNC in July of 2008

  • GrungeJunkie

    He does look better. Never someone I thought would have extended sobriety – especially while on tour. I love these guys and will see them every time they come thru.

  • pretty penny

    What’s with all the constant monitoring of Scott’s weight? The guy was a skeleton for quite a while and he looks much better now, “pooch belly” or not (and from that photo above, I’d say Dean and Eric have more to worry about in the chubbiness dept.)
    Glad to hear STP is rockin’ it, though. Anybody who has a chance to see the best rock front man alive should do it! Weiland is a maniac onstage but he can’t keep it up for too many more years, can he?

  • Conor

    Well I’m sure we could have said that even 10 years ago. He continues to surprise me anyway. I’d say he’ll keep himself involved with music in some shape or form for a good few years to come, maybe not with the same frequency but I’d say he won’t completely vanish off of the radar for a while.

  • Damon

    Were you at the same concert??? It was ridiculous, the show took forever to start, the arrogance of the band to make a crowded and extremely enthusiastic room wait 45 minutes for your performance is shameful. None of the band members seemed even remotely excited to be there. I realize they have been doing this a long time however there was a lot of hard earned money (50 dollars a ticket) paid by common people, show some professional consideration and start your f’ing show on time. The reason a cup of beer was thrown is because they were sucking, before an encore could ever start there were “fans” leaving the venue. I have been to MANY concerts at the Norva it is an incredible place to see live acts and I have never been more disappointed in a band than I was last night.

  • GrungeJunkie

    None of the these great grunge artists have a lot of time left… You can only rock hard and belt out those extremely demanding vocal styles. It takes a shit ton of energy to be able to do what these guys do and most of them are closer to 50 now than 40. I’m not saying they won’t be able to play for a long time to come but everyone should be taking advantage of the overall grunge reunion tours. They won’t sound as good in a few years and won’t be able to rock hard enough to do their music justice. These are our last chances to see them in almost as good of shape as they were in the early ’90s. Praise the Music Gods.

  • nicb115

    Great point grungejunkie I have been thinking the same. I catch all the shows I can while I can.

  • boxingday

    The thermos probably had some tea in it. Sometimes professional singers drink special teas that help soothe their throat before or after they perform. It wouldn’t be surprising if he was drinking some during the performance as needed.