Scott Weiland’s Guitarist Jeremy Brown Passes Away

Scott Weiland and the Wildabouts guitarist Jeremy Brown has passed away. Scott Weiland posted the following on his Facebook tonight:

We received a call today about my friend Jeremy Brown that has shaken me to the core. We were all concerned this afternoon when Jeremy didn’t show up for a long-scheduled rehearsal for tonight’s album release show at School Night. An hour later, Jeremy’s family called us to say that he had passed away. I am in shock right now, everyone that knows him is devastated. It is a terrible loss that goes beyond words. He is one of my best friends, a truest friend and one of the most gifted guitar players that I’ve ever known. A true genius. It’s impossible to explain how much he will be missed and what a hole this will leave in our hearts. A post on Facebook feels so trite and small compared to the love that I have for him and for the talent that has passed on but I felt it was necessary to at least start here. Please keep his family in your thoughts.

Alternative Nation sends its best wishes to Jeremy Brown’s friends and family during this tough time. Reporter Doug McCausland said, “I met Jeremy briefly in Atlantic City last year after his tight performance, and he was very laid back and personable. His crunchy guitar riffs on Blaster really brought new life to The Wildabouts. I give nothing but my deepest condolences to Brown’s friends and family.”

RIP Jeremy Brown


  • Eddie Yarler

    NOOOO!!! :((((( Why him?! He was such a talented guitarist. Really, he was the best guitarist Scott had as far as solo work goes, and while he was never given a proper chance to show off besides Blaster, I always thought he was up to par with Dean. Fuck, and he was one of Scott’s best friends too. Jeremy was a class act, and always an absolute gentleman. Rest in peace man. Say hi to Layne for me, and watch over your family, and friends.

  • Dom

    Wow…really sad news…sincere condolences

  • God

    Billy Corgan killed him

  • http://www.cuntcertfy.nut/ Whip

    Wow that’s crazy– I just saw that dude 2 weeks ago!

  • Rizz



    That is tragic. It’s great album, he did a fantastic job on it. Rest in peace.

  • Adam

    Wow that’s shocking. I wonder what happened… RIP

  • Raj

    Sad news, rest in peace, Weiland lost his brother and now one of his best pals. I hope his old STP bandmates reach out to him in this tough time.