@RabbitsBlack tweeted this 15 minutes ago regarding Scott Weiland’s show in Los Angeles tonight, which is set to start soon:

Usually not a good sign when all press credentials are revoked the day of, but we’ll let you know all about Scott Weiland at HOB Sunset soon

  • the keeper

    Sure the one time we want to hear what the dude has to say…

  • King Cornell of Seattle

    Now what the hell is going on?

  • Kitty

    Who cares? They’re still going to do their report/review.

  • JXDavis

    Enough with this clown.

  • BillyL

    I Wonder why? Doesn’t he want to continue getting all those “great reviews”?

  • Jim oz

    Obviously, he smashed his kidneys into oblivion last night and with a throat lined with sandpaper the next day, he’s knows it’ll be hard to nail that staccato chorus he’s been improvising in Where the River Goes?

    And I’m a STP/Scott fan!! :0 😉

  • Mills

    This guy has continually wasted his talent and our time. Not to mention millions of dollars on drugs and booze over the years. How much money has he cost the Deleo brothers and Eric Kretz?

  • Susan

    He said in his book he was a drunk – alcohol replacing heroin I guess. He should just stop performing altogether & write music for other artists because it’s very obvious he can’t handle that lifestyle anymore.

  • Jack Irons

    Too bad Brett won’t be there to take cell phone pictures of the show and report back… How is anyone gonna know what happened now?