From Doug Grean’s Facebook:

Doug Grean
Weiland and I have a song on the Avengers soundtrack coming out next Tuesday. I co-wrote, produced, recorded, mixed and played guitars. It came out well. Probably the strongest single we’ve ever put together. You can hear it here.

I LOVE it Doug! Was this supposed to be on HIG??

Doug Grean
it was going to be but we ran out of time.

It sounds like it belongs there…Great job, This is a Great tune!

Doug Grean
It should have been the single for that record. We would have done a lot better. In my opinion it is much stronger then “Cleveland”.

  • Joe

    Esse “be” é um pau no cu boqueteiro do caralho viadinho.

  • Bruno

    Joe,eu falo português.
    A quem é que te referes?
    Quem ou o que é “be”?

  • Cody

    speak our language or get out!!!

  • Marcelo

    Caralho! a galera agredindo o be do nada?? ahahhahahahahahaha

    Cody, learn more languages or give up living in a globalized economy.

  • Bruno

    That comment was just stupid, Cody.
    But hey, if you’re happy, that’s all you really need, right?!

    E a propósito quem é que raio é o “be”??

  • Cody

    i guess this is an international site so that comment was stupid. im just tired of hearing spanish in america. even signs are being put up in spanish and im tired of it. the US didnt adopt swedish when my ancestors came over so why are we doing it now???

  • Bruno

    This is portuguese, not spanish.
    But i get it.
    I kind of understand…
    But think about it this way, there are definitely more spanish speaking people in America than for example swedish, right?
    If it was the other way around wouldo you think the same?