From the Ten Club boards:

Eddie Vedder
Fox Theater Detroit, MI
June 26, 2011
Set List

01. Waving Palms
02. Can’t Keep
03. Sleeping By Myself
04. Without You
05. Once In A While – (Michael Edwards)
06. You’re True
07. Goodbye
08. Soon Forget
09. Needle & The Damage Done – (Neil Young)
10. I Am Mine
11. Off He Goes
12. Man Of The Hour
13. Far Behind
14. Long Nights w/ Glen Hansard (for Tomas Young) (Ed jokes around with ASL translator)
15. Setting Forth (start only)
16. Guaranteed
17. Rise
18. The End (start only)
19. Let My Love Open The Door – (Pete Townshend)
20. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
21. Immortality
22. Unthought Known
23. Arc (start only)
24. untitled pump organ song (no lyrics just wordless singing)

Encore Break 1
25. Just Breathe
26. Society w/ Glen Hansard – (Jerry Hannan)
27. Falling Slowly {Glen singing and playing acoustic, Eddie duet vocal} – (Glen Hansard, Markéta Irglová)
28. Wishlist
29. Forever Young – (Bob Dylan) {dedicated to Chris Chelios}
30. Crazy Mary – (Williams)
31. Porch

Encore Break 2
32. Hard Sun w/ Glen Hansard – (Peterson)

  • Josh

    wow 32 songs thats awesome!

  • Dave

    Amazing theater,great sound, good crowd and even better show.

  • S_T

    Too many covers.

  • maggie

    it was a beautiful show! i’m really lucky i made it with a last minute ticket!

  • kez

    to many covers and pretty much the same setlist every would think he would pull out a few more of the songs he has written for pj and work on them for his solo shows but i suppose he is just being lazy like usual

  • Chicago_Animal

    You want PJ songs, then go to a PJ show. Alot of singers do covers when they do a solo show. Especially when they only have 1 album of their own. Aaron Lewis of Staind goes on solo tours all the time and does Staind singles and tons of covers. Actually, he let’s the audience write down what covers they want to hear before the show.

    When Dave Matthews had his solo tour he did a set of 5 accoustic DMB songs then played his whole cd with covers thrown in.

  • Pete

    Wow I’ve never heard anyone ever call Eddie Vedder lazy. lol

  • dave

    32 songs, lazy? I for one am glad he didn’t go Jeremy or Alive,gives it more credibility in my eyes. Maybe you can call Mcartney lazy when he comes to Comerica and sings,I wanna hold your hand.

  • CiTiZeN DiCk

    Lazy? Too many covers and pretty much the same setlist from every show? Are you OK? Maybe you need reading glasses or something?

    LOL, just messing with ya Kez 😉 You don’t have to like, just don’t make yourself look silly by posting false, uneducated critiques.

    People complain about covers. This is an “Eddie Vedder” concert. He has 2 (excellent, by the way) solo albums. If he played just the material from those 2 albums, the people that just feel the need to hate would complain about “no Pearl Jam songs”. Also, since the is an “Eddie Vedder” show, playing material written by Pearl Jam as a band might also be considered covers.

    Nirvana’s “Unplugged” is arguably one of the greatest concerts in history. Does anybody remember all the covers that were played so beautifully that night?

    Doing acoustic renditions of songs that mean a lot to you, and doing them well, takes a lot of talent. Something in which this man shows time and time again.

  • CiTiZeN DiCk

    By the way… 2 and half hours, 32 songs, all by himself for pretty much the entire night and keeping everybody in the building happy and yearning for more.

    After 20 long years, you shouldn’t have to do anything like that if you didn’t want to.

    Sounds lazy right?