In the PDF release it says ‘Screaming Trees- Bitter Dregs (Unreleased Tracks)’ is an upcoming release.

Stanwood, WA – September 26, 2011: Van Conner of Screaming Trees and VALIS today announced the launch of a new record label titled Strange Earth Records. Strange Earth has partnered with the American wing of Germany’s Finetunes Digital Media Services.

Van’s new venture seeks to fill a gap in the Northwest Music Scene with the new label serving as a hub for independent bands that have dedicated their lives to making great music. The website will serve as a “one stop shop” for web surfers who want to find out who is lurking in the backwoods of the Pacific Northwest.

The label will feature singles, EPs and full-length records and videos that can be purchased through all the major online music shops (iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, etc.). Plans for vinyl releases and distribution are also in the works.
New music as well as tunes from Van’s archives that have never been released online will be featured.

The label’s first release will be by Microdot Gnome on October 21, 2011. Microdot Gnome is the latest project by Gary Lee Conner, best known as a fellow Screaming Trees co-founder, guitar player and songwriter as well as Van’s brother.

Click here to view the full press release online.

  • bill

    wheqre does it say anything about screaming trees unreleased songs

  • benwalton

    open up the ‘click here’ bit at the bottom of the article, scroll down to the top of page 2

  • David.

    This seems a little odd to me. Not that it’s not great news that there’ll be more Trees material coming out, but Last Words seemed to be very much curated & released by Barrett Martin & now this is coming from Van. The music is being released but I feel they’re still not talking to each other.

  • David.

    Oh….& no specific date is a bummer

  • benwalton

    David – maybe they agreed to share the releases to give each others’ labels a boost?

  • Andrei

    Man, I wish they would put all of their differences behind and regroup.

  • David.


    That’s a nice thought. You’re clearly a much more positive person than I am.

  • Van Conner

    Wanted to clear this up. There is no record called “Bitter Dregs”. That should not have been on the press release. It should have just said Screaming Trees – B-Sides and rare tracks or something like that.

    Last words was our last actual record. There are however songs here and there that people have not heard (some that people have heard) that have never been officaly released on a good format. There are also covers, live recordings an other “Bitter Dregs” that peoople have not heard or seen (live videos) from way way way back. So, the term Bitter Dregs bascialy means crap at the bottom of the barrell that only weirdo real tree fans would care about.

    Any more questiosn just email me any time and I will try to answer.


  • RödeOrm


  • MindRiot132

    Thanks so much for the clarification, Van. Looking forward to hearing what’s left in the barrel because I am def one of those real weirdo trees fans. I’ve still been cranking Last Words too, frigin love it

  • Andrei

    I just love it how fucking important this site became. 😀

  • Van Conner

    Hey, send me the Grunge Report contact email. Got some good stuff to share with ya.

    -Van Conner