• Steve

    your ability to post screenshots of setlist.fm is awesome!

  • http://anxcusetoleave.bandcamp.com benwalton

    I think this is missing the encore. Or something news-worthy must’ve gone down to stop them playing Everlong.

  • FooFan


    Long Road to Ruin (acoustic)
    Best of You (acoustic)
    Times Like These (half acoustic)
    Dear Rosemary
    Breakdown (Tom Petty cover)
    Skin and Bones

  • dennis

    Setlistfm screwed up. There should be seven more songs: Long Road to Ruin, Best of You, Times Like These, Dear Rosemary, Breakdown (Tom Petty), Tie Your Mother Down (Queen) and Everlong.

    Would it hurt to do I’ll Stick Around or Big Me? I know Taylor wasn’t there for the first album but fans would like to hear these songs live.

    PJ must be the only band that alternates their setlist every night.

  • John

    dennis they didnt play Tie your mother down…

  • AJMajesticals

    ^ I agree!! Where’s “Hey Johnny Park!”, “Overdrive”, “M.I.A.”, “X-Static”, etc. etc.,….

  • http://anxcusetoleave.bandcamp.com benwalton

    I’d love it if Hey JP made a come back. What a great song. And Exhausted off the 1st record. I’d imagine Krist guested on I Should’ve Known rather than These Days?

  • Gaboy

    as much as i love the Foo Fighters
    Their setlist night in and night out is the same, they might alternate one or two but come on…..they have so many good songs
    Reminds me of STP, over and over same stuff

  • Jenn

    Unexpected I know, but Krist really guested on These Days. He played the accordion.