• yourmother

    The cover of the Weiland Christmas album kind of scares me. I love his music, but he looks like he is getting ready to molest children here. Does this look terrifying to anyone else? I think it’s just because I have elfaphobia- A strong fear of elves &candy canes &spotted neck ties.

  • chicago_animal

    I thought these were going to be ORIGINAL songs and not just him singing Classic Christmas Songs.

  • justin

    This is cool. Know I have a Christmas gift for my mom. Hell my whole family.

  • Jake

    So they canceled the Fall STP tour cause his voice is shot, but yet he’s going to go out and promote his half-assed Christmas album??? hmmmmmm…..

  • Andrew

    Well, Christmas songs are probably a bit less straining on the voice than something like, ‘Dead & Bloated’ for instance.

  • Ben

    @ Andrew

    Your right, just strain the ears instead!!!