Rolling Stone have published their full interview with former Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland. The interview was done on Tuesday night, just hours before Stone Temple Pilots confirmed that they had fired Weiland.

On Slash saying STP fired him:
“Oh, no no no. Slash doesn’t know anything about STP. Those guys wanted to get together to talk about touring, but I don’t think touring right now is the best thing. STP has a legacy, and to protect that is very, very important to me. But to go and do the kind of offers that we were getting would be diminishing the brand, and I don’t want to do that. There are offers right now. There are offers that I passed up on. There’s offers that those guys didn’t want as well. There were some hurt egos, but that’s the way it is. Things are like a family. No one’s ever fired anybody in STP.”

“As far as STP is concerned, it’s a partnership. It’s always been that way. It’s not a situation where . . . I started the band. I’m not tooting my own horn in any way. It’s a thing that was started by my old guitar player and Robert [DeLeo], and we’ve always kept things going. We’ve gone and taken time off before. They’ve done their own band. If they do another project, obviously not under the name STP, just like I’m doing my own solo thing right now, that would be great. I’ve always supported them. But no one’s been fired, and I haven’t quit. So that’s all hearsay.”

On his reputation of being difficult to work with: “Yeah, I think it’s kind of unfair. I mean, I’ve been difficult in the past. I think most of that has to do with with, you know, the 1990s . . . that sort of stuff that came from that decade. But it’s difficult. Do I show up onstage late sometimes? That’s something I could definitely work on. I’m human. Is there a person that shows up to work perfectly on time every day? I suppose there’s a perfect attendance award that’s given out to some employees at some place, but . . . it’s something that . . . I think that a majority of it has to do with things from the past. People read things on Google and they have these perceptions, these misconceived perceptions of who you are. At times that hurts, because they really don’t know who I am.”

  • Joe

    Showing up late is a big deal in general, but you would show up late AND drunk, Scott.

    Stop acting like you just happened to be 3 minutes late and totally sober and gave an amazing performance. Your trainwreck performances are all over YouTube.

  • BillyL

    So, the band wants to tour but Weiland wants to keep the STP legacy intact and decides they shouldn’t tour. And he says this right after he stated that he wanted to tour the Core 20th anniversary but the other guys didn’t. And now his idea of keeping the legacy intact is to go out on a tour with a different band and play STP tunes?


    It’s like the mid 90’s all over again.

  • morcegohoman

    Right. The “Purple to the Core” SOLO tour was going to protect the legacy. I’m glad he’s gone. I just hope they work with somebody that can crank out some material. I hope they are as successful with STP “2” as Van Halen was with Sammy Hagar.

  • Billy Sanchez

    He showed up late and drunk to the concert I went to in ’08

  • Brett Buchanan

    He would have a point, but The Purple To The Core tour shows he is full of it.

  • Edward R. Murrow

    Talk Show. LET’S DO THIS! Fuck commercial success.

    Weiland is the biggest fucking trainwreck ever. The poor Deleos. I feel about as sorry as you can for a pair of super successful and incredibly talented songwriters, which isn’t all that sorry. With a singer that could manage to fucking show up, they could have done so much more.

  • Brett Buchanan

    Talk Show>>>>Army of Anyone. I hope they keep making music but not under the STP name. At this point they are financially well off (obviously since they fired Scott) so why not just play together for fun without any delusions of big commercial success?

  • Brett Buchanan

    I also hope Eric Kretz sticks with the DeLeo brothers.

  • Jay

    I feel sorry for the DeLeo brothers and Kretz too. As said above, they could have an even better legacy behind them by now. I love Weiland’s voice and melodies but he is the stereotypical rock star cliché – what a waste of talent. Army Of Anyone or Talk Show should reform.

  • Monster Robert

    Showing up late to shows is a big deal indeed and how about a few no shows at all. He shoot himself in the foot. I don’t believe a word he says in interviews anymore.

  • Kyle

    A better question would be, is there any person that has showed up to work late and drunk as often as you have and still kept his job?

  • Calvin McLain

    Scott’s gotta be feeling pretty stupid right now. After all his attempts to keep this information from going public, and now it does at the same time he’s done and interview blatantly lying in it the entire time. I have much respect for Slash, and very little Weiland. So when it came to who I was believing from the get go it’s obvious, but now to see Scott’s words literally thrown in his face hours after stating lies to a reporter of Rolling Stone appears to be perfect timing by the remaining members of STP to show the Public exactly what they have to go through, with respects to Weiland’s habitual lies.

    Well put BillyL:

    “And now his idea of keeping the legacy intact is to go out on a tour with a different band and play STP tunes?”

  • Monster Robert

    I hope they keeping making music but not under the STP name though it will not be the same.

  • ejsme

    @Brett – totally agree! Talk Show was awesome! Army of Anyone was great musically, but Richard Patrick’s voice is just too bland for me. And while Ray Luzier is a a phenomenal drummer, Kretz has that Bonham thing that fits so well with the Deleo’s sound. Just a more organic sound. And Dave Coutts, while not as much character as Weiland, had the technical chops and wrote decent melodies.

  • insignificant

    WOW- Army of Anyone over Talk Show by a MILE!!! No shit talking, TS was cool, but AOA was very, very good. R Patrick is above average is all ways except lyrics can get simple at times.

    I would buy a new AOA record sight unseen.


    Well if STP reunites or never does a show again its pretty obvious theyre waaay past their prime. Sp reunion or not he music isn gonna get any better, so who really gives a shit. Just listen to their old stuff….Babe.

  • Tim

    I went to see STP September 4th of last year..They came out a little over and hour late (all due to Scott Weiland), but…

    They put on an amazing show!! Water bottles and beer glasses were being thrown on the stage, everybody was reaching their boiling points, but right when the band took the stage, with Weiland coming out last, the mood changed. They didn’t play very long, but I though all four band members were top notch that night.

    Then they played their last show together a week or two later. If they don’t ever get back together, at least I can say they gave me a great show and some great memories before they split.

  • workman

    Talk Show outright sucked in comparison to Army of Anyone. Are you fuckin high man? Dave Coutts came up with nothing memorable on that record, Patrick blows his ass right out of the water like a depth charge. And saying that Kretz is a better drummer than Luzier is just brain-dead, non-listening. Army of Anyone was a vastly superior record. Get your shit straight…

  • Brett Buchanan


    Kretz isn’t a flashy drummer but he fits the band’s style perfectly. He’s also a great songwriter. Kretz did a lot of writing on the Talk Show record, co-writing 5 songs including music/lyrics. He solely wrote the song “Ring Twice,” both the lyrics and music, one of my favorite songs on the album. Also do not underestimate his role in STP, he wrote the music to “Trippin’ On A Hole In A Paper Heart” by himself and co-wrote the lyrics to “Plush.” He also co-wrote Crackerman, Where The River Goes, Sex Type Thing, Naked Sunday, and Vasoline.

  • Brett Buchanan

    BTW I’m a huge fan of Richard Patrick/the first three Filter albums. Title of Record is one of the best albums of the 90’s, but he just didn’t mesh well with the DeLeos outside of a few songs. While Coutts wasn’t amazing his voice/melodies fit better and the DeLeos/Kretz songwriting was at a higher level on the Talk Show album.

  • Brett Buchanan


    I got to see them 8 times during the 2008-2012 reunion run. I saw their 2nd reunion performance on Jimmy Kimmel in May 2008 and then saw their 2nd to last show in September 2012 at the Epicenter Festival in Irvine. Many good memories of the run and I’m glad we got a good new album out of it.

  • Me

    Sounds like Scott is in denial. He needs to clean up. I love his voice and his lyrics. He’s very talented and I hope the best for him. I predict they’ll reunite again next year or so…

  • Dan

    I really liked Army of Anyone, but prefer Talk Show. That’s a great, unknown little gem. Was that a contender for the underrated albums list a few months back?

  • bmeade

    Some of us are missing a major point in all of this drama. Scott has depression, addictions, and bipolar disorder. His moods swing. He’s trying to self medicate. He is obviously an enormously troubled, but gifted soul. Most people who attack him, including Slash (I think it’s none of his business how another band is operating and it’s very unprofessional to earn money off pimping another band’s problems), know better – they’re just hoping we as ignorant fans whose opinions are swayed by the media don’t. I’m not excusing Scott. He needs to check himself. But I’m also not a media sucka nor am I taking sides in such a petty squabble.

    STP has been my favorite band since I was a teen. Much to their chagrin, I discovered them on Napster. Much to their gain, I’ve bought their albums and singles several times over through the years in multiple formats. I’ve supported them each time they’ve broken up and gotten together because I’m not taking sides and I don’t give a fuck who’s the alpha dog in the group (Robert & Scott please drop the pissing contest, thank you!!). All I give a fuck about is the music. The creative process. The performance everyone gives.

    If Scott is fucking up because he’s popping pills, hitting the bottle, dating broads who give him shit on tour, or surrounding himself with an enabling staff and manager – then his family and/or STP band (which ever is relevant) members need to have the balls and the love to check that shit. Hard. It’s easy to forget or not understand what it’s like to care about someone who has major health issues if you’ve never known someone personally suffer from similar afflictions. You can’t expect logical or patient decisions to be made from them all the time – or some of the time – and the person with those issues knows that more than anyone else. And prob hates themselves even more for it.

    We don’t know what goes on behind the curtains, but if these confusing and attacking press releases are any indication then it’s pretty fucking dark and twisted. I just hope we’ll get to purchase and enjoy some more great music from them in the future. It’s helped me through some dark times. (sorry this is so long)

  • ShaneC

    I just want new music. Fuck the drama!

    Weiland should put out a solid, non-fluffy rock album. Can he? I’m really not sure.

    The same goes for the Deleo’s. I believe they did this so they could carry on musically, and not have STP in the back of their heads. Its done, so now its new music time.

    I want to compare the efforts from both sides, and hopefully love em both.

    and Weiland should ditch that Hanger-on, Doug, pass me the chips, Grean!

  • Raj

    He looks pretty good there, his hair reminds me of the early 90’s days. Showing up late is expected of frontman, no one likes it but the band deals it as it becomes a norm. Shouldn’t have started but some of the old rock artists set a precedence and made this behavior acceptable.

    No one shows up as late as Axl Rose, I’ve seen the new lineup twice and the first time they didn’t come on stage until midnight! Also, you can’t really judge someone until you have met them.

  • Pingfah

    @ workman.

    Luzier stomped all over that album like a excited child. He’s technically better than Kretz, but he has no idea how to play to the song.

    Kretz is a far more tasteful drummer, who suits the Deleo’s style much better than Ray Luzier.

  • Alternadude

    I don’t like Kretz’s playing, he’s the worse from that era IMO. To think someone would bash Mike Byrne and then defend Kretz is beyond me. Maybe he writes well though but you know…

  • jjc19461

    This is actually an ARG and publicity stunt for the new STP album
    guest-featuring Corey Taylor and Slash.

  • Chadimus