Soundgarden’s reunion started with them discussing a new website. Come on Trees please reunite!

From Facebook:

Mark Danielson and the Strange Earth crew are finishing up work on the new Tree’s website. Not going to be tons of content at first but between us and all of you we will fill that muther up.

  • Robert

    I am with you Brett. Even starting out with a one-off show in Seattle would be better than nothing.

  • RödeOrm

    God damn it Brett, please link the facebook page, I cant find it!!

  • erika

    my grungy heart would be so content if they got back together!

  • Ashley

    I don’t know Rob, I was always under the impression that Lanegan completely resented the Trees and was miserable making that music. Or at least that’s what certain interviews suggested. It would be a complete shock to me if they reunited.

  • David

    I suspect it’s just going to be a way to shill more cash out of the fans but lets hope I’m wrong. The Pixies website is pretty cool in how it offers free downloads of archive concerts so maybe we’ll see something of worth.

  • ManBeast

    I doubt and sort of hope they don’t reform. Will get the new album though.

    +1 for linking to the Facebook page. The only thing I can find is a description of the band from Wikipedia…

  • Paul
  • Elle

    To see the Conner brothers roll around on stage again with Lanegan on the mic and Barrett on drums would be great, I hope they play at least one show together again.