Scott Weiland has released a collection of cover songs without any promotion. There had been talk of a bundle with his book back in May, but it never came to be. Now his store on is selling a digitial version of the the album ‘A Compilation of Scott Weiland Cover Songs.’ You can buy it by clicking here. There is also a bundle pack where you can buy the book and get the digital album. Here is the tracklisting, with studio recorded covers. Most of the covers have never before been released, outside of Revolution, But Not Tonight, Reel Around The Fountain, and Fame:

1. I Am The Resurrection (Stone Roses)
2. Personality Crisis (New York Dolls)
3. Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle (Nirvana)
4. Let Down (Radiohead)
5. Into Your Arms (Lemonheads)
6. Dead Flowers (The Rolling Stones)
7. Waiting For Superman (The Flaming Lips)
8. Revolution (The Beatles, this is Stone Temple Pilots’ cover they recorded in 2001)
9. But Not Tonight (Depeche Mode)
10. Reel Around The Fountain (The Smiths)
11. Fame (David Bowie)
12. Jean Genie (David Bowie)

  • Joe

    Yes Scott, we know what your influences are. You’ve been aping them for years.

    This really isn’t anything i would even want to listen to. His solo band with that Doug guy on guitar is pretty fucking amateur and i am 99% sure that is who did the music for these songs. Which means they are just radio friendly versions done by a guy who can barely play them.

  • james wegner

    hey joe, doug has worked on several STP and VR albums not to mention scott’s solo stuff. do some research. nothing amateur about the guitar solo in missing cleveland. scott rock on. i wish he would cover bowie’s suffricate city. classic got to see this covered in NYC scott’s always man. rock on

  • benwalton

    you have no idea how much of a pain in the ass that store is outside of the US. Buying from the UK, had to enter my infor twice, and halfway through had a call from the anti-fraud department of my bank…this had better be worth it.

  • The Incredible Mr. Mark Arm

    brett.. y u no review RHCP’s I’m with you ?

  • cosmicatomic

    I think I would donate $50 to get Chris Cornell’s “THE KEEPER” before I would pay $15 to feed Scott Weiland’s addiction to drugs, booze and plastic surgery for a bunch of bland cover songs.

  • Cindy


    I’m in France, how does it work ? Do we receive a link by email to download it ?

  • Jal

    *Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle

  • chris

    what a fucking waste of money! half the songs are already released if not more and some are even on itunes! (fame, but not tonight, revolution) thats retarted

  • Brett

    Haha Blabbermouth and every rock site on the web clearly took the story from here since they left in my mistake on the Nirvana track name hahaha.

  • Anth

    Meh. I would buy this if a CD were released just to have it in the collection, but digital-only, I couldn’t care less. The only songs I’m interested in are the Nirvana and Beatles ones and I already have the latter.

  • Hawk900

    I love how people bash and have no clue. So what if you heard him sing live or released versions of some of the songs.
    They obviously are mixed diff and sound diff and as a perspective from a singer and a guitar player. The songs are about vocal range,key and abilities.
    Too bad some doors and aerosmith tunes aren’t in there. Always nice to hear him use the deep raspy tone especially like when he played with the real doors.
    Also JOE Doug Grean is by far an amazingly accomplished guitar player. Just since HIG I’ve noticed around six diff vibrato techniques and multiple approaches from caged to mixolydian/dorian mixed with pentatonic relative minors. Truly a scholar on the neck covering techniques from decades ago to present styles.
    I take it you don’t play a guitar or sing nor have the ability to determine a key at any givin time. It’s good quality to have and a must if you want to cut down people who bust their butt everyday to bring you the music.
    Also will make for an interesting listen just to hear the king of accomplishment and how he approached each song.

  • Hawk900

    Good for you Brett. You da man!!! Shows to go ya that the lame ass paparazzi rock sites are hitting your site up for info. That’s quite a great rep to have knowing that the blabbermouths etc. are on to your site.
    To the top man and once again great job covering all the grunge info on your site.

  • Cindy

    There is 5 songs missing on the album according to the tracklist announced on may19th. It would have been nice to hear him sing a David Bowie Song =(