Scott Weiland’s Son & Ex-Wife Show Up At Studio For Guitar, Police Called

UPDATE: Click here to read the studio manager’s first hand take on this story, which discounts many parts of TMZ’s report.

TMZ is reporting that officers were called to late Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland’s Lavish Studio in Burbank, CA last week when Scott Weiland’s 15-year old son Noah and ex-wife Mary showed up for one of Scott’s guitars. TMZ reports that Noah wanted one of his father’s guitars, but an employee of the recording studio refused to give him and his mother access. An argument ensued, and police were called to calm the situation down. Mary was told it was a civil issue, and would need her lawyer to work out any division of property. Mary recently asked to be named the executor of Weiland’s will, rather than his widow Jamie, citing a 2007 will signed by Weiland.

Scott Weiland’s Lavish Studios closed last week, seemingly shortly after this incident, and is now for lease. Weiland opened the studio in 1997 in Burbank, CA, recording his solo albums 12 Bar Blues (1998), Happy in Galoshes (2008), The Most Wonderful Time of Year (2011), and Blaster (2015) at the studio. Weiland also worked on his vocals for Stone Temple Pilots, Velvet Revolver, and Art of Anarchy at Lavish. Lavish was a private studio until 2014, when it was opened to the public to record with Rocco Guarino heading up the endeavor for Weiland. Guarino continued to run the studio in the two months following Weiland’s death on December 3, 2015.

The 2,400 square foot studio is up for lease for $4,200 per month. You can view photos of the studio, and the floor plan, below.










  • Felonious Punk

    Mary probably showed up looking to acquire the entire studio, but her month’s child support stipend wouldn’t cover the down-payment

  • Jesse Bukal

    Well this sucks to hear. I say just let Noah have the guitar. I think Noah and Lucy should be allowed to have any of their dads things if they please. I mean, Lavish doesn’t own them…or do they?

    • Billy

      yeah as long as Noah keeps the guitar, then just give it to him.

  • Twosides

    This is all so sad. He probably just wanted something of his dad’s that has some significant meaning to him. I understand it’s kinda wacky to show up unannounced and want to take things, but calling the police on his son? He just lost his dad. Scott mentioned multiple times how much he loves those kids, dedicated his book to them, etc. Isn’t it safe to assume he’d want his son to have anything he wanted?

    • Anonymous501

      Probably, but usually that’s supposed to be in the will (so you don’t get family members fighting over stuff). He had a few kids didn’t he? Maybe the will states specific stuff to go to each one.. you never know.

      • Twosides

        He has a son and daughter, and a stepson. Usually the will covers big stuff: assets, real estate, jewelry, etc. I’d be surprised if it got that nitpicky. I guess it’s possible there’s a catch all like “all my studio instruments go to Uncle Al”. I know there’s the legal avenues, my heart just goes out to his kids, and if some guitar would have made his kid feel even slightly better and more connected to his dad, why not oblige? There’s plenty of cool stuff in that studio. I don’t think cops would have been called if Mary hadn’t gone.

    • valhalla

      I may have misunderstood, but the police were called because of Mary’s “nuclear” behavior, not because of Noah. Maybe I read it wrong. In any event, Noah should not have been put in that position by his mother, as the probate hearing is just around the corner.

      • Twosides

        I do agree Mary shouldn’t have put him in that position. He probably would have faired better without her. I’m sure the lawyers will get in there and scrap and instigate, but just from a right or wrong perspective, I guess it seems unkind to me to deny his son a small memento of his father, when judging by the photos there are plenty of other items there.

  • nomad

    Well, this is a mess.

    On a side note, I find it really interesting to see how different recording studios are decorated.

  • JoelS

    Swanky looking studio.

  • Rae

    Legally the guitar wasn’t the employees to give. If the studio was a LLC, that doesn’t automatically mean his heirs get his shares or property. It’s up to the lawyers to work this out as civil as possible.

  • Raj

    Hopefully when this resolves itself out Noah will end up with one of his Dad’s guitars as a keepsake. Must be embarrassing for him to have the cops show up when Mary can’t sort out the affairs. You can’t just show up unannounced demanding things at will.

    • valhalla

      Well, the celebrity website used the word “nuclear” to describe Mary’s behavior. Maybe that was an exaggeration, but, if so, why did the employee feel the need to call the police?

      I hope for everyone involved that the probate matter gets settled as soon as possible. It seems that Scott cannot even get a proper public memorial (besides the one held in Harlem) because of all the public drama.

  • Janet Dust

    Mary needs to accept things she cannot change. One is Jamie is his wife whether she likes it or not. She cannot demand to be executor regardless of an old will. Yes Noah and Lucy should be able to split the material things like guitars, pictures, everything but the money, that is split among the way Scott wanted it. The home is his and Jamie’s being they bought it after marriage. Anything bought while Jamie was married to him is hers. Before that goes to the kids.

    • valhalla

      The probate hearing for the will that Mary filed is scheduled for this Friday, February 5th. California Probate Codes Sections 21610, 21611, and 6122 may be enough to make Mary a little worried about what’s going to happen, as the divorce precludes her from being executor of the will or trustee of the trust (that is the law; however, the judge will make the ruling.) In addition, the Omitted Spouse Statute means that Jamie Weiland, who is legally Scott’s widow, is entitled to half of community property, half of quasi-community property, and up to half of separate property, even if Scott did not update his will.

  • Carolina girl

    This is just heartbreaking. The sad truth is that when a parent remarries and dies, there are step parents who refuse to allow the children to have any personal items of their parent. I have see it happen too many times. It seems like there is some major bad blood between Mary and Jamie and it was there long before Scott passed away. I have to wonder if Jamie is not as innocent as some would believe. I am a parent and I would fight tooth and nail for my children, as any parent should. So many people are saying that Scott was paying $6000. in child support but he told Howard Stern that his monthly expenses were $6000. Honestly if Scott was paying something like amount and he was broke, he could have went to family court and had it adjusted to his current income. I hear a lot about the will but no one has said anything about the prenup for Scott’s marriage to Jamie. Depending on how it was written will be a factor in his Will.

    • valhalla

      The probate hearing is just around the corner. You are right, there may be a prenup and that may impact the will; however, there are still probate laws in place regarding wills that were filed prior to a divorce, and the judge will make the ruling. There is nothing in this story indicating that Jamie was even remotely involved in this situation. Someone else pointed out that the contents of the studio may belong to a LLC, which, again, does not necessarily involve Jamie. I hope the entire family can resolve these issues as soon as possible.

  • Wild Will Wintermute

    best to let the the court system fight for this situation, there was no need for anyone to go try and collect any items of the sort, there is a procedure to go by that’s why he wrought the will, sounds like a child being brought to a place for her benefit not his IMO I pray they settle this legally and in a timely manner…. I for one would have gave the child his Fathers guitar but that’s me!