Scott Weiland Talks James Bond & Star Wars Theories: Is Luke Skywalker Evil?

Written by Alternative Nation reader Doug Mack:

On Sunday night I saw Scott Weiland and the Wildabouts in Covington, KY. Since Scott has always been my favorite artist, I bought a meet and greet package which included meeting him after the concert, getting autographs, a picture with him, and a signed tour poster from the whole band. I talked to Scott about whether he thinks Luke Skywalker will turn to the dark side in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and his thoughts on the latest James Bond film Spectre after the show, which you can read about later in this article.

The concert was definitely different from what I am used to. The venue had about 5 local bands play short 20-25 minute sets before Scott and the crew came on stage close to 10PM. Scott played for about an hour. I was front and center against the stage so I was lucky enough to get a lot of interaction from Scott during the set with fist bumps and handshakes throughout the set.

I will be honest, I felt like I was the only hardcore fan there at the venue. It appeared to me that the majority of the crowd was comprised of fans of the local bands that played earlier. I was the only person there with a Scott Weiland shirt, and I found out later that I was the only person who purchased a meet and greet. This is the third time that I have seen Scott with the Wildabouts, and about the 10th time I have seen him in his various bands: STP, Velvet Revolver, the 12 Bar Blues solo tour, and the Happy in Galoshes solo tour.

The setlist was similar to what I have seen him do in the past few concerts, but he did do an encore of the Velvet Revolver song “Do It For The Kids.” Scott sounded great, although they could have turned up his mic, as the band did drown out his vocals at times. Joey Castillo was a total beast on the drums which was awesome, but at the same time it made Scott’s vocals hard to hear. Tommy Black and Nick Maybury’s playing was spot on. They are both very talented, as is Joey.

I have been a strong supporter of the Wildabouts and was deeply saddened by Jeremy Brown’s tragic passing just the day before their album release. So I made a “RIP Jeremy Brown” poster to hold up in front of the band during the Blaster tunes. At the end of the song “Parachute,” Scott held up my poster to the crowd and said that he was very honored that I made a tribute to his fallen bandmate. I think he also said that song would now be his favorite because of that moment, but I honestly had a hard time hearing some of his comments because of the mic issues.

Towards the end of the show, Scott did make a short statement about the tragedy in Paris and how this situation could happen here in the U.S. at anytime, and that we all need to stand up united together. After the show was over I waited for a little bit, then the sound guy from the band took me backstage to meet Scott.

When I came into the green room, it was just him sitting on a couch. The sound guy said to him, “We only have one meet and greet for you tonight.” Scott looked kind of shocked saying, “Only one.” I went on to shake his hand and explained to him how he has provided the entire soundtrack for my life, and how I have been a life long fan since the release of Core. I then showed him the Jeremy Brown poster that I had made and he told me how he was very appreciative that I would honor his former bandmate and best friend. I told him how my heart really did break for him and the band because I knew that he said that he loved Jeremy as a brother, and how he was so instrumental to the making of Blaster. He went on to tell me how that him, Tommy, and Jeremy have always been the three closest friends since the beginning of this band and he even commented that they were the three musket-queers (his words, not mine). He then signed my Jeremy Brown poster and a copy of my Blaster CD.

I then sat with him in the back room for about 20 minutes. His sound guy was wearing a Star Wars hat which led us into a cool conversation about the new Star Wars movie about to come out, The Force Awakens. His sound guy mentioned that there is a rumor that Luke Skywalker is the new Sith lord in a mask, Kylo Ren. Scott was totally not having it. It was really funny, he kept saying: “No, there is no way that Luke could turn to the dark side. I won’t believe it!” His sound guy was pretty adamant that it could be a possibility. Then I said, “Well they did call Luke a new hope.” Fortunately, Scott liked my answer and was on my side on the matter. We’ll find out in about a month who was right.

I asked Scott how he and Tommy liked the new James Bond movie Spectre, as I saw Tommy and Scott posted on Facebook that they saw the new movie together last week. He said, “It totally kicked ass”. I then told Scott how I was totally loving his newly released song, “Back to the City.” He said, “Yeah, that one really rocks.” I then asked him if that was recorded during the Blaster sessions or afterwards. He said that it was afterwards, and that it was the last song that he was able to record with his late guitarist, Jeremy Brown.

A few of the opening bands then came backstage and was wanting some face time with Scott. It was easy to tell that he was getting agitated with all these people were barging in the room. Scott then shook my hand again, and was off to his bus. I am very grateful to how nice Scott was with me when I met him. I will admit that Scott appears very tired. It may do Scott some good to postpone touring to rest and possibly record some new material with the Wildabouts. My fear is that the audience for Scott and the Wildabouts are dwindling, which could motivate Scott to other avenues such as wanting to get back with his former STP bandmates. Either way, I have been a lifelong fan of his career, and I just to wish him and his bandmates the best.





  • Bilbo

    That was very nice of you having the poster and by your description it is clear that Scott doesn’t enjoy being around that many people. I also hope he has put himself together, but unfortunately it seems that the public for his solo band is really small.

    • Corndog

      I can sympathise. I hate crowds. Feel like i’m crawling out of my skin when i’m in a room full of people:)

    • JoelS

      Yeah, he said in the Alt Nation interview that he doesn’t really enjoy interacting with total strangers.

  • Billy

    ” I was the only person there with a Scott Weiland shirt, and I found
    out later that I was the only person who purchased a meet and greet.”

    Scott, only 1 person wanted a meet and greet. If that isn’t the biggest fuckin wakeup call then i don’t know what is.

  • Kytana Martell

    Poor guy. That description makes me feel sorry for him.

  • Raj

    Who cares if you were the only hardcore fan, having that much one on one time is great. Usually those meet and greets are busy. The fact you got to sit down and spend so much time with Weiland is something you will treasure to the grave.