Searching With My Good Eye Closed
Jesus Christ Pose
Hands All Over
Hunted Down
Drawing Flies
My Wave
The Day I Tried To Live
Burden In My Hand
Blow Up The Outside World
Fell On Black Days
Rusty Cage
Let Me Drown
Black Hole Sun
Loud Love
Live to Rise
4th of July

Beyond the Wheel
Slaves and Bulldozers

  • bodhran

    that’s what I call a setlist!

  • Shadow on the sun

    I’ll second that notion @bodhran

  • Electric Fun

    wow they’re in the mood for paris france lucky crowd

  • Pete

    My Wave and Drawing Flies = crap.

    Substitute Black Rain and Mailman and the setlist is almost perfect.

  • big dumb sex

    not a good live in 29th May, the sound was awful and the guitars are deaf, and the voice of CHRIS CORNELL damaged well, too bad

  • NickG

    Drawing Flies crap? Crazy!

  • Philip

    Nice English, big dumb sex…

  • not4you

    i second the bad sound issue…it was so awful ben even got mad during the show, showing the sound guy to push the bass sound down…

  • not4you

    and the setlist is longer because it was their own show, not the festival…not because of lucky french

  • Vann

    My Wave and Drawing Flies are both awesome, Pete. Mailman is good but Black Rain is forgettable.

  • rodrigo

    I was seeing one of the concerts of the last year and i don’t know how but chris seems to magically recovered his voice from his early years


    You know something? 🙂 Soundgarden are taking too long to come up with a new album, this is why they broke up in the first place, because they were lacking musical direction , I dont know about you all 🙁 but i kinda miss the good old days of Audioslave. They would release a new rock album like every 2-3 years 😀

    I wonder when Audioslaves reunion will ever happen again?? And while we are talking about rock n roll reunions, how about Velvet Revolver again??
    its time for both Chris Cornell and Scott Weiland to have their second generation rock band reunions 🙂

  • Tadgarden

    I would gladly give 5 Audioslave albums for 1 Soundgarden song on par with their material on Louder Than Love or Superunknown

  • PJAirplane

    It was a hell of a show ! I was there, it was so fuckin amazing. However the sound was really awful, Ben get angry and threw his bass away… Matt Cameron has to be one of the finest drummer on earth, what a man ! Chris was looking good having a good time ! Kim, a serious guy doing his job as it should be done.