Chris Kornelis of has a new article up titled “Soundgarden- Band or Business?” that is critical of the band’s reunion.  Here are a couple of short excerpts from the article, including a reponse from Soundgarden’s publicist.

So is Soundgarden once again a working band, or still just a business? When asked what gives with Cornell’s solo tour before a full Soundgarden run, the band’s publicist says, “They posted some photos on their site that may give you a hint!”

It’s not too late for them to make good on the reunion. Cornell’s solo tour wraps up before the summer-festival season is in full swing. And after being courted by—yet turning down—Sasquatch! last year, perhaps the band has reconsidered for 2011. still firmly stands behind it’s report from last week that the band are working on new material.

  • Finn

    Btw, how did you get the “exclusive” info about them working on new material?

  • Ben

    ^^ would be interested to know too ^^

    There will also be someone who is critical.
    Band it is for me!

  • Mike The Zike

    Chris Kornelis? funny name… ^^

  • King Cornell 20

    Yeah that’s so funny….”Chris Kornelis”. He wasn’t being unfair. I disagree with him, but he wasn’t saying anything we haven’t thought at one time or another.

  • Appendix

    Thera are many more other grunge musicians, first time when i join this site i thought you will give info about what that artist will doing at this time, after his bands broke up, parallels projects (like grunge, alternative an indie has always been), but i only see that you focus only on the “Big 4” of the movement plus STP, FF, Courtney and sucking the retarded Corgan ass.

    If Soundgarden hasn’t do what the mainstream wants… i give a fuck, i want truly what they want to do, whitout the media and naive fans wants.
    If they finally release the Motorvision or Louder Than Live on DVD, or release their first live, so we, the hardcore fan can hear them in good quality, not like the bootlegs (in her time wasn’t youtube, cel phones or handcam to have a good record), you would call them sold out anyways.

    Like says back here: “There’s no dick thats fits you”.

  • toyotamanmike

    ^Proof that Google Translator doesn’t always work right

  • Tchelo Palmeiras

    Who said SG is recording a new album???

    This is not true, puppies!

  • GrungeJunkie

    I love Soundgarden. They kick ass. Live they are amazing. Yea Lollapalooza

  • Robert

    We will see what happen but it looks like from pics and Brett I know has reliable sources that the band is jamming on new material.

  • Erik

    What’s ‘Sasquatch’? The stoner rock band?

  • Junior

    Yeah, they really criticize the band here. Lmao. Anything for some news I guess.

  • Aaron

    clearly the photos show a band that is interested in touring and working on new material they love to make music together so it was only a matter of time. The band will do things on their own terms, they don’t have to listen to anyone, and that includes festival promoters and business men. When their ready to tour they will say so. I ‘d rather they take their time and make good material instead of rush out and tour just cause people want them too. like i said before i want to see them bad! but I’m confident the band will deliver to its fans when their ready. Chris can do what ever he wants in the meantime, magazines want to party like its 1994 but we have to be realistic..besides enough has happened in the last 2 years with all of my favorite bands the world over so that i can honestly say its the 90’s part 2! When soundgarden finally do tour, those magazines will take back all the bad things they said and gush over it!

  • david james

    Hey guys I got a good idea, lets reunite. We will play 4 or 5 shows, a tv spot and fuck off back to our mansions. cool.

  • Biggus Dickus

    Patience! All good things take time… that is all.

  • dakotablue

    CALLING SPIDEY: note what Appendix says above, “sucking the retarded Corgan ass”