Scott Weiland Is Suing His Fashion Line Partner: ‘He Owes Me $150,000’

I am, I am, I am, I said I wanna file another lawsuit.

“I’m in the middle of a lawsuit with (design house founder Christopher Wicks),” former Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland said in Toronto recently (via Canoe). Weiland launched ‘Scott Weiland For English Laundry’ with Wicks a few years ago.

“He owes me $150,000 and doesn’t feel like he should pay me. They made great clothing, stuff exactly as I had envisioned… but commercially it didn’t work as well, they didn’t have the distribution. I’m looking actually to get paid and then start it again with a better (fashion) house.”

Weiland said his long-standing sense of style comes from “my rock ‘n’ roll icons – everything from the early Beatles to the great era of the Stones, like ‘69 to ‘72. Bowie is my ultimate style icon.”

Weiland recently settled a multimillion dollar lawsuit with his former Stone Temple Pilots bandmates, who fired him from the band in 2013.

  • Frankie

    Go Scottie ! ! !

  • Damien

    I love a comeback story!

  • Raj

    Maybe the settlement from STP wasn’t large enough, maybe Scott is having some financial issues. He was talking about wanting to join back with STP and VR. Who knows. Most of them earn money by touring and dvd sales.

  • biorneit

    the key is they didn’t have proper distribution