Scott Weiland Refuses To Discuss Stone Temple Pilots & Velvet Revolver In Interviews

Dallas’ Central Track reports that they recently had an interview scheduled with Scott Weiland, but were told he would not discuss his past in Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver. He only wants to discuss his upcoming third solo album. Weiland was supposed to called the interviewer and ultimately no showed and never called. Weiland and the Wildabouts are currently on tour, with a couple new songs in the setlist.

  • spoonman

    focused on the album, fuck yeah!!!!!

  • JonnyGeetar79

    I won\’t talk about those bands, but I will comprise 90% of my setlist with their songs so people will come to my shows.

    • JG566

      I wouldn’t say “their songs” more like his.

  • Hoffa

    He wrote the lyrics, not the music. He should sing VR & STP songs by himself. “I only want to discuss my solo album that isn’t out yet.” Pfft.

    • Mr.Bungle

      Just take a look at the credits for his first solo record & shut the fuck up. Just because he chooses not to play any instruments on stage does not mean he is not able to play them and write music:

      Scott Weiland – lead vocals, beatbox, guitar, keyboards, piano, bass, synthesized bass, drum loops

      • Hoffa

        I said STP & VR, NOT his solo albums.

        • Mr.Bungle

          He wrote music for STP and VR as well.

  • Raj

    Can’t blame the guy and @JonnyGeetar79 the same thing happened when Alice in Chains came back and released the new album. Every interview became a drug interview, eventually Cantrell even called out a reporter and asked him “Is this a drug interview?” I know it comes with the territory but these guys are human too and if Weiland doesn’t want to talk about STP or VR then so be it.

  • JG566

    @MrBungle — Yea true Scott wrote the lyrics. Also the music and melodies to a bunch of STP / VR songs… What has either band done without him? Pretty sure most of the people on this site will agree with “not much worth while.”

  • lilrockable

    Good. At least he’s not being a giant asshat like Geoff Tate or Sebastian Bach and slagging off his former band members in every interview. Wish things can be patched up w both bands someday. But until then I can’t wait for his new solo album. Beach Bop Rock and Circles sound sweet