Scott Weiland Dedicates New Mobile App To Jeremy Brown

Current Wildabouts frontman and former Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver member Scott Weiland has teamed up with Google Play architect Tim Quirk and Freeform Development, Inc. to release a brand new application and content delivery system across multiple mobile operating systems, available now for download.

Simply titled “Scott Weiland”, the app currently features free one time listens of the first seven tracks of 2015’s Blaster with a link to purchase; alternatively, several “offers” to receive a free digital download of the record include subscribing to Rhapsody or taking advantage of promotional offers from partners such as Subway and DirecTV. A previously unreleased bonus track entitled “Back to the City” is unlocked by sharing the app via Facebook.

The app opens with a note from Weiland explaining his intent for the new app:

Check out my new record with The Wildabouts, “BLASTER”, along with a brand new bonus track “Back To The City”. 

You can crank most of these tracks up once a day for free. But if you just gotta have it for keeps, and who doesn’t, just TAP the OFFER bar! 

Be on the lookout for more + more +more, offers and free stuff; big thanks to all of my fans. -Scott Weiland

At the end of the “notes” section of the app, offering a summary of Weiland’s career, Weiland left a dedication to former Wildabouts guitarist Jeremy Brown, who tragically passed away on the eve of Blaster’s release at the age of 34:

Jeremy Brown, you are in my thoughts, prayers, and dreams, God speed, love and peace brother; we will meet again. 



Scott Weiland Announces New Track & US Tour: ‘It’s A Rebirth’ –

Multi-platinum singer/songwriter of Stone Temple Pilots/Velvet Revolver, Scott Weiland hits the road with his band The Wildabouts (Tommy Black bass guitar, Joey Castillo drums, Nick Maybury guitar) for an extended tour this fall in support of the release of their full length record BLASTER (Softdrive/INgrooves) in App form developed by Google Play architect Tim Quirk (Freeform App). This cutting edge delivery platform will feature a previously unreleased track “Back To The City”, which finds Scott & The Wildabouts laying down a dark, thick, hook filled, must listen prime cut. “This tour is about making a connection. We’ll perform the hits for the Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver fans. I made BLASTER for them, but it is fresh; we’ve made an album that can resonate, and attract a whole new group of fans. It’s a rebirth,” stated Weiland.

The official tour will be preceded by and exclusive engagement on October 5th at The Grammy Museum in Los Angeles, California. If you did not get tickets, sorry, the show sold out in minutes, and a lucky few will get a chance to engage Scott in a Q &A, as well as experience the Wildabouts up close and personal.
Check out this rock icon’s rebirth, as Scott Weiland & The Wildabouts take their brand of rock music out on the road in the U.S.A.

New dates listed under Tour Dates. And more to come…


  • — J —

    Real headline:

    Scott Weiland dedicates PledgeMusic money people sent for Blaster to make app asking people to buy Blaster.

  • Jrome Lennon

    Honestly Scott has had a stroke along time ago , his handlers aka his buddies who run his app , his website is so shitty (compared to other 90s bands) , granted he is a incredible talented frontman I own most of his stuff but who ever runs his business they must be lazy assholes.
    That new song is good but you can’t buy it
    Wtf how stupid
    His social media footprint is a joke.
    He could be involved with politics
    The environment anything to get some free press
    To stay relevant but he doesn’t do dumb
    So his he never gets past his old issues
    He only gets press when he has a poor performance
    The guy is 48 & he was Jim Morrison/John Lennon in his prime now
    He better change his style or at least look @bobDylan see he comes off great in the studio.
    Live wetland’s not half the man he used to be.
    Look @johnfrusciante recorded 6 albums
    & didn’t tour
    Do Marc Maron podcast shows
    Scotts touring @29.99 a ticket for 12 songs
    No one wants 12 songs.

  • Felonious Punk

    “Several offers to receive a free digital download of the record include subscribing to Rhapsody or taking advantage of promotional offers from partners such as Subway”

    So basically what this is saying is that if I support a food chain that’s been besmirched by a creepy pedophile pervert, I’ll get a free shitty album for my support?

    Boy, and I thought that $200 tour bus ride Scott Stapp was offering was a banger…

    • Felonious Punk

      Also, the words “taking advantage of” and “Subway” in the same sentence?


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