Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland stated in a new interview with Rolling Stone that he will perform six Christmas solo shows, with an orchestra. They will do TV performances too. Weiland’s Christmas album Most Wonderful Time of the Year was released this week.

  • yourmother

    The cover of the Weiland Christmas album kind of scares me. I love his music, but he looks like he is getting ready to molest children here. Does this look terrifying to anyone else? I think it’s just because I have elfaphobia- A strong fear of elves &candy canes &spotted neck ties.

  • chicago_animal

    I thought these were going to be ORIGINAL songs and not just him singing Classic Christmas Songs.

  • justin

    This is cool. Know I have a Christmas gift for my mom. Hell my whole family.

  • Jake

    So they canceled the Fall STP tour cause his voice is shot, but yet he’s going to go out and promote his half-assed Christmas album??? hmmmmmm…..

  • Andrew

    Well, Christmas songs are probably a bit less straining on the voice than something like, ‘Dead & Bloated’ for instance.

  • Ben

    @ Andrew

    Your right, just strain the ears instead!!!