May 25, 2012- Madrid, Spain (Sonisphere Festival)

Searching With My Good Eye Closed
Jesus Christ Pose
Blow Up The Outside World
Fell On Black Days
Ugly Truth
Hunted Down
My Wave
The Day I Tried To Live
Rusty Cage
Black Hole Sun
Live to Rise
Slaves and Bulldozers

  • nevernamed

    ugh. why are they playing live to rise live.. lets hear NEW songs, not soundtrack songs that nobody cares about..

    christ. Play Blind Dogs over that song..

  • Shadow on the Sun

    @nevernamed Blind Dogs is one of my fave sg songs and also the first one they rehearsed when they reunited.

    I’m willing to bet that the same ppl that diss Live to Rise will be the same ppl griping and whining when the new album comes out and how disppointed they are in it because the expectations in their head will be so grandiose that nothing could ever live up to it. We are lucky to have ever heard a new soundgarden song again to begin with.

  • jjc19461

    Still, it doesnt give them the excuse to release sub-par crap under the label of Soundgarden. I know were lucky that they are stil around blah blah (which is true), but still after we listen to the new album we’ll find out if they lost their awesome talent or not.

  • we

    Live to rise is great! And I love how you say ‘nobody cares’, did you go around the world and poll everyone to classify everyone that they hate the song? Maybe you should phrase it, I and a few people care about the song. Instead of taking everyones name and voicing everyone’s opinion for them.

  • Crazies

    I hope LTR doesn’t end up being on the album. Such a mediocre song.

  • Jim2

    All those who say they hate Live to rise have probably heard it 2-3 times. Any real Soundgarden fan knows that some songs need a few more listenings to appreciate them.

  • Crazies

    ‘the real fan’ card… nice try douche

    I’ve listened to the song more than a dozen times by now.And i still don’t like it and find it mediocre. Now if you wanna play the crusader and defend SG, be my guesst. See if i give a flying fuck!

  • Barewire

    Evidently lots of people like it, it’s been the bigger rock song in America the last two weeks.

  • Dreux

    I like “Live to Rise”, and no one else has to if they don’t.

    Now was that is that so difficult?

  • Dreux

    Apparently it’s difficult for me to write a proper sentence, however…
    Oh well.

  • Pete

    Lots of spoiled bastards. You fuckers don’t deserve to even hear the new album.

  • Jim2

    @ Crazies. A flying fuck just flew over my head. Wasn’t it yours?? Anyway, at first I thought it was mediocre too. But now I really like it. And you have to view it as what it really is, a soundtrack song.

  • Erik

    No, ‘Live To Rise’ is not from the new album/ will not be on it. Also it sounds better live than the studio version, if you listened to that link that was up from their surprise performance recently (link is down now). It sounds better live. It’s not an amazing song, but ‘sub-par crap’ is harsh. It’s better than most which passes for modern rock on the radio these days…

  • jjc19461

    Those Van Halen fans must be spoiled for not liking Tattoo, which we all know it’s an awesome song..

  • Ben

    My guess is that the new Soundgarden album will be awesome…. and lots of people will whine about it!

  • Grungy

    Live 2 rise is a average song for a band like SG and is popular with more people than I thought.
    They should bust out at least 1 new song just to give the masses a taste of that sonic aggressive wave they have shown in the past.

  • drew

    Its unreal that a band that has made a living writing songs in odd time sigs and weird tunings would be criticized for writing one mainstream 4/4 song!!!!! Does anyone think a song like The Day I Tried T o Live would have been accepted for a mainstream movie like the avengers??? To me it only galvanizes how great this band is that they can switch gears and bang out this song in a week and have it hit the mark so accurately. This new album will blow minds and melt faces.

  • chicago_animal

    Im not a fan of LIVE TO RISE, but with its success you know they would play it.