Scott Weiland’s Bandmate Allegedly Purchased Package After Concert

Alternative Nation has covered Scott Weiland’s death from every angle. We have posted numerous articles paying tribute to Scott Weiland’s legendary music, shown Mary Weiland’s point of view, posted stories on a friend of Tommy Black and Weiland’s defending Scott’s parenting and Black. I have also been told certain details about the story from insiders in confidence that I know are not appropriate to publish. It’s a sensitive and unfortunate story to have to be writing about.

A longtime Alternative Nation reader named Casper contacted me a few days after Weiland’s death, mentioning that he had seen some things take place behind the scenes at Weiland’s concert in Montclair, New Jersey last month, but that he did not feel comfortable sharing his story so soon after the tragedy. Casper e-mailed me over the weekend, prepared to share his story, along with a video filmed of Weiland outside his bus.

Finally got to a point where I can get this little story out. I feel like it’s important to piece together little bits here and there of his final days. This little narrative has some good and some not so good moments.

My buddy and I were at the Montclair show in Jersey. The performance overall was pretty solid. He sounded good. Moved around well. Set list was, of course, short and to the point. Not a lot going on and nothing outside the box. There was very little to any crowd interaction from Scott. But this really isn’t about the show itself, but what happens later.

After the show, we decided to bite the bullet and pay for the meet and greet: $300 for two. We meet Scott and he basically just stands there for a photo in front of the stage. He essentially refused to acknowledge us. I’m not going to elaborate much, but he didn’t look good. For $300, we each got a VIP laminate, Blaster poster (signed by Scott), and photo with him and Tommy. It literally took 30 seconds.

After the VIP nonsense, we decided to hang by the tour bus with hopes to get some other autographs (he refused to sign any other stuff at the meet and greet). I would say a handful of fans were lurking around, maybe 20 or so. After an hour or two, someone from his camp told us Scott won’t be coming out because he was tired and watching some UFC event or boxing match. Everyone left minus 5 or 6 of us. Around 1AM, Scott came off the bus with a few of the band members and staff. They were just hanging out, smoking cigarettes, and shooting the shit. Scott appeared for the first time all night to be happy. In his element. It was nice to see Scott being relaxed and himself.

Somehow Scott’s little group started talking about the Doors. Scott mentioned how he once fronted them at a show and how awesome it was. One guy started playing stuff from the performance off YouTube on his phone. Scott then randomly broke into a cappella and sang parts of Five to One and the Alabama Song (Whiskey Bar). It was surreal actually. Scott was actually happy and enjoying himself. He performed a short little solo set of the Doors for us. Well, it wasn’t for us. He didn’t seem to care there were 6 fans hanging near him. He didn’t interact or acknowledge us at all. But it was cool none the less.

Everyone got back on the bus shortly after. Scott ended up hanging in the front compartment to smoke one more cigarette. One kid, my buddy and I approached him on the bus and asked for an autograph. He refused, saying he already did a meet and greet. My buddy and I acknowledge that and showed our VIP passes. He hesitated and then begrudgingly signed one item for each of us. Scott finished his cigarette and disappeared into the bus for the night.

One more event occurred from the evening. Something I was going to keep to myself, but after he died, I knew it needed to be said. My buddy and I remained a little lounger just to chill out and talk about the whole experience. While we did that, Tommy Black came back to the bus. This isn’t long after Scott disappeared for the night. Tommy was with 3 girls. Apparently coming back from the local bar. The girls asked Tommy for money for a package he purchased off them. My buddy and I looked at each other. Tommy went on the bus, got some cash from one of the handlers and paid the girls.

And that was that. My last Scott Weiland event. I’ve seen Scott live at least once every year since 2005. I’ve seen him perform in the STP glory days as early as 2000 as well. I’ll miss him. I’ll miss the greatness, the complexity and the craziness. From top to bottom, he was and will always be, my music idol.

Alternative Nation reporter Mike Mazzarone also saw Black after the show with the three women mentioned in the article, when they were headed to the bar.

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  • Felonious Punk

    I’m sure it was just money for a package of socks or underwear or something. No way Tommy and Scott were doing drugs. Just, no way. Scott said he was clean.

    • Roxxane D’troyt

      scott said he hadn’t done HEROIN if you knew a thing about suboxone which Scott had said he was on, which makes sense its for heroin addiction, it makes you feel fine, no wd’s and it fills the same opiate receptors, if you do H while taking it you go immediately onto acute withdrawal.. Scott never said he was clean and sober unfortunately, he always just said nope i havent done heroin in 13 years, and i believe him.i know hard core drug addicts like scott who also havent used do to this drug fda approved is ofcourse fucking addictive and it is why in alot if interviews Scott slurs and talks slow,i almost burnt my house down on the Dosage the dr told me to take and i am not a heroin user ever, i cut mine back to a 1/3 of the dr’s dose.. scott wouldnt do that im sure.. i also only see 1 girl?? and maybe the package was she blew him at the bar.. i didn’t hear her say package,i find it funny they didn’t tape scott singing the doors tune but did this.. i do agree with Jeanne about his bassist he was no good for Scott for sure!! and that sucks..

