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Eddie Vedder
Thebarton Theatre Show 2
Adelaide, AU
March 28, 2011

01. Sometimes
02. Trouble-(Cat Stevens)
03. Dead Man
04. Betterman
05. Millworker-(James Taylor)
06. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
07. No Ceiling
08. Society-(Jerry Hannan)
(plays 4 seconds of “Iron Man”-by Black Sabbath)
09. Sleeping By Myself (new song)
10. Light Today (new song)
11. Soon Forget
12. Far Behind
13. Guaranteed
14. Rise
15. Blackbird-(Lennon, McCartney)
16. You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away-(Lennon, McCartney)
17. Lukin
18. Porch

Encore Break 1
19. You Can Close Your Eyes w/ EJ Barnes-(James Taylor)
20. The Golden State w/ EJ Barnes-(John Doe)
21. Picture In A Frame-(Kathleen Brennan/Tom Waits)
22. Wishlist
23. No More (dedicated to Tomas Young)
24. Arc

Encore Break 2
25. Crazy Mary-(Victoria Williams)
(plays 7 seconds of “Stuff And Nonsense”-Split Enz-(Tim Finn)
26. I Got You-(Tim Finn/Neil Finn){Split Enz}
27. Hard Sun w/ EJ Barnes & Cecilia Herbert and multiple guests-(Gordon Peterson)

  • Pete

    If I told you Eddie Vedder would play 27 songs in a solo concert for you, would you be happy that there’s only 1 from Ten but 11 covers?

  • http://naotenho BERNARDO

    eddie vedder is god 🙂

  • Grunge Addict

    ah man. .. any footage of the cover of blackbird floating about? LOVE that song

  • Luke

    pete, this is not a pearl jam tour

  • David

    It is beyond annoying how the Ten Club / PJ management clamp down on EV solo stuff on You Tube & the like.

  • Ben

    Pete – having been to the Ed show in Australia it did not bother me how many covers their were… he made every song his own, jam packed with emotion and power, and their was still plenty of original material too.
    Really their is a lot more to PJ then just Ten.

  • Mike

    I’m pretty sure Ed only had 1 song on the Ten album anyway.
    And that was Porch. Looks like a great set to me and hopefully I can score some tix to the Philly
    Show Friday.

  • CiTiZeN DiCk

    Anybody know of another guy that would play for almost 3 hours, pretty much all alone?


  • kez

    mike…porch wasnt the only lyrics ed contributed on the ten album

  • Mike

    Not lyrics. Sorry man. I meant a song he wrote on guitar and vox. All his. the other songs musically
    Were all written by Gossard, Ament,
    But yeah 30 tunes just him up there. Awesome.