Searching With My Good Eye Closed
Jesus Christ Pose
Let Me Drown
Blow Up The Outside World
Fell On Black Days
My Wave
Room A Thousands Years Wide
Rusty Cage
Black Hole Sun
Live to Rise

  • Khp

    12 songs ? What the fuck ?

  • Maikel

    They also played slaves and bulldozers (after LTR). They were AWESOME despite of the lame ass crowd. They were co-headliners and played before linkin park. I saw more LP shirts than SG shirts… Holland has A LOT of pearl jam fans and A LOT OF linkin park fans but SG doesn’t really get any radioplay over here…

  • Crazies

    No pro-shot unfortunately. Chris asked the promoters not to broadcast their performance, which is a bit shame if you ask me. I def. wanted to hear a SDB recording of the whole show and LTR – doubt tho that i would change my mind about the said song! anyway.. ;|

  • Max

    ^Wonder why he’d do that.. Maybe they plan on doing something with the footage.

  • Stefan

    Yes I was at Pinkpop. Soundgarden played very loud.
    Great concert and they blow all other bands away.

    Soundgarden was for most of the people too heavy. Middle of the road crowd of Pinkpop are more into Coldplay, Snow Patrol and all other soft pop/rock bands. The problem here in the Netherlands is the radio. No space for good and loud music.

    Next is Berlin!!! A solo show with I hope more songs.

  • g

    no love?

  • Patrick

    Festivals always have shorter setlists

  • Philip

    Yeah 12 songs is really no surprise- festival sets allow for much lesser time. Sadly, they had to yield the stage to Linkin “Suck My Ass” Park. Isn’t that nu-metal shit dead? Didn’t anyone tell them?
    This is exactly why the alternative rock giants of the 90’s have come back. Nu-metal IS dead, there is no decent modern (mainstream) rock, the void must be filled, but with something GOOD…

  • bv

    Yeah they only had 75 minutes… Solid gig.
    Sad to say nu-metal didn´t seem dead to me during Linkin Park. Or maybe the crowd was just being nostalgic 😉