      • Alternative Nation

        The video is just of Scott hanging out with his people like mentioned in the article, when he was ‘in his element.’ It doesn’t have anything to do with the Tommy aspect of the story.

        • Roxxane D’troyt

          i didnt see any girls i didnt get it.. ty

      • Felonious Punk

        No, Scott said he was CLEAN. Many times, in fact. In interviews, in his book…pretty much everywhere.

        You know who else said he was CLEAN? His wife, that’s who.

        But guess who wasn’t clean when he died?

        So you basically said all that above for nothing. Good job.

        • Roxxane D’troyt

          no he didn’t die from Heroin. you all talk like you actually understand about the illness or the new vs they push suboxone look t up.

          • Felonious Punk

            Hey look everyone, that looney toon with the goofy name is back. It must be internet hour at the nut house again..

          • Pixie

            Well I’m here, oops!! ????????

          • Pixie

            What, you think you’re the only person who knows anything about it? You seem to get much of your ‘facts’ from the Internet as you like to tell everyone to look it up. Real life is a much better source than the Internet.

      • Cowgirl

        There was no suboxone in Scotts system when he died.

        • Roxxane D’troyt

          lol.. look it up it has a 37 hour half life and a 90 day wd so while it may not have shown in his system neither did heroin, but the damage it does after 13 years to his brain was done!!

      • Pixie

        No disrespect Roxxane, but you don’t seem to know very much about Suboxone. Suboxone contains in part Naloxone which itself is used for opiate overdose. Naloxone on its own will send you into withdrawal but it’s effects don’t last long. Unfortunately people can and do still use opiates whilst taking Suboxone, they just need more. I can’t understand why you would be given Suboxone for pain if you weren’t addicted to opiates. Possibly it was Buprenorphine (Subutex) which is used as pain medication.

        • Roxxane D’troyt

          actually dear i just got off of it finally after 4 fucking years so don’t tell me what i do or don’t know!! it wasn’t subutex which has no Naloxone in it. whether you believe it of not is none of my concern,as far as lasting long you sound like a junkie so maybe you’re right, but i do know if you use and are on suboxone you will go into withdrawals and acute.. and no both are used for pain and wWD’s do some research my niece died from a od, trust me i did my homework then, i should have before i agreed to take a drug for pain that was so new!! scott was not on heroin,it does account for his behavior,some and his slurring, not saying he didn’t drink,it makes it worse, you also do not know what mg he was on,i know they put me on 24 when your brain only uses 4mg the rest stacks up and chemically changes the receptors on your brain..btw all of this is on the internet because SO many people are not addicted to Suboxone which is so hard to get off , that there are just pages and pages of people talking about how bad the wd’s are worse they say then if they would have just come off H,or the Vics or oxys or not taken it for pain at all.. you’re entitled to your uneducated opinion, but dont think you are correct!!

          • Pixie

            Ooooh!! I’ve hit a nerve dear! Hardly uneducated, I have worked in a detox unit for a long time and I know my stuff. If I was a ‘junkie’ BTW, that wouldn’t make me any less a person. Obviously you’re using that term in a derogatory sense to try to put me down. I know how hard Suboxone/Subutex are to get off but they don’t hold a candle to Methadone withdrawals or symptoms, hence why they are being used more widely now. Heroin physical withdrawals last for up to 4 days, with the worst being the 2nd & 3rd days, that’s the easy part. The brain receptors start to work on their own again, but that can take a lot longer, different variants at play there. But it’s behaviour that’s the hardest thing to change, that’s the real problem in dealing with addiction. And believe me, I am correct. Have a nice day.

          • Pixie

            BTW dear, how does a junkie ‘sound’ when simply sending an unheard message? You are so full of shit and judgement. Go get a life and stop being a bitch.

        • Roxxane D’troyt

          btw disrespect taken..

          • Pixie

            That’s your prerogative!!

      • david

        Tommy Black was Scott’s bassist, his bartender, his drug runner or at the very least… just a very bad influence. What was the point of killing the goose that lays the golden eggs?!! Tommy Black is a dumb ass on many levels. And Scott’s death should be investigated. If Black supplied the drugs that lead to an overdose death… Those types have been charged before with a crime. I say charge Black!

  • Roxxane D’troyt

    what exactly is the video of??

  • Jeanne Rose

    I am more of an AIC girl, so I don’t want to comment too much on Scott’s personal relationships as I don’t know much about them. But the whole Tommy Black and Scott thing, reminds me a LOT of Layne and Mike Starr. Both Scott and Layne seemed to have a friend who was quite often seemingly a using buddy. Mike was there with Layne the night before he died, using with him. Mike was the ONLY person basically Layne had contact with at the end of his life.

    Now we have Tommy and Scott, who maybe weren’t as close? I don’t know but it just reminds me so much of Starr and Layne and the dynamics of their relationship. They both were feeding one another’s habits. It just sucks. Scott needed people around him who were clean and not people who would use in front of him or put that temptation in his face. Scott is responsible for his actions of course, but it sure as hell don’t help when the person you seem to be closer to in the band is using to that level. Ugh it sucks. RIP to Scott, Layne, Mike, and everyone else who was lost from the 90s era due to ….addictions.

  • Adam Martin

    He was a great artist but it’s disappointing to see how undignified he had become in the last few years.Didn’t he feel guilty about taking money off his fans like that? And what’s worse is that he couldn’t even make an effort.It’s like he viewed his fans as a commodity to be milked for every penny he could get out of them.

    • Billy

      $300 for a 30 second photo op and no autograph, that is brutal. You would figure he would be elated that ppl still wanted to meet him considering how public his fall from grace was.

      • — J —

        For 300 bucks, most bands will let people into the backstage area and hang out with them for an hour taking silly photos and whatnot. Scott couldn’t even be fucked to scribble his name more than once?

        • Ann Anderson

          I agree that this really was disgraceful behavior from him. He would have never treated his fans like that when he was even halfway well. Scott was actually fairly humble when it came right down to it.But the bottom line is that he had become a shell of himself. He was mentally and physically ill. I have looked at pictures from his last several months on tour and he looks 10 years older than his actual age. His facial color is poor and his eyes look vacant and haunted. His body had just had it from the years of drug abuse and alcoholism. He was really in poor shape and never seemed to be able to move past the death of his lead guitarist on the eve of the release of Blaster. He was drinking heavily, using cocaine and ecstasy. He should have NEVER been on the road like that. He should have been in a rehab facility receiving the care he desperately needed. But he was a cash cow and his managers and handlers wanted their paychecks. He had a ridiculous monthly child support payment to try to keep up with. I think if he had been on better terms with Mary and his kids that she would have encouraged him to go to rehab even if it was mostly to rest and recuperate for his physical health. But it sounds like there was acrimony there and she was justifiably upset for him not making the effort to be a better dad. And Jaimie should have encouraged that since she was a mother herself. But in the end NO ONE did what they should have to help Scott save his own life.

    • david

      SCOTT was a commodity that was milked for every ounce of talent he had night after night when a guy in his condition should have been taking a year off to regroup and rehab. What a shame! His life ended as a result of being failed by those that should have been looking after him – his wife, his manager, his bandmates, etc. All milking him right up to the very bitter end for every dollar he brought in. I don’t blame him one bit for the fan ‘dissing.’ I don’t think he liked that aspect of fame – photo/autographs – but perhaps was forced into it by management, etc. I’m sure photo and autograph requests were constant in his life. Just my take on the guy based on previous interviews. Who really knows??

      • KLBMOM

        I don’t disagree. He was the chocolate factory and his safety net had the golden ticket. What do we do when we have the golden ticket? We drop the safety net. If his management knew that he was in trouble, they should have postponed the tour. His band mates knew….the just wanted to ride on the coattail for as long as possible. His wife….she knew of his heavy drinking, but I don’t think she knew of the hard drugs. He caused his own death, but that road was paved for him. Sad.

  • http://www.cuntcertfy.nut/ Whip

    A.: Who the fuck buys “drugs” in a package? Are you implying that he was buying a damn brick of cocaine? Someone has been watching too many movies. Any drugs I’ve ever bought comes in plastic bags that will fit into your pocket, handed off from one hand to another, in said plastic bag.
    B.: Why even post this story? What are you some sort of whistleblower? “I just felt that I had to come forward with this story,” (sans any evidence). For what reason? In hopes to publicly shame Tommy Black, who just buried his friend and bandmate? This story, aside from hearing Scott talking about the Doors tribute he did, and singing a tune or 2, is total trash. Tell your friends, but don’t sit here trying to sell this garbage to the world wide web.
    B.a: You’ve got no idea what any of these people is going through. Actually I’m surprised you’re not just walking into various objects all day long with your head so far up your arse. What would people have to say about you if they stalked you until all hours of the night? Leave it alone for God’s sake. You’re jumping to conclusions to feed your own paranoid psychosis, with no regard for others, or their privacy.