Txloungefly posted this review of Scott Weiland’s final show of his Purple to the Core tour on the forums. The show took place on Friday:

Last show of the tour was awesome! I think it was even better than the Houston show. They came on about 30 minutes after Miggs and the show was spot on. The setlist was pretty much the same (Loungefly instead of Naked Sunday). The Belmont is a very cool outdoor venue. The crowd was really into the show with some moshing going on behind us. We were on the front row with some real fans, but there were also some d-bags just trying to get in a fight. The Wildabouts sounded pretty tight – Doug did some cool solos. They all genuinely looked like they were having a good time. Scott talked about the other guitar player getting married in April & how Tommy is single. Then he said his wedding is June 22. They played for about an hour and 45, and after the show, Tommy Black was walking around just talking to people & taking pics. We ran into Doug while we were sitting at a patio bar and he stopped and talked to us and let us get a pic. Really nice guy. (My husband is a huge Grateful Dead fan, so they had a common link). I didn’t get much video, but got some cool pics. This was a great show to end the tour!

  • Edward R. Murrow

    Best tour ever!

    Fuck you Doug Green. You are a leech.

  • EvenFlow

    I wonder what the next chapter in the Weiland saga will be.
    Core and Purple are a part of my youth.
    Thanks for that

  • BillyL

    Again, the tour is called Purple AT the Core. As if anybody cares what this train wreck of a tour is called…Forget I said anything.

  • Billy

    At least now when I come to this site it won’t have as much depressing news about how bad scott weiland is doing.

  • Shoegazer

    I agree w/ Billy. The Scott news is depressing. I was never a huge fan, but never wished ill will on the guy. Seeing him on this tour a couple weeks ago really kind of made me sad.

  • Raj

    Every night there seems to be a different review, one show great another show not so much. What’s the real story? Anyways, I’m reading Scott’s memoir, it’s early but man that guy has had some very traumatizing childhood experiences.

  • EvenFlow

    Ya no shit Raj. I posted a similar comment somewhere here and nobody have me an answer or opinion.

    Has Weilands tour been good or bad?
    Success or no?

    Is Weiland all fucked up or just showing up somewhat late?
    It’s cool to show up late when you’re a rockstar remember. That’s been happening for 40 years.

    So how has his shows been. The majority of reviews I read Weiland was pretty good.

    Anybody with an intelligent opinion or comment please reply. Thanks

  • ShaneC


    Thank You, Scott.

  • Shoegazer

    I wrote a little about the Chicago show I attended on a post here. I guess I’ll repeat myself if you’re interested.
    There were several “trainwreck” moments. He had many near-incoherent slurred rambles between songs, and at one point the band cut him off and just started playing Crackerman. He did tell a cool story at one point about talking to Farrell and Cobain, and Kurt told him that Nirvana wouldn’t have been possible without Jane’s Addiction.

    At another point, Scott just walked off the stage, telling his band to jam. Several people around me left about halfway through the show, and I think the rest stayed just to see what he was going to do next. Scott seemed to have difficulty standing at the start of the show, and it ended with him laid down on his back yelling a bunch of stuff no one could understand. The crowd didn’t seem into the show at all. I heard several fans say they thought he was going to play the full Core & Purple albums, as this was how the show was advertised when they went on sale here.

    So yeah, it wasn’t a good show at all. The rest of the band seemed a bit uncomfortable every time Scott opened his mouth. It’s like they knew he was just making a fool of himself. He wasn’t “with it” at all.

  • EvenFlow

    Thanks Shoe