• Calvin McLain

    Your Decision, thank you AIC!

  • slagun

    why dont they ever play Grind?

  • Alternadude

    With Slagun here. Grind and Again?

  • Iowa Mike

    I wonder if this will be the typical “festival” set,as opposed to headlining solo show? The “60-75 minute set”. Cuz that is all Iowa is getting in a few weeks. If so…fucking drop Last of My Kind. That song blows.

  • Jen

    This setlist is a lot shorter than the Miami one. Glad I was at the Miami show B)

    Also, Iowa Mike probably blows a lot more than Last Of My Kind, because Last Of My Kind does not blow.

  • jjc19461

    Iowa Mike makes whales blow less.

  • Dreux

    “Grind” and “Again”? How about “Brush Away”, “Shame in You”, or any of the other songs from Tripod they’ve yet to play live?

  • Secret Squirrel

    Why do they keep reliving old memory’s playing the old songs? They need to turn the page and start playing songs like “Private Hell” and “Stone”. Let the old songs rest, as the only person who was meant to sing those songs was Layne Staley. I like William and I think it would be better for him to sing songs that he originally sang, when he sings songs like “Again” and “Brush Away” for example, there are expectations, people like to compare him singing the old songs by how much he sounds like Layne. He will never sound like Layne, although Layne is my favorite singer, I don’t think he should, William is an original singer but because of the fact that he doesn’t really sound like Layne the old songs sound weird. So I hope now that this new CD broadens their song selection for shows I want to see them play songs like “Voices” and “LAST OF MY KIND”.

  • http://www.sflonstage.com Matt

    @Dreux The band hasn’t really played “Grind” live since the reunion tours in 2006. I feel lucky that I was able to attend two of those shows. I’d like to know why they’re playing shorter shows now as opposed to the two and a half to three hour shows they played in 2006. Also, what happened to that DVD they filmed in 2006 of a 3 hour show?