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Eddie Vedder
Bob Carr Performing Arts Center
Orlando, FL
Nov. 28, 2012

Show #2
Set List

01. Brain Damage (played behind front curtain)
02. Sometimes (curtain raises at start of song)
03. Long Road
04. Can’t Keep

(Ed reads this news story to the audience. … le-attack/
He says “what a waste of good ukulele. How about write a song on the ukulele and you can afford to buy the beer.”)

05. Sleeping By Myself
06. Without You

(Ed says the next song is the one his children wanted to hear most from the “Ukulele Songs” album

07. Hey Fahkah
08. More Than You Know

(“You know, heroin changed my life. I wouldn’t be in the band I am in if it wasn’t for that deceitful drug. It cut short the life of the band Mother Love Bone and it ended the life Andy Wood their lead singer. I think about him a lot. So, I wanna play this one for Andy”)

09. Needle & The Damage Done-(Young)
10. Unthought Known

(Ed’s daughters bring his guitar out to him for the next song)

11. Man Of The Hour

(Ed wants to dedicate the next bunch of songs about Chris McCandless to another explorer and adventurer on his 50th birthday. Matt Cameron)

12. Setting Forth
13. Far Behind

(Ed had heard that a woman had travelled from Argentina to come to the show. Her tickets were in the back of the theater but she got upgraded to the front row. He thanks her for coming and says if she travelled [some people shout out where they had travelled from including Rome and Puerto Rico] He says, “Here is some traveling music for you.)

14. Guaranteed

(Lots of people are shouting requests especially for “Black.” Ed says “Did I hear someone ask everyone to shut the fuck up? Because sometimes I only hear what I want to hear. So yes, I would like a nice cold beer and an omelette.” Ed then goes on to talk about his friend Wilton Dedge who had been wrongfully convicted of a crime. Even after DNA evidenced proved he didn’t commit the crime he spent another year and half in prison going through the process. Ed got to meet Wilton while working on the West Memphis Three and is happy and grateful Wilton can be at the show tonight.)

15. Rise-(for Wilton Dedge)
16. Long Nights w/ Glen Hansard
17. Driftin’

(Audience is shouting more requests, especially Black, and some woman makes a high pitched squeal/gurgle. Ed asks if she is okay. After a moment she replies “No.” Ed says “You will be… not knowing the situation but trying to shed some light on it.” He then goes on to talk about small towns and how a town can seem smaller once you have left it and grown as a person and then come back to see it. “One of the great things about real small towns is they give you a desire to get out”)

18. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
19. Parting Ways
20. Lukin (with Slow Lukin intro)
21. Porch

Encore Break 1

(“One of the best things you can get in life is finding a job you would do free. The other one is finding the perfect partner for you. It’s hard because people change and grow and it is beautiful when you can grow together.”)

22. Picture In A Frame-(Kathleen Brennan/Tom Waits)
23. Just Breathe

(Ed is wondering what to play next. He gets a consensus request for the next song but before he plays it he talks about Willie Nelson covering “Just Breathe.” He notes that he got really high and listened to the song about 20 times in a row and the next time he went to play it with Pearl Jam all he could hear was the Nelson version.)

24. Off He Goes
25. Loud Uke

(Ed talks about various jobs he had including collecting shopping carts and stocking coolers. He talks about how marijuana made for interesting cart pick up patterns and how singing The Who albums while stocking coolers could freak out customers.)

26. Society w/ Glen Hansard-(Hannan)
27. Sleepless Nights w/ Glen Hansard-(Bryant, Bryant) Not busked.

(Ed talks about Woody Guthrie and “This Land Is Your Land.” He talks about taxes, “I pay a lot of taxes, thanks to you, but I don’t want to see that money going to wars. There are bunch of CEO’s complaining that their taxes are going up. Well they aren’t going up. They got cut twelve years ago and they are going back to the rate they were before that. It is like these guys have been drinking at the bar for 12 years for free and now it is time to pay for their drinks. And you know what? They can afford it.” So this song is about something and it has great last line.”)

28. This Land Is Your Land w/ Glen Hansard-(Guthrie)
29. Falling Slowly w/ Glen Hansard-(Hansard, Irglová)

(Ed says he heard about another person being killed and the “Stand Your Ground” law being invoked. “I understand protecting yourself, but when you stand your ground someone else ends up laying on the ground. I like guns as much as the next guy…if the next guy is the Dali Llama. It seems like Florida and Arizona are in an arms race…I mean we do all sorts of weird stuff in the northwest. We smoke pot, go to gay weddings and throw axes. If you are going to do something. please, do it respectfully.”)

30. Rockin’ In The Free World-(Young)

Encore Break 2

31. Hard Sun w/ Glen Hansard-(Peterson)

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    The child molester just won’t stop…

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    Fantastic. What a great show. I wish I could be at every one of these things.

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