Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland recently told Classic Rock Magazine that he is on good terms with his former Velvet Revolver bandmates and wouldn’t rule out doing “some shows” in the future. Hopefully this never happens as no matter what anybody says, it would hurt STP big time. Velvet Revolver reuniting would equal a longer break between STP albums and tension between the members. I think supergroups like Velvet Revolver and Audioslave should be left in the past, everybody is back where they belong now.

I honestly don’t see a full on Velvet Revolver reunion happening because there really isn’t much money to be made with a Velvet Revolver reunion, and money would be the sole motivation behind it. Scott even mentioned in his book that Velvet Revolver wasn’t really “music from my soul” like STP is. Velvet Revolver never headlined any big festivals when they were active, and with only one big hit album under their belt and maybe 3 hit singles, I can’t imagine them getting any big festival headlining gigs which bring in the big bucks because there’s not enough nostalgia to play off of. Also after the initial reunion shows they’d probably end up playing venues slightly smaller than STP are now, so ultimately Scott would be making less money with Velvet Revolver. The DeLeo brothers and Eric Kretz have also showed that they will stick by Scott at this point, with all his rehabs and meltdowns over the years (including last fall), they continue to work with him. The Velvet Revolver guys kicked Scott to the curb during his first and only relapse with the band in 2008. Anyways, here’s part of the article:

In a recent interview with Classic Rock magazine, Weiland reflected somewhat wistfully on his time in Velvet Revolver, which paired him with former principal members of Guns N’ Roses, saying, “That was a magical thing, too. That was right when I was getting off dope and those guys were all sober and clean, and I had a very special kind of kinship because we’d all experienced the same things.”

Weiland intimated that there was a fraternal camaraderie in the band: “It felt like us against the world: ‘We’re gonna play just pure rock ‘n’ roll.’ And I think we did a really good job of it. It was a great band to see live, and I think we made two exciting albums.”

So it’s great to see that after the expected nastiness that follows a breakup, the musicians are all friends again, even staying in contact thanks to technology. Weiland admitted, “We patched things up and we get along. I see them every now and again, we text each other.”

He also offered up a little sliver of hope to diehard VR fans, saying, “And you know, we can never say never. Who knows, maybe we’ll do some shows some time.”

  • CourtneyLover

    Fuck them. Slash wants to keep playing generic rock n roll records like its 1988 and Scott should be with STP where the music is always true and from the heart..well except maybe No. 4. Ill let that oneslide though.

  • Recluse

    Brett do you have an opinion on the matter?

  • Joe

    When Scott says “shows” i don’t think he means that VR is going to get back together and do albums and go out on tour for months at a time.

    If anything i could see them hopping on a benefit show or a radio gig around LA, but not much more than that. Or if they get a new singer, i don’t think it would be out of the question for him to pop up at one of their shows in CA and do a song or 2. That’s what friends do.

    Also, don’t forget that Scott was in Camp Freddy as one of the “core” members for a time.

    – Camp Freddy’s drummer is Matt Sorum
    – Duff was in Jane’s Addiction BECAUSE he played with Camp Freddy so often
    – Slash shows up all the time to play with Camp Freddy because of Matt
    – Dave K. was in Dave Navarro’s solo band and also shows up to Camp Freddy gigs all the time

    So basically all Scott would have to do is show up to a Camp Freddy gig the same night as a few of the others guys and you could have a 2 song Velvet Revolver reunion on your hands.

    Don’t read too much into it. He’s just being nice about guys he likes playing music with.

  • Robert

    Hopefully that would never happened. STP should remain Scott’s main focus regardless if VR does happen again and decide they should keep finding a new singer because Scott is now where he belongs right now. Scott had his time with VR.

  • Maverick785

    No need for concern, I think he just wants to show that there’s no animosity between him and the band.

  • james wegner

    whenever scott says its possible, its gonna happen. at the height of vr he mentioned a possible stp reunion and look at today. i think contraband might be the best album since 2000. play it and from start to finish energy and great music. i love vr and scott was at the top of his game flying around the stage, raw energy like he was put on this planet to do. he is the best. personally bring that tour back , alice in chains and vr. i saw stp in brooklyn last week. great band. robert, dean, and eric are on top of their game too. be well music fans. i love seeing stp and would love to see another vr show in a gritty east village nyc venue.

  • CagedTiger

    Being a massive fan of STP I would usually say NO WAY to this but STP’s last album was so dissapointing, I hope that was just a one off as I love the other 5 albums. I would take the 2 VR records over the last STP record though…

  • Andrei

    I loved VR, especially Libertad, that’s an amazingly underrated album.

    But for me Scott Weiland will always be STP’s lead singer and that’s where I want him to be and make music.

  • Tommy

    Hope it happens, and they re-book the Sydney show I had tickets t before they split.

  • B. Ellis

    Hoping that this will never again. I am sure that they will be in good terms again. And i really like how Scott Weiland performs, STP or VR for me is just the same as long as Scott does well in singing. You rock scott.!