Scott Weiland Was Drinking Before Texas Concert, According To Representative

Several media outlets have picked up on the story we broke on Scott Weiland’s disastrous performance in Corpus Christi, Texas. A Scott Weiland representative admitted to TMZ that Weiland had a couple of drinks before the show. They also used the excuse that he was tired, and also said there was an ear monitor problem. Weiland is a self-admitted alcoholic, and has said in the past that it is dangerous for him to drink, even after quitting heroin.

Weiland wrote during a sober period in his 2011 book Not Dead & Not For Sale that he prayed for his sobriety, and wanted to still be sober by the time the book came out. “For years I’ve known goddamn well that I’m a drunk, but who wants to admit that? After kicking the strong stuff, why couldn’t I have a little drink now and then? What harm was there in a small indulgence? The answer was serious harm – potentially fatal harm. For me, putting a drink in my mouth is something like putting a lead blanket over my heart. There’s been so much pain in the past few years that I’m afraid to feel, or commit. I pray that this will end. I don’t want to be alone anymore. I want to be able to love again. The dream of every drunk – to be able to manage their drinking – is one that has died hard for me. My prayer is that. once and for all, that dream is dead. So I’m back to counting days. It’s nearly been two months since I’ve had a drink. By the time you read this book, my hope is that it will be six months.” By the time the book came out, Weiland admitted to Howard Stern that he had gone back to drinking.

  • — J —

    This guy needs to go to rehab and kick the bottle now. It just sucks that every damn venue he plays is a fucking bar.

  • Stone Gossardish

    Someone out there may care about Weiland, but they’re probably pretty old now. Whatever relevance he had 10 years ago is long, long gone now.

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  • iLeonD

    This is very sad. Someone needs to get this guy help.

  • ez

    He very well may have been drinking, but the behavior (unable to get his jacket on/off without help, struggling to move around, zombie eyes when singing) is an indication of something much more than just alcohol – he didn’t act like this when he was on smack but it could definitely be painkillers, tranquilizers, etc. that when you mix with alcohol you end up like this.

    Whatever it is, Scott is once again surrounded by enablers if they don’t pull him off the road when he looks like this. I’m sure they are paying Castillo a hefty sum as a hired gun, but if you’re only selling 100 tix/show you’re not earning much anyway. Just cut your losses and get yourself better, Scott.

    • AIC76

      Honestly – if you have ever had any back problems (and at 39 I have had a couple spells) that is what it looks like. You go from being Mr. activity and then bam…you can’t move….and you’re on muscle relaxers and pain meds….and if you drink on top of it…that is what it looks like. Anyway – that is just my guess.

    • Ann Anderson

      It’s now far too late for anything to help him. His death was from a mix of alcohol, cocaine and X. He needed to go to rehab and get off the road. His band featured addicts and enablers unfortunately.

  • Joe Makeup

    I am shocked to hear that Weiland was drinking before a show!

    Blaster? More like Plastered. Dude needs to just stop. He never should have released this album. Take whatever money he has left and whatever gold digger was fool enough to marry him this time and disappear to an island or something. Forget about the kids, who probably want nothing to do with him at this point anyway. Forget about the cunt ex-wife who only wanted his money to begin with. Go to some island and live off the royalties from STP’s golden years and be a drunk on some beach.

    • — J —

      His ex-wife knew him and was in love with him back when he was a nobody, long before the Deleos had even joined STP.

      • AIC76

        Actually he has 2 exes – both of which he married during STP’s height of fame – married wife 1 in 1994 and Mary (with whom he has kids) in 2000. Believe he was fooling with Mary when married to wife 1. And yes, it is obvious to anyone who stands up to pee that Mary was after his cash. Watch his interview with Stern – Weiland talks about how much money he has to make just to pay her alimony and child support. I even think he is paying wife 1 money too, or she got a lump settlement when they divorced. Joe Makeup pretty much nailed it.

        • Dom

          Well, I suppose if he’s broke, she’ll just have to get off her ass and DO something with her life.

          • AIC76

            Who knows man – women like her work while they are on their back…LOL. I don’t know his legal obligations, but I know in some cases if the guy does not pay, he goes to jail, even if you are broke. Look up Dave Foley on Joe Rogan’s podcast…that dude got majorly screwed over.

          • Dom

            A Las Vegas whore would be cheaper…and easier!

    • Eddie Yarler

      His ex wife is awesome. She really loved him just like his old best friends did until he reached the point where all he cared about was himself. They couldn’t stand to see him kill himself anymore which is why they cut him out of their lives. Saying that about her is just stupid and uncalled for.
      If Scott was smart he could be in two successful bands right now, have the privilege of seeing his children and not having to pay child support out the ass. But no. He is a destructive man. Fuck he even had an opportunity to have a solo career and a possibly relevant rock band with Art of Anarchy, and what does he do? He burns the bridge. He did all this to himself.
      Or as Chester would say “I’m swimming in the smoke of bridges I have burned, so don’t apologize I’m losing what I don’t deserve”.

  • Corgan Reznor MAdM Patton Love
  • Dom

    you people sure are vultures feasting on weiland’s misery

    • Alternative Nation

      I hate writing about this stuff, but I write in-depth about these guys’ careers, and this is what is going on now with him. Like I said in the original story, I’d rather be writing about kick ass shows from Weiland, or about him enjoying himself at home during a long break from touring. ‘Scott Weiland Enjoys Family Time During Sabbatical From Touring’ is the headline I’d love to be writing.

  • Dom

    Nothing like a bunch of unambitious stoners slamming at Weiland…utterly disgusting. Uh….try accomplishing something in your own lives before ranting about Scott’s.

    • — J —

      I accomplished something. I am still alive.

  • AIC76

    You sir are 1000% correct.