Scott Weiland’s Widow Releases Letter To Fans

Scott Weiland’s widow Jamie released a short open letter to fans thanking them last week on her Jamie Weiland Photography page.

For the outpouring of love, support, beautiful thoughts and prayers…I thank you. For seeing that my husband was not just an incredible talent but also a man with a gorgeous, loyal and generous heart…I thank you.

I love and miss him more than words could ever say.

You can see the message below as well with a rare photo of Scott that Jamie took in 2012.


Jamie Weiland told Rolling Stone last month that her husband was drinking heavily “before he left on this tour. He did tell me, ‘I’m going to get it together.'” She joined him on the road for a week in November and says Scott was “just killing it” onstage, “every night taking it up a notch.”

Wildabouts guitarist Jeremy Brown’s death “completely destroyed” Weiland, Jamie confirms. He rebuilt the Wildabouts and went on tour. But “even up to a couple of weeks ago, when I saw him, he’d talk about Jeremy every day. He always had tears in his eyes.”

Stone Temple Pilots drummer Eric Kretz said he never gave up hope on Weiland, despite their issues.

“He was so tenacious in his lust for life in the early years, I really hoped he would come back – and have a second chance.”

He did say though that STP had to fire him in 2013.

“It wasn’t spontaneous by any means,” Kretz insists, defending that action. “He was making choices, and they were all going bad.”

  • SourGirl

    My heart goes out to Jamie, Scott’s wife, his love. She had such a short time with him and she seemed to love him so very much despite the demons that haunted him until the end. I applaud her courage and strength to love him and thank her for doing so. Unlike his ex-wife, Mary, she seemed to sincerely care about the man, not the money, career, and fame. He was a broken man when she met him. I’m very thankful that he had her in his life for the final few years that we were allowed to have him. She seemed to be his center, his source of happiness and light in a dark world.

    • david

      She drank with him during their marriage. Pics show them together and both are clearly wasted. Who knows what else she condoned? Scott had previously said that he could not touch alcohol. Drinking just a substitution for drugs and leads to making bad decisions. So, jamie let him down, BIG time. And now he’s gone.

      • Felonious Punk

        “Pics show them together and both are clearly wasted.”

        Can you furnish some pictorial proof of this, because I’ve never once seen a photo of Scott and his most recent wife intoxicated together..

    • Ann Anderson

      I am so glad that Scott had found the love of his life and they were so happy together even though it was for a relatively short period of time. I believe that her love was pure and sincere. She saw the truly good person in Scott. And if not for Jeremy’s death, Scott might have still be here with us. I felt that his ex-wife and mother of his children’s open letter published in Rolling Stone was in bad taste. The funeral hadn’t even been held yet. And shame on RS for printing it right away. I’m sure that Scott wasn’t a perfect father but I have watched and read interviews where he speaks of them with love and joy. The monthly child support amount seemed excessive to me and it forced Scott to be out on the road when mentally and physically he should not have been.He should have been in rehab primarily for alcohol abuse at the time of his death I also think that when he put his solo band together he chose talented people who would not judge him for his addictions and mental illness. But unfortunately, some of them had their won addictions they were wrestling with and enabling went on I’m sure. When he used cocaine he became paranoid in the past so I can see him calling Mary and also talking about bad choices he was making. Because of being a father, he felt guilty and conflicted. And being majorly drunk would cause him to forget his song lyrics I’m sure

      • david

        Excellent point about Scott hand-picking his current band with those ‘that would not judge’ but that had ‘their own addictions.’… Therefore, NOT a good situation for Scott. However, I cannot agree with you on your opinion of Jamie. I think Scott made terrible choices in female partnership throughout his lifetime – janina, mary, paz, jamie… ALL bad choices.

        • B.S. Detector

          I agree he loved the high more than any woman. Not unlike any other long-time addict.

    • Ann Anderson

      I am upset that the children were not at the funeral as they should have been. It would have given them a chance to get support from Scott’s family and friends. They should have been there to hear the eulogies and see the love that everyone had for Scott. And I’m sure that there was a part where it was recognized how much he loved his children and wanted the best for them. I’m sure that Mary would have them believing that the decision was mostly theirs but I’m not convinced it was. I am confused as to why Scott wouldn’t have invited them to the wedding or had them at his house. I read an interview where he spoke of wanting to have them live there along with Jaimie’s son as one big happy family and that was in 2012. So I don’t know what happened in those last 2 years but it is unfortunate.