Scott Weiland Praises Art of Anarchy & Arena Shows: ‘They Obviously Pay Really Well’

Former Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland told Ferg The Reporter that he loved working on the debut album from his new supergroup with Guns N’ Roses guitarist Bumblefoot Art of Anarchy, “It was nice to work with those guys too. I didn’t know them really well, at all. But it was cool to work with them, definitely.” He added, “Yeah, I think it’s good.”

Weiland recently called Art of Anarchy a ‘scam’ that he got paid to do, and he has continually distanced himself from the project and claimed he is not in the band.

He also told Fitz Radio that he enjoys club shows. He added, “Arena shows are fun too. They obviously pay really well.”

  • Raj

    He looks out of it, he appears robotic and monotone and his stare is just very distant. He’s not really there at all.

  • Leemarvin

    Its looks and sounds like he had a lobotomy

  • — J —

    Someone please send this dude to rehab.

  • usubpar

    he just looks bored.

  • Dom

    Quit lying about Scott!