Scott Weiland discussed the epic success of his legendary ‘Purple at the Core’ tour in a new interview with AZCentral.

“So the whole idea of Scott Weiland and the Wildabouts, us doing this, is because it was something I wanted to do. And our fans heard we were going to do it. And fans of STP were so sick of hearing the same songs over and over, the same set list. The Wildabouts making a new record, which is more of a rock-and-roll record, as opposed to an artsy record like my other two solo albums were. But why don’t we do the hits from Purple and Core? Why don’t we do that?”

“That’s what we’re doing. And the shows on the last tour, we had great numbers and the reviews were great. But now the numbers are even bigger. The places are bigger. We’re growing it, you know?”

  • the keeper

    I would rather see him than endure Chester’s shitty vocals with Scottless Temple Pilots

    I saw Scott earlier this year – he was on time, and sounded great vocally

  • danny

    I’m with Scott. Not with the DeLeos. They can play with Chester. But should change name. Instead they want to get more money because of the brand.

  • Brett Buchanan

    Regardless of what side you’re on (I’m in favor of seeing all of them live in their respective projects, as long as they’re clean/sober and consistently show up on time), the Purple at the Core tour got the worst reviews of Scott’s career.

  • mandingo

    Fuck Scott ! He is a waste of space !

  • Lumisol

    Hopefully Scott sees this whole drama thing for what it is and cleans up his act

    I get what he has said about why he wants to tour this way but he can’t be so inconsistent and show up to some shows late and apparently I lucked out but I guess he hasn’t done as good as other shows vocally

  • Dan

    Scott may have been drunk/high when I saw him in Boston (can’t say for sure) but I had a great fucking time. I am actually really looking forward to hearing his new solo album.

  • BillyL

    I don’t need to choose a side, I’ve got fucking ears.

  • LOUD

    Scott needs to now make an album that is brilliant, raw & is kick ass that trumps this new STP. The new STP song is solid but that singer’s voice irritates me in the song. It’s a new band, not STP in my view. I mean, I’m all for a band like AIC introducing William in because Layne passed away, so many years had gone by, it was a tough decision and it appeared to be an organic process. This STP thing is just silly. I can understand wanting to work and all members should behave fairly, but start a new project if it ain’t workin’. Sure, Scott sings STP tunes but he doesn’t claim to be STP without the actual members.

  • Casper

    When I saw him at the local Jersey show he sounded poor and was booed throughout. I’m beginning to think his bipolar has psychotic features because he’s delusional.

  • CJ

    Would prefer to see Scott sing his own songs on a solo tour, rather than a fake STP doing cover songs with a clearly different singer. And I like Chester/earlier Linkin Park. It would have been exciting if Chester/Deleo’s/Kretz started a new project, with new songs, and obviously a new name, instead of trying to force Chester voice on the STP instrument sound… And, ya know, playing lame ass cover songs basically.


    Hey why doesn’t Scott Weiland take his god given abilitys and musical talent and make a new album with totally fresh metal/punk/garage and alternative rock songs with a new band??

    Heres what Scott should do. FORGET STP, FORGET THE WILDABOUTS, FORGET VELVET REVOLVER. Just start over again!!!!

    May I suggest a new band he can play with ??

    Scott Weiland ( vocals, guitar )
    Tom Morello ( lead guitar )
    Eric Avery ( bass )
    Jimmy Chamberlain ( drums )

    CALL IT: The Ravens

  • Brett Buchanan


    You’re ignoring the instrumentals. Scott’s solo band completely butchers the STP classics. The DeLeo brothers and Eric Kretz are still at the top of their game.

  • keep this

    The “same songs over and over” to quote Scott, had almost entirely to do with Scott’s limitations now as an older, whiskey-soaked, drug-ravaged flake who can’t hit certain notes live anymore, thus less songs to choose from in a live setting. That’s why we never got ‘Take A Load Off’ even though it was a single. Or ‘Glide’, or any of the other songs too hard for him now.

    Wow “the keeper”, Scott was on time? Amazing! The fact that’s even a consideration is saying something. That he showed up at all is even something more! Mr. Scotless Temple Pilots in person, holding Weiland’s dick on the fast going-down-in-flames descent of the Lohan-level delusional…

  • Brett Buchanan

    Scott showed up nearly 2 hours late when I saw his Christmas show in 2011 and rambled incoherently about medicine and other nonsense in between songs.

  • Monster Robert

    I am really on neither side but Scott needs some professional help both his substance abuse and his bi-polar. He gets help then I will be for Scott all the way until then he will awful live. That tour was indeed the worse in Scott’s career because I saw the videos and the band played awful.

  • shoegazer

    I commented when I saw Scott on this tour in Chicago a couple months ago. I try to be as honest and subjective as possible, but I could never give the show a “great review.” Scott wasn’t even close to sober, though his band did a nice job trying to cover for him.

  • RamblinEddie

    um… When your lead singer quits or dumps you change the name !!! audioslave & velvet revolver did it right …. Chester w/ the Deleos is only slightly better than talk